Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Designer Speak: Rubel Dhuna

While some are eagerly waiting for HBO to air the next season of Game of Thrones, few others prefer to read the story word by word and allow their imagination to explore the playground. We’ve being posting video testimonies for quite some time now, and we thought why let the classic format of interview die in the pursuit of technological dependence. Hence, here we are with a segment of testimonial interviews in the glorious Q and A format with some renowned interior designers and architects.

To begin with, we have Rubel Dhuna, the founder and chief architect of RDa (Rubel Dhuna Architects). Based in Mumbai, Dhuna is a LEED Accredited Professional from the USA. She has previously worked for Design Development Group (DDG) in Baltimore (USA), projects in Turkey, urban planning of Lavassa and construction of 2 award-wining projects in India.

BFT:  Kindly tell our readers about yourself and your work.
RD: I’m Rubel Dhuna, the founder and principal architect at RDa (Rubel Dhuna architects). Since its inception, the studio has worked on a gamut of projects in architectural and interior spaces, ranging from luxury residences, retail spaces to industrial and bespoke office interiors. My philosophy is to create memorable experiences through insightful design. Experimenting with materials and patterns is a significant part of my design process, and I constantly seek ways to embrace natural light and craft elegant and timeless spaces through simple details.

BFT: How would you quote something for Creative Work Spaces?
RD: A work space is a true reflection of a company’s spirit and culture.  Regardless of which profession you belong to, a work space can be designed as inspiring and inviting.  It is essential to blur the lines between work and life by designing a healthy and comfortable work environment. Flexible layouts, maximizing natural light and plantations will never go out of style.

BFT:  What office spaces have you done using Bharat floorings?
RD: The Lawyers Chamber and the Jamsandekar’s chamber, both in Fort, and the Examiner Press Building on the Dalal Street.

BFT: What kind of feedback have you received regarding the flooring from your friends and family?
RD: People instantly fall in love with the patterns and colours.     

BFT: What trends do you see in office spaces?
1. Outside coming in is always a welcome trend.
2. Celebrating older trends by mixing retro styling with plenty of textures, patterns and vintage pieces.
3. Open office plans are here to stay, allowing greater interaction between co-workers and easy exchange of ideas. Having said that, there is a resurgence of privacy and acoustics in the workplace.

BFT: How should be smaller offices with less space designed?
RD: An Office is not merely a workspace; it is where you spend most of your waking time. It is basically where life happens. Flexibility is the key. The ability to transform a space with minimal intervention can make it multifunctional and fun. To be able to experience the entire volume available rather than being restricted to smaller claustrophobic spaces is highly preferred.

BFT: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bharat Floorings, and how is your relationship with the brand?
RD: We have used Bharat Floorings for many of our projects – residential and commercial spaces. The fact that they are versatile and have a wide range of designs makes it a ‘flooring haven’ for designers.

BFT: Your personal favourite collection of tiles from BFT.
RD: The LeMill Collection and the Origametes. Also, the amazing pastels colours available in the terrazzo floors are an all time favourite.

BFT: One word to describe Bharat Floorings would be…..

The above conversation is from an interview during a past event on Creative Work Spaces. More interviews coming soon.

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