Wednesday, 9 September 2020

A Sliver of Green in a Concrete Jungle

Big-city folks! There’s a kind of pride in belonging to this clan of individuals that presumably seem to have it all - better infrastructure, job opportunities, quality of life, ease-of-doing-business, good quality housing and education. These are amongst many reasons why many move away from their family and childhood homes for a chance at an upgraded lifestyle!

There’s a consistent mindset that “making it big” in some way or another means moving to the big city. The link between success, opportunity and the city are tightly bound, and therefore, we are always eager to pack our suitcases and make the big move to explore better opportunities!

For all you city dwellers out there, while you would never give up the comforts of the big city life, we have all come to realize, especially in the current situation how withdrawn we are from nature. Moving from smaller towns to the metros automatically means distancing yourself from natural surroundings, losing access to fresh, clean air as well as contact with animals, gardening, farming and other outdoor activities that keep small towners healthy, physically and mentally.

Ever wondered what role nature plays in our lives? And, why it’s important for us to bring a little bit of the outdoors to our homes? Our bodies are well aware that being close to nature brings us health benefits, and is actually essential for human well-being. Bringing nature into our indoor spaces can have a huge impact on how we feel. Studies have shown that adding biophilic elements to our homes and workplaces can reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rates, while increasing productivity, creativity and overall well-being. In this blog article, we explore several aspects of biophilic design to help you get closer to nature or bring nature in your abodes, at a time when most of us are spending increasing amounts of time within the confines of our homes!


It doesn't matter where you live, you can create a tropical getaway in your own home with a few design tips. Tropical interiors provide a certain sense of comfort & ease with their warm and soothing colours & textures. The inspiration for tropical interiors is mostly natural elements like vegetation, sky, forest or sea. While the sea provides shades of blue, forests provide lush green tones; both of which have calmness as the common aspect. A tropical wall mural, floral floors, scatter cushions, and a ceiling fan cultivate a vacation flavour, making you feel like you’re on a permanent holiday amongst nature! 


Make sure to reserve a space within your home for a fun outdoor swing or seating space. You can just unwind here reading a book or spending a lazy Sunday afternoon. Try putting this up in a place overlooking natural surroundings to treat the nature lover in you.

ever, if you are short on big outdoor space, find a cozy corner within your home maybe next to the window overlooking greenery. Add in a comfortable couch and cuddle up in your own little nook.


Revitalized, energized, in touch with nature, these are all things we might feel from surrounding ourselves with greenery - even if that greenery comes in the form of interior decoration. If you have an adventurous streak within, and don’t mind exploring with the colour green beyond the realms of biophilia, there are several ways that you can incorporate it within your décor. Green walls, and matching accessories and furnishings can really ramp up a positive ‘get up and go’ attitude.  


Sunlight is an important part of any residential interiors. For humans, the sun’s rays have regulated the processes of the body for millennia, and we have adapted to be our healthiest selves when living and working in relation to the sun’s daily cycles. Living in a closed-door environment causes suffocation and lack of fresh natural air.

Nothing can replace some good old dreamy sunshine. Bank upon freely available natural lighting and make your space come alive. Choose shades of white for all your furnishings and walls, and feel inspired with bright hues all around. Aesthetically pleasing and a calm, breezy look, this one is our personal favourite!


This centuries-old flooring is enjoying a new lease on life as architects and designers are quickly recognizing its environmental friendliness, durability, and ageless beauty. Terrazzo typically lasts as long as the structure it’s housed in. It is also a low-maintenance material. Once installed and finished, the polished surface will maintain its look and beauty for decades to come even under heavy foot traffic. 

With its colourful texture and retro aesthetic, this versatile material can be easily incorporated into any home. It has that raw appeal which connects us to the natural environment. Using green glass chips with white as the base can definitely give your floors an earthy finish making it feel like an extension of your natural surroundings.


A little greenery inside the house has the potential to revitalize the soul and senses. When you add indoor plants to your life, it has a positive impact on your mental health. Plus, adding some green helps purify the air in your home by filtering out everyday pollutants.

The problem is that most people aren’t plant experts and have no clue where to start. It is extremely important to identify the spaces within your home that would look better with more green, the climate that we live in, the amount of light that streams in through the windows, and understand the sunlight requirements for different indoor plants before choosing the ones that will work for your space. Check out this guide by Livspace that provides some great insights into the Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants in India with recommendations on how to incorporate them into your interiors.


