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Swadeshi at Heart!

We are a company that was founded on one central idea – our innate love for creating beautiful floors - that are 100% Made in India! Everything that we create at Bharat Floorings is a celebration of our roots and our vibrant history! Our tiles are made by hand, right here at our factory in Mumbai and are not imported. The production of these bespoke cement tiles remains the same as it was 96 years back; with the artisans working and hand-filling cement before pressing it under hydraulic pressure to form a tile, and subsequently a floor that will create a lasting impression!

Our founder, Pherozesha Sidhwa was inspired by Jamshed Mehta, a colleague of Mahatma Gandhi to abandon his article ship as a lawyer and start a tile manufacturing establishment, along with his nephew Rustom Sidhwa. They were all set to compete with the best, which at the time was the UK- based Minton & Co whose patterned clay tiles were shipped to colonies all the way from Britain. As part of the Swadeshi movement, their main aim was to produce tiles of international quality to replace imports. So, Sidhwa and his team travelled across Europe to learn how to use and make handmade cement tiles and began the manufacturing procedure by starting off with an affordable patterned alternative to the imported tiles in India. The journey was not as easy as you think, they went through many ups and downs but eventually succeeded in achieving their primary goal. They modified and created fresh new designs to suit the Indian taste and developed a unique process to suit Indian conditions. Taking the spirit of Swadeshi one step forward, they even had the map of undivided India stamped on the back of each and every tile that was manufactured!

Bharat tiles during that time i.e. 1923 - 1935 became very popular amongst the British and the Maharajas. Many public buildings, governor houses, palaces, mahals and universities were floored with Bharat tiles. As the years went by, Bombay (now Mumbai) entered the glamorous Art Deco era, and almost all the new buildings and areas like Marine drive, Oval Maidan and noble theatres incorporated the colourful and heritage-rich Bharat tiles.

The tiles produced are of world-class quality, and they are manufactured right here in India! Bharat tiles provide one-of-a-kind floorings with ethnic and heritage vibes available in various designs and patterns. These tiles can be customized as per the taste and preferences of the customers, to match the interiors of the spaces they are looking to decorate. The Heritage tiles of Bharat floorings can be seen in many iconic buildings across the country. BFT tiles have been laid at Heritage sites such as Umaid Palace, New ready money mansion, Bombay high court, cinemas- Roxy, Regal, New Excelsior and many more, and even today, they look flawless as ever. The quality of our tiles is extremely superior in making them long-lasting. The tiles shine brighter as they get older.

The Bharat Flooring’s Heritage™ tiles and floors have been the most popular pattern since the time they were re-launched in 1940 and have been used in many award-winning sites. They are custom designed to create stunning floors to suit eclectic tastes. Each cement tile is individually hand-crafted from the finest, carefully selected ingredients, aesthetically blended to create a high-quality tile of rich and glowing colours. The timeless elegance and durability of these tiles make them works of art and an invaluable part of the country’s architectural heritage.

Our tiles shine beautifully as they age and they also last longer than other types of tiles. We do not just restrict our tiles to be laid on floors, they also can be used on walls. Cement tiles, when used on walls, are very easy to maintain, are rich in colour and history and most importantly, they provide long-lasting beauty. You can give your walls a different and unique look rather than opting for the same old paints. Use different patterns available at BFT to create a stunning look. We also have a range of wall claddings which can be used to give your walls, dados and bar counters a distinct look.

At BFT, quality is key! We offer a value-for-money proposition with floors that last a lifetime. BFT is your one-stop solution for all design, production, installation and maintenance requirements. Our aim is to be the discerning customer’s first choice for extraordinary floors and matching walls with our innovative handcrafted cement tiles, offering a blend of contemporary style and breath-taking heritage.
BFT is proud to be Indian, in every way possible and we celebrate this by constantly designing tiles of a superior standard and incredible visual appeal with an intriguing story to tell!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Flooring forms an integral part of the overall design of any space. It plays a very important role in interior design and in setting the look and feel of the space. Tiles that stand out from the crowd, add character and style to your room! They should be an extension of who you are and should be able to tell your story for years to come. This is where quality comes into the picture. At Bharat floorings, we bring you classic and contemporary handcrafted cement tiles with various designs and colour options that are not only long lasting but also easy to maintain. We are sure you must be wondering, what are cement tiles?  And, how are they different from ceramic tiles? Of course, they look alike no doubt, but alas they are very different from each other from the making procedure to the application process and everything in between!