You do not have to believe in Feng Shui to know that we are powerfully influenced by our surroundings. We label the rooms of our homes by what we do in them – dining, living, entertaining – or the objects we use in them – beds, TVs, baths. Do we have spaces in our homes that we create to just be in them?

If during the day we use our bedroom for noisy activities like watching TV or working out, we may find it difficult to rest in that same space in the evening. Similarly, we might have trouble with our mindfulness practice if we try to cultivate stillness in an area of our home associated with activity and energy. 

A meditation space gives you a place in your home that is dedicated to silence and stillness. It needs to be minimalistic in its décor scheme, in order to avoid distractions. You might want to incorporate flowers, cushions, pillows and special lights to create an environment of peace and calm. Choose elements that are meaningful to you and that set this area of your home apart from the rest, allowing you to cultivate intentional awareness, and ultimately be more present in our own lives.

If we think about it, there are various methods & applications through which we can come closer to the environment and feel its warmth around us. Being in the company of nature is like a warm blanket on a wintery night and a musical note left by the evening rains. There’s no feeling as divine as being in the midst of nature, and even if you manage to bring an ounce of that in your homes, you will notice a significant difference in the way you feel and your personal well-being. Hope this article helps you achieve a more green space, particularly at a time when little elements from nature offer the only respite as we spend increasing amounts of time behind closed doors.

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Monday, 27 July 2020

A Beginner's Guide to Tile Selection

Re-designing a house is a delightful experience that not only brings joy but also the promise of something new and exciting! However, it requires a lot of patience and hours of planning. Right from ideation to execution, it is a lengthy process involving putting our imagination on a piece of paper and then into actual design. While there are experts to assist you, it’s never easy to make decisions when it comes to designing your home, especially when it comes to making the right choice for the one part of your house that you set your feet on every single day, and that endures with utmost resilience every single activity that you perform day in, day out; your Floors! No doubt that your floors are an integral aspect of your home and careful and weighted decisions need to be made when choosing the right kind. The type of flooring you select lays the ground work for the rest of your home. Here are some key guidelines to help you make the right decision:

Nature of your Space

At BFT, you can rest assured that we have a floor or tile collection to  suit every client type and their specific requirements. We offer all types of floors, right from customized to luxury, as well as budget-friendly options.

Holiday homes – creating the perfect escape

Holiday homes are a place of relaxation so the design elements need to reflect that to provide a stress-free environment. Right from the living room to the bedroom, the area of the space is quite large and gives you the freedom to experiment with shapes, colours and textures in varied forms. A larger space gives you the chance to explore light to dark coloured floors and busier patterns that provide a dramatic appeal.   

Our HeritageTM tiles make for the perfect addition to any holiday home as these statement floors get accentuated in larger spaces and truly act as a piece of art that brightens up any room and gives it a focal point!

Big city dreams and the small home conundrum

People flock to big cities like Mumbai to fulfill their larger than life aspirations, one of them being the desire to own their very own abode in a metropolitan city. While they may very well earn bragging rights to owning real estate in the big city, this luxury comes at a price…a smaller carpet area! However, the good news is that this challenge can be overcome by choosing flooring that gives the illusion of a larger space.

Lighter shades such as blue, teal, and earthy tones give a more open, airy, and uplifting vibe than darker shades that absorb light making a room feel smaller than it is.

When working with patterns, always remember that highly patterned tiles will dominate and visually ramp up how busy the room is, so opt for plain or subtly patterned tiles. When you lay your flooring in a modest sized bedroom the best pattern to adopt is a standard grid with patterns that are more spread out, such as the Petal or Persian Flower from BFT’s HeritageTM collection. 

Another option is using patterned borders running vertically along the length of the room, or a single eye-catching border surrounding plain tiles laid across the floor. A key here is to ensure your grout lines are filled with the same or similar colour as the tile, making it almost unnoticeable, thereby achieve the desired impact of a seamless looking floor.

Besides patterns that can help to make a room look visually larger, the size of the tile can also make a big difference. Large-format tiles have fewer grout lines and help a room look bigger, more open and less busy. Our large Terrazzo tile – Magnum would work beautifully in creating a feeling of expanse in a not so large space.

Narrow Rooms or Corridors

Every space, according to its size, can look broader or narrower depending on the flooring used. While broader rooms offer the flexibility to explore more complex patterns, narrow spaces on the other hand should have rather simple designs, preventing the space from looking messy or chaotic.

These spaces can be highlighted best with Terrazzo applications. The Cast-in-Situ application from BFT appears seamless, free-flowing and has an unmatched artistic appeal that makes it a favorite amongst many! There are endless design & colour possibilities to choose from making it a great choice for narrow areas! 

Children’s rooms – capturing the spirit of your little angels

Children’s rooms are probably one of the best spaces to experiment, giving you the opportunity to explore whimsical and unconventional design ideas and create something that inspires and encourages creativity.

If you’ve chanced upon BFT’s Macaron collection, you know this would be our first choice for a kid’s room. Don’t get the wrong idea, we’re not asking you to sugar up your kids with this delicious French treat 😉. The sensual curves of a macaron, however, were the inspiration behind this tile collection. It can be randomly placed or laid out in a repetitive pattern for a playful look. Their extra-large size in fact even helps to make smaller spaces look larger.

What better way to celebrate a kid’s natural curiosity about living creatures that to incorporate animal motifs. These have become a natural choice for children’s spaces, as they are extremely eye-catching, promote an active imagination and are the perfect backdrop to a room designed for adventurers and dreamers!

Theme of the space

Chic and contemporary

The variety of materials and designs available in tile flooring means that it’s easier than ever to make your space stylish and unique while sticking to a specific theme.  
If you’re looking for a modern floor design, hexagon shapes are super trendy and will always look striking no matter where they are applied. They are the perfect balance between understated and impactful. The hexagon shape adds a fresh geometry to floors and walls, and a wide range of colors, textures and patterns add life to every project!

If industrial or casual chic is your style, then Micro cement is the way to go. With micro cement, the best part is that the job can be done on an existing floor saving you time and money. IPS Flooring lends simplicity, style and charm to a house. These styles may seem basic in appearance, but they bring along a sense of panache and are sure to bring out the finesse of your décor.

Classic and Traditional

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, you’re sure to get attracted towards more classic designs that possess an eternal timelessness.  Bold colours and traditional motifs define this flooring style.

For a long time now, we’ve been carrying on a love affair with Terrazzo. The old world appeal exhibited by this material that has come a long way from its origins in Mumbai’s Art Deco period is treasured by art lovers and enthusiasts everywhere, and hence it’s no surprise that this is a go-to choice for those looking to add a marked gracefulness and quaint charm within their homes.

Budgetary considerations

Before you get started on your flooring project, it pays to do a little research on the different kinds of flooring and learn about their costs and benefits.

People are often skeptical about using plain tiles. It doesn’t add anything aesthetically to a space. But when working on a budget and, if the right patterns are chosen in combination, plain tiles can definitely make for a beautiful and impactful floor. These plain tiles are called UnitintaTM Tiles at BFT and they are made using almost no stone or marble chips, giving them a distinctive look and an uncharacterized appeal. UnitintaTM Tiles can be used in combination with HeritageTM tiles or any other pattern from the BFT range to create a stunning floor on a budget!

Taking into consideration the COVID-19 situation, BFT has recently launched “Pocket Friendly Floors”, priced at Rs. 100/- per sq.ft., to provide some relief to home owners, wherein a combination of UnitintaTM Tiles and Pattern Tiles is used to create attractive flooring options! Clients can customize their own floor according to their taste & requirements of the space.

There are so many floor designs and materials to choose from that at times it seems extremely hard to decide on what would work best for your project. The great news is that every style and budget can be met with the multiple floorings options and customization services provided by flooring companies to assist you in the tile selection process!

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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Interior Design in a Post Covid-19 World

As we isolate in our homes, we become increasingly aware of how our interior spaces affect our moods, our ability to work and our physical comfort. Coronavirus has confined us to our homes for three months now. While the pandemic has affected us all in different ways, it has also taught us how to adapt to a challenging situation and make the best of it. Spending more time at home has allowed us to bond with our families, explore new skills, take on more household responsibilities, and truly appreciate nature. There’s absolutely no doubt that for the foreseeable future work from home will be the new norm and interior design trends, as we know them, are about to change to adapt to this ‘new normal’. 

As we look to redecorate our homes, in the current scenario, our priorities are going to be quite different than they were in a Pre-COVID world. Practicality, ease of maintenance, sustainability, utilizing every square footage effectively – these are only some of the aspects that will play a critical role in our design choices going forward. To gather trends Pre & Post COVID-19 on different aspects of the interior design industry, we divided this article into two sections: one being the buying behaviour of customers going forward and the other being the interior trends that will be adopted – to give you a clear understanding of the interior design industry as we live in a new normal world - a COVID world.