The cement tiles at Bharat floorings are one of a kind tiles that impart a luxurious look and feel to any space. These tiles are made by hand, one at a time, using mineral pigments, cement, a mould, and a hydraulic press. This is an artisanal product handmade by craftsmen using traditional methods. This is the reason behind the uniqueness of our tiles. Even the metal moulds are handmade following specific design drawings. Therefore, new moulds for designs can take about 20 days to make depending on the intricacy of the pattern. Cement tiles, being handmade will have irregularities in the design which give them character and uniqueness. They will have a rich but handcrafted appearance.

The setting process of cement, like heating of some Chinese or Japanese porcelain glazes, creates fine cracks known as crazing. This does not weaken the tile in any way but gives the tile an antique look. Because of variations in shade of the colours and cement that we receive, the tiles you get may vary in colour from the display tiles viewed by you at the time of ordering. Replicating the exact shade is never possible, so we recommend that you order extra tiles and store them for future needs.
Everyone always has the same question in mind, i.e are ceramic tiles and cement tiles the same? No, they are actually completely different.

At Bharat Floorings and Tiles, we ONLY make handcrafted cement floorings. 

The differences between the two are as follows –
Cement tiles are mostly hand-made.
Ceramic tiles are mostly mass produced.
Cement tiles are made using a process where coloured cement is filled into a mould, up to a certain depth.
Ceramic tiles are made using prints and then glazed. 

In terms of durability - Cement tiles can last up to 60 to 70 years due to the thickness of the pattern layer. 

In ceramic tiles, the pattern would last as long as the glaze does not wear off.
Cement tile patterns have slight variations due to the handmade nature of the process.
Ceramic tile prints tend to be uniform in all tiles.
Cement tiles at BFT are made with different pigments and colour shades i.e organic and inorganic colour pigments. We buy the best available pigments and blend these for hours in giant mixers.
Ceramic tiles are made with red, brown, or white clay and can be either glazed or unglazed, and are fired in a kiln.
These tiles can be customised as per your designs and colour combination.
 Most ceramic tiles are mass produced, so the scope for customisation is low.
Cement tiles are very easy to maintain, all you need is plain water or our in-house cleansing solution to maintain the beautiful shine of the flooring.
These tiles are also low- maintenance.

 We hope now the difference between the two is clearer. BFT specializes in manufacturing handcrafted cement tiles which are available in an array of colour combinations and designs suiting the interiors of the space, ranging from minimalistic designs to bold patterns and more! The quality, of course, is unmatched as you may have come to realize! What else do you need to make a beautiful space? Like Jonathan Adler said, “Life should be chic, glamorous and colourful. And so should your HOME!” We totally agree with that. Give your home that much-awaited transformation with BFT’s extensive range of tiles.

To know more about our designs and pattern you can check out our website-

Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Untold Story of Creativity and Perseverance!

The journey of Bharat Tiles started in 1922 when the independence struggle was spreading like wildfire. Jamshed Mehta, a colleague of Mahatma Gandhi spoke about achieving economic freedom which inspired Pherozesha Sidhwa to start a tile manufacturing company, along with his nephew Rustom Sidhwa. They worked hard together and started the “SWADESHI MOVEMENT”.

When the Bharat Flooring tile company first started in 1922, in Uran, there was no electricity, water or telephone service. The journey was not as easy as you think, there came hardships but with the strength and belief of developing Indian nationalism, the voyage continued.

The Sidhwa family owned large sheds at Uran, to manufacture liquor from mogra and rose flowers, oranges and other fruits. Since the sheds lay idle after the British introduced prohibition, the tiles were produced in those sheds and travelled from there to all parts of India.

1923 - Our First Client – Sir Cowasji Jehangir:
In 1923, Pherozesha was dissatisfied with a batch of tiles, because according to him it was not up to the mark. He was, after all a perfectionist! He travelled to Europe for further research about the tiles, and he was told the tiles were perfect, only the polishing was not! These tiles were produced for his first client Sir Cowasji Jehangir and were to be laid in the New Ready money Mansion (Flora Fountain/Hutatma Chowk), Mumbai. The new batch is still found in parts of this building even after 93 years! 

The Classic and Historic - Raj Era:
The history of the Raj era during the 1923 – 1935 phase is referred to as the period of British rule. Being the first producer of cement tiles in Mumbai, Bharat Tiles was a part of esteemed projects. BFT was an obvious choice since they were cheaper and more long-lasting than imported tiles. Many princely residences were tiled by the Bharat Tiles Company. Umaid Bhavan Palace retains them still and many others.

Art Deco, the period of Modernisation arrives:
In the decade of 1930 - 1940, Hollywood entered the country and Bombay saw a number of new cinema houses – Metro, Eros, Excelsior, Broadway, Capitol, and Roxy -all tiled by Bharat Floorings.
Those years saw the birth of the Art Deco phase of architecture for which Mumbai has received global recognition. Almost every building in the Art Deco period had Bharat Tiles.

The beginning of World War II:
In 1940, World War II struck! The cement provided to Bharat floorings to make tiles was now taken for defence purposes! Because of the unavailability of cement and raw material, Bharat decided to shut down. The owners of Bharat Tiles, then struck a deal with two stranded Czechs to start India’s first grinding wheel company, (Grindwell Abrasives now Grindwell Norton) operating from the Uran factory. After the war, when cement was once again available, Bharat restarted its tile manufacturing company.

The birth of Premium Terrazzo Era:
In 1950- 1970, Terrazzo tiles came into existence, featuring the richest colours and the whitest chips money could buy. The Victorian and Edwardian decorative tiles went out and the elegant Bharat responded with Premium Terrazzo Tiles, made of the whitest stone chips, as well as chips of the best Italian and Indian marble, providing cool, the beautiful Terrazzo or mosaic floors that are cherished even today throughout India. Not only do we have indoor beauties but also the outdoor, rough and tough range i.e the Stilan pattern.

STILAN®- A Heavy Duty:
In the 1960s, Bharat Floorings and Tiles started making heavy duty, non-slip tiles under the registered trademark - STILAN® for use in factories, warehouses, driveways and pavements. Today, Bharat’s STILAN® tiles are used on many Central and Western Railway platforms as well as the Mumbai Metro, high-end malls and many industrial areas. STILAN® Non-Slip Tiles are also used by the most prestigious and elegant buildings in India. The tiles look bold and are definitely long-lasting!

The Heritage Renaissance:
And then in 1999, dusting off its original moulds from the 1920s, Bharat Floorings & Tiles revived its original processes to once again make the beautiful floor art that had once marked India’s most cherished buildings. Rediscovering its original moulds and catalogues, Bharat’s Heritage™ range was re-launched at a special exhibition - The Kala Ghoda Festival in 1999!!

Heritage Conservation:
Our Heritage™ Tiles are part of the Heritage Gallery & Interpretation Centre at CST Mumbai. Bharat also became part of landmark restoration projects: The Cathedral & John Connon School; The Salar Jung Museum; Mumbai’s oldest museum - The BhauDaji Lad Museum; “Diwanji Ni Haveli” - a restoration project in Ahmadabad; Taj Mahal Palace; Intercontinental Hotel and the list goes on where the classic Heritage collection was used. The Heritage Collection tiles can last up to three generations.

Reviving ‘In Situ’ Floors:
The introduction of new collections never really ended. In 2010, the mesmerizing Cast- In- Situ floorings which came into existence. This type of flooring consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips; sprinkled or unsprinkled, and poured with a binder that is cementations, chemical or a combination of both. They have been laid in many iconic restoration projects and make the space look beautiful.

Recreating beauty with award-winning projects:
The restoration of The Royal Bombay Yacht Club, in 2013 made Bharat flooring a part of one more UNESCO award. Thanks to architect Mr Vikas Dilawari for such a wonderful opportunity. Elle Décor also honoured BFT with the EDIDA Award for its work on flooring used in the Library House at Bangalore done by the architectural firm the Khosla Associates.
Along with the classic Heritage tiles, we have an artistic range, full of creativity known as the BFT+ range!