I. Buying Behaviour of Customers

Go Local, Be Vocal 

It is becoming very apparent that the “Make in India” sentiment that has been on the rise in recent years has further been cemented by the pandemic. The Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan as announced by our PM last month, or the resolve of a self-reliant India, allows us to turn this crisis into an opportunity. While the need to promote local businesses and raw materials has always been the need of the hour, the current crisis forces clients to re-evaluate their buying choices and look towards homegrown brands. Trade restrictions due to the limitation of transportation further promotes this need.

Proud to be a Make in India brand through and through, Bharat Floorings & Tiles established in 1922, was a result of Pherozesha Sidhwa’s endeavour to help colonial India end its reliance on British goods. We have advocated the ‘Go Local Be Vocal’ idiom since 1922 wherein our core philosophy has been to serve our country in the best possible way, producing quality tiles that have graced the floors of several landmark buildings for nearly a century now! The resilience of these long-standing floors attests to Bharat Floorings’ deep-rooted connection with the identity of India.

In an era of mass-produced goods, made entirely by machines, Bharat Floorings & Tiles (BFT) has created a successful brand around manufacturing hand-crafted cement tiles locally. At the BFT factory, the company’s production remains small-scale and bespoke, with artisans working the same way they did decades ago, hand-crafting cement before pressing it under hydraulic pressure to form a tile. This ensures an end product that is one-of-a-kind and long-lasting! As a home-grown brand, we believe in giving back to the society, which adds value to the company. At BFT, we provide employment to artisans from different sections of society and help them generate income for themselves and their families.

Technology in Business

In an era of social distancing where your customers may be reluctant to come to you, it has become essential to use technology to take your product and services to them. 

We at Bharat Floorings, have eased out the accessibility of our flooring options and customization aspects through the Floor IT App on our website. Floor IT is a user-friendly application that allows customers to browse through our different collections of tiles and drag and drop different options to create their own custom made floors. Right from HeritageTM Tiles range and the Made in India range, to our designer collaboration, BFT+ range and UnitintaTM Tiles, we have it all covered. Customers are also able to choose a colour combination of their choice, best suited to their space. 

To maintain social distancing and taking into account the safety of our customers, we encourage them to make use of Floor IT, a DIY flooring application. The customers can access it online from the comfort of their home which will ensure that they remain safe and also saves them time. Customers have to just create an account on the application, select a design from the vast range of options available and save it. Customers, before placing their order can also request for the quote of the floor. We will give you a detailed quote for the selected tile and then accordingly you can place your order or change your preference. Once you have saved your desired creation, and sent us all the details, our team will get in touch with you, update you about stock availability and ensure delivery is done keeping the necessary safety measures in mind.

If you need guidance on using the Floor IT application, please refer to this video -

Budget Consciousness

Buyers are definitely more conservative with the way they spend their cash in the current scenario. Cost effectiveness, durability, value for money – these are terms that are more relevant today than ever before, and will affect buying decisions.

BFT tiles has always been widely recognized for its quality and durability, A brand that is loved by all for its unique & creative designs, BFT tiles are also known to be cost-efficient. The option of customizing tiles allows us to cater to clients working with varied budget criteria. We are proud to announce some pocket-friendly packages of our beautiful tiles. These consist of a combination of plain and pattern tiles (approximate ratio: 80:20) that can fit any budget or design requirement. Below is a sample floor for your reference. DM us on Instagram (@bharatfloorings) or email us at to know more about our pocket friendly options!

Gravitation Towards Easy-to-Maintain Materials

Most of us have had to become self-reliant in a time when our domestic help have fled to their hometowns. With the absence of an extra pair of hands to assist us in keeping our houses sanitized and germ free, it is important to incorporate materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Cement has a reputation for being sturdy, durable and easy-to-clean. All you need to do to is to add two tablespoons of kerosene or a mild liquid soap cleaner to half a bucket of clean water. Each room should be cleaned with fresh water and later taking a dry cloth again, rub the floor hard & dry. We also have a cleaning solution which will clean the floor and enhance the sheen by using it daily.

II. Interior Trends


Working from home can be tiresome especially if there is no room for fresh air. This pandemic has made us crave the natural environment from within the confines of our home. This can be addressed by bringing that environment home through various indoor plants and allowing natural light to stream in, promoting a bright and airy atmosphere for you to thrive within. Gardening is said to be a good stress-buster that helps in relaxing and calming our mind. Even a small set of plants on the study table can make a person feel energized and help him / her to think with a clear mind. Allow for sunlight to enter your room; there is no harm in getting some extra vitamin D! The fresh air brought in by sunlight is good for your health. 

Bright Colours 

An overall sense of gloom has set in on our lives since the onset of the coronavirus. The last two months or so have gone deep into self-realization, working from home 24x7. In these despondent times, it is important to bring in some cheer to your life through bright and bold colours. A good environment at home is necessary to keep our mental health stable. Colours seem to have an impact on our brains. Take yellow for example. It represents positivity, freshness and happiness. Similarly, green is the colour of the environment which represents growth. Pretty prints and designs on the floor bring forth smiles and happiness, much needed currently in our otherwise dreary lives! 

Multi-Purpose Furniture

As we settle into our make-shift office at home, creation of efficient space is of utmost importance. Every piece of furniture available at home can find utilization in the office. A dining table can become your study table if you require a large table to work on. Even a footrest can serve as a laptop table to make it level-headed with your eyes. 

Sometimes, some furniture items can also act as great storage facility. A comfortable chair with a storage compartment, a staircase having drawers at the bottom, or a bed with storage bins can really help in saving up space. Multi-purpose furniture is convenient at so many levels. These simple tricks can save you the hassle of having to invest in new furniture items while also saving a lot of space at home.

Home Office

While working from home there should be a clear distinction between the office space and the rest of the house. This helps one in working peacefully minus any disturbances, while also allowing you to switch off and enjoy some downtime when exiting the office space within the house. To create a make-shift office at home, try to keep it minimalistic with limited furniture, only items that are absolutely required. A messy room might not prove to be a productive space and can lead to a confused and cluttered mind that prohibits creative and focused thinking. 

Wallpapers by BFT are yet another way to create an office-like environment at your home. The stylish yet subtle wallpapers give an altogether different dimension and meaning to a space. BFT’s wallpapers are available in varied designs and colours which will make the home-office look quite rich but at the same time very simplistic. Explore the all new BFT Wallpaper Range. DM us on Instagram or share your inquiry on our website.

Check out our wallpaper and tile collection only on our website!

Although BFT has opened its offices and showroom, we are taking all necessary steps to keep our customers safe and provide maximum support in maintaining social distancing. We, the citizens of this beautiful mother land, need to come together and fight this pandemic as one! We wish you all a safe return back to normalcy, and wish you the very best in your next home renovation project.

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Monday, 27 April 2020

Walls that Stand Out!

There are few décor elements as fun and versatile as wallpapers. Many top designers will agree that wallpapers are the ultimate décor solution for a quick, affordable and visually transformational home makeover. When done right and with delightful patterns, wallpapers can be just the respite you need from plain, boring walls! The confusion, however is, how to find the right wallpaper to compliment your décor scheme.

The origins of wallpapers can be traced back to the 16th century where it had very limited use. But by the 20th century, it was widely applied in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas, and became increasingly popular in households of varying income levels. These early wallpapers had very simple designs, most of them being floral motifs and pictorial scenes that depicted everyday life or so. Block printing was a very popular method of printing wallpapers. The design was drawn on a wooden base and then the base was inked with paint and placed face down on the paper for printing. This, however proved to be an expensive method, while also being extremely laborious!

Over the years, wallpapers underwent major transformations in terms of methods, designs and applications. Block printing gave way to digital printing and screen printing. Floral motifs were now replaced by geometric or line motifs. However, floral motifs too have undergone a major transformation and today we can see them in a variety of patterns or designs.

Wallpapers make a space look lively and speak volumes for its creativity. Selecting the right wallpaper that defines your space is an exciting and rewarding adventure to embark upon when looking to give your space an instant upgrade. However, a wallpaper needs to be in sync with the space’s surrounding walls & colours to truly make an impact. A single wallpaper cannot be used for all the walls in a single space. Different corners require different wallpapers to suit the utility as well as design aspects of the space in question.

BFT is excited to announce the launch of our newest product line – Wallpapers by BFT! Wallpapers have a long history for adding personality to interiors, hence Bharat Floorings has introduced the perfect marriage - an eco-friendly wallpaper collection, featuring some of our best tile designs in various shades and styles to spruce up your walls. From floral prints to geometric patterns, this collection of eye-catching wallpapers is sure to inspire your next home makeover project! We offer a range of wallpaper designs in different colour and texture variations so that you can pick what works best for each unique section of your home or office space.