The designer collaboration - BFT+ Range:
In 2014, the BFT+ range was introduced where young and visionary designers created exciting contemporary floor art. An idea with modern sensibilities depicted through colours and lines! In the light of our drive and inspiration, we bring you BFT+, our collaboration with the best in the business to create stunning works of. At BFT, every Floor Tells A New Story!

Creativity Galore:
As we mentioned earlier, creativity at Bharat floorings is an ongoing process. In 2015, Bharat introduced a new range, the attractive 3D pattern and Micro topping application which can turn any space into a vibrant and beautifully designed area. They come in various colours and combinations to go along with the interiors of the space!

Travelling back to our roots:
Inspired by our country's diversity, heritage, cultures and our art, in 2017, BFT launched the Made In India range. Embodying this characteristic, and in keeping in mind the speciality of each state we introduced this series. Whether it’s the tribal Gond range from Madhya Pradesh, or the majestic Jharokha from Rajasthan, each forte has been entwined into designs to stand for what truly represents India i.e. UNITY IN DIVERSITY!

“Bharat Floorings and Tiles” was founded more than 90 years ago in 1922, and since then it has been an exhilarating roller coaster ride. Bharat Floorings and Tiles is one of the most favoured names amongst architects and designers owing to the quality of work delivered and our commitment to excellence and a great customer service experience. The journey of creativity never ends at Bharat Floorings. As Mary Lou Cook said, ‘Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.’

We’re in it for the long haul so stay tuned for many more exciting new collaborations, collections and more at Bharat Floorings! Follow our brand story on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to know more.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Art of Customization!

Customization is always a good idea when it comes to designing your own space. It allows you the opportunity to bring a bit of your own personality and soul into the space. A great design creates a story of who you are. Personalising spaces with your style of decorating is important so you feel relaxed, happy and comfortable in your own home. Everyone wants their space to look unique, distinct, and spectacular, not just for other people’s viewing pleasure but also your own! After all, it is your space, and it needs to feel like a place where you belong! So why settle for the same boring old patterns and designs when you can create something truly remarkable according to your own taste and preferences!

Now you can turn your dream house into a reality with the option of customization that Bharat Floorings provides you with. At BFT, you can choose from about 200 designs and layouts as per your interiors. No doubt interior design is about going all out and experimenting, but it is important to have some colour balance to make your space look elegant, sophisticated and classy. BFT recommends creating elegant designs for a contemporary feel. Bright colours undoubtedly make your space look cheerful and playful, so if you want to opt for some quirky designs on your walls or floors, then you can go with subtle colours for your accessories and furniture. It is important to create a balance and colour scheme.

It is also important to bring some originality in your space when renovating your home to give it an interesting look. Have a design and pattern in mind? At Bharat Floorings, we can help you recreate your beautiful space making it look luxurious and beautiful using cement tiles. With our tiles, you can create multiple designs placed differently, or using various colour combinations to create a space that is beautiful and tells a story of its own. 

While customizing your space, bear in mind two essential details-
     1) The theme of the space
     2) The colour combination of the area

There are endless possibilities to customize your tiles at BFT. You can mix and match two designs together and create a look, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. One pattern at Bharat Floorings can create different looks when placed differently. With a whole host of colour combinations and endless designs, you can create a fabulous space based on your creative imagination. So let your imagination run wild, and design your floors with different combinations and permutations of colours and patterns based on your preferences.

We have in-house designers who will guide you through the entire process to design and customize your beautiful floors. The following are the services we offer:

Here at Bharat Floorings, we give our customers the chance to customize and explore their creativity. We would like our customers to get exactly the kind of floor that they envision and provide them with the best experience at the store. To help our customers, we offer special designs and services at nominal fees.
Customers can either sit with our in-house designers to decide on colour combinations as well as layouts (designs & patterns) for their floors, or if they are unable to do so they can even email the drawings to us, and our designer and sales force can help them with the layout process.
Once a layout has been finalised and the customer is satisfied with the end result, the quantities of tiles can be removed from AutoCAD and then the order can be placed. The whole process typically takes some time, so customers are requested to plan the timelines of their projects accordingly.