All the wallpapers are available in three different textures: Lined, Fabric and Smooth Non-Woven Textures, and five color options. Below we cover the different sections of a house and how to pick the right wallpaper design to elevate the aesthetics of the space.

Living Rooms:

The living room is a dedicated space in our home for family members to gather together and spend quality time. It is a private space for the family, which literally brings the family together. We binge watch television, read a book, discuss stories and important daily matters, and make important family decisions, all whilst lounging here in the living room. This is one space in a home, which exudes calmness, gives us peace and a sense of belonging: belonging to the space, to the people. Living rooms makes us feel at home. 

To capture this sense of belongingness, BFT created the French Beauty & Café Habana wallpaper ranges. These patterns provide a sense of calmness and beautify the space lending it an artistic appeal.

The French Beauty pattern is inspired by classic French motifs which enhances the beauty of the space while the classic Café Habana pattern exudes style. These wallpaper designs can fit in well giving the living room a rich, opulent look. Both the wallpapers serve as an inviting backdrop for all those candid family moments spent in the living room.   

Families are woven together for a lifetime. They say, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you.” For these endless moments with the family which are cherished forever and are woven inside us, BFT created Endless Knot Wallpaper. As the name suggests, our familial ties are an endless knot which come together in the living room. This wallpaper can give your living room a serene look. Endless Knot is one of the many symbols of Himalayan monasteries. It is a symbol representing the interweaving of the spiritual path, the flowing of time & movement within which it is eternal.

Master Bedroom:

The most intimate space for most of us is our bedroom. Cozy afternoon naps, a quick cards game, gossiping with family & friends, bedrooms are those spaces which provide us with the most comfortable sittings. After a tiring day at work, to unwind and enjoy some much deserved me-time, bedrooms give us the most beautiful silences. After the living room, this is probably where we spend the maximum time. It is said that your bedroom is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Bedroom walls often adorn frames showcasing travel, art, special family moments, and whatever else you hold close to your heart. 

The Doppio wallpaper highlights these special memories by bringing your attention back to the wall to notice and cherish these special moments over and over again. BFT’s Doppio is a hexagonal shaped pattern. The versatility of this pattern allows you to create a variety of designs with just a single pattern by choosing different colour variations for the stripes.

Waves, a pattern inspired by the waves from Goa’s iconic beaches finds great application behind the bed, a.k.a. your sleep zone. Beaches are synonymous with peace and tranquility! The soothing nature of this wallpaper is designed to produce a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, which can help you wind down for a good night’s sleep.

Study Room:

A common notion around study rooms is that it is a very serious space and has a no-nonsense rule. This is true, but only to a certain extent. Such spaces can be fun too in a sense that it should spread positivity and represent a happy work environment.

Keeping these notions in mind, BFT’s Trinity pattern gives a sober yet distinctive and inspired look. This pattern adapts to modern spaces with ease.  Turn up the quirk factor with this fascinating pattern that contributes towards creating a space that inspires and promotes creativity! 

Children’s Room:  

A children’s room is a space that is open to experimentation when it comes to vibrant colours and designs. This room is the perfect place to explore imaginative ideas, to move away from the norms, and design a space that’s as unique as your kids are! That’s where the Murdasshu Type A pattern from the BFT+ Range, a fun play with lines that immediately electrifies the room, comes into the picture. This design of Japanese Lines is primarily inspired by the ideas in the book “In Praise of Shadows”. It is a Japanese essay on aesthetics written in 1930s by Junichiro Tanizaki. Murdasshu was used in Sian pascale’s pottery practice and inspired this design. These lines of dashes are simple but also energetic.

Another of BFT’s wallpapers that complement the children’s room is the Kite (Type A) wallpaper. Belgium’s alleyways and public spaces are the inspiration behind this wallpaper. BFT designed this pattern by marrying the aesthetics of Europe with modern Indian sensibilities. This design is apt for children’s bedrooms that are aching for some sort of quirk or colour.

BFT’s new Wallpaper Range has been curated by incorporating BFT's best tile patterns for an affordable and stylish interior transformation! All the wallpapers are eco-friendly, durable and are sure to up your décor game! Each wallpaper design has been selected keeping in mind the different kinds of spaces where this product can find its application.

The wallpaper range by Bharat Floorings is developed to add personality to your interiors. The versatile design elements can be used for an accent wall or a fully-papered room for a bold look. Pick one that suits your personality and watch your space transform right before your eyes!

For more information on wallpapers, follow us on Instagram (@bharatfloorings) and DM us for price related enquiries, or visit our website