An innovative service offered by the Bharat Floorings to our clients is the ability to design and customize your own tile. As part of this service, we give you the option to share a picture or drawing of the design you like and then this is implemented and converted through our processes into the actual tiles. Samples can be made for approval, and then once the design is finalised, production can begin. This is often a lengthy process, but the end result is unique. So the wait is worth it! Since it is made by hand, the time for delivery takes 4-6 weeks.

Everyone loves to play with colours, using different combinations, sometimes maybe even two or three different colour tones to add some vibrancy to a room. We give you the option to mix several colour combinations according to your choice and the interiors of the space, because why restrict yourself right? At Bharat floorings, we have 300 colour options to choose from, providing colours ranging from bold to subtle so you can pick whatever you fancy!
Cement is our forte, our first and only love here at BFT!  You name an object to create and we will make it for you, as long as it is cement based. We have a whole bunch of different, unique objects and elements made from cement at Bharat floorings. Beautiful cement furniture, concrete objects like paper stands, lotus candles, pen holders and much more, wall claddings (which can be used on the walls), and the newest addition to our collection - the Terrazzo wash basins. You say it and we will create it! There’s just so much you can do with cement, and we are always excited to explore the boundaries of creativity with this versatile material.

There are endless possibilities to create your own beautiful home at BFT so never restrict yourself and experiment with creative and distinct designs. You do not renovate your space often, so make it worthwhile when designing it. Creativity is a key aspect of interior design and it is important to keep that in mind while designing your dream space! As they say – True art takes time! Customizing your tiles might take some time, but the final result will not disappoint! We welcome you to bring in your creative ideas and we will help turn them into works of art!
For more information about the designs and patterns, you can check out the link -


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Handcrafted to perfection!

In 1922, Bharat Floorings and Tiles was founded on the belief to evolve the nation. When The Bharat Flooring tile company first started in 1922, in Uran, there was no electricity, water or telephone service. The only links with Bombay (now Mumbai) were the fishing boats which plied when the weather was fair. The Sidhwa family owned large sheds in Uran to manufacture liquor from mogra and rose flowers, oranges and other fruits. Since the sheds lay idle after the British introduced prohibition, the tiles were produced in those sheds and travelled from there to all parts of India. As part of the Swadeshi movement, our founders pioneered the cement tiles industry in the country, producing tiles of international quality to replace imports, and building the company on the principles of quality, integrity and service.

The founder of The Bharat flooring tile company in 1922 travelled across Europe and USA and bought the finest elements of this art form to India. They modified and created fresh designs to suit Indian taste and developed a unique process to suit the conditions. In 1923, when Pherozesha was dissatisfied with a batch of black and white tiles made for Sir Cowasji Jehangir’s New Readymoney Mansion (Flora Fountain/Hutatma Chowk) in Mumbai, he stopped the delivery and took the dramatic step of having the entire batch thrown into the sea. When he travelled to Europe to find the remedy, he was told his tiles were perfect, only the polishing was not! The new batch is still found in parts of this building, even after 90 years!

The invention of coloured cement in Europe in the late 19th century introduced the exciting possibilities of encaustic cement flooring tiles that would grow more beautiful over the years if the tiles were maintained efficiently.

The tiles produced were of fantastic quality and in a few years, Bharat Tiles were chosen over the imported tiles not just by the maharajas in 1934 during the Raj period and by affluent patriotic Indians, but also by Britishers!

Manufacturing cement tiles is an art form, passed down from generation to generation. None of these tiles is uniform in pattern. The manufacturing process is very tedious since each tile is made by the hand step by step. The steps are as follows –

     1) Blending – The pigment composition is a mixture of high-quality white Portland cement, marble powder and natural mineral colour pigments. Then the ingredients are blended together carefully over a period of hours to produce the final colours.

     2) Molding – The colours are filled by hand with a metal mold. The pigment gets poured into the mould, colour by colour, exactly according to the desired pattern. The metal mold, containing the desired pattern is handmade from specific design drawings. Handmade cement tiles are unique and are expected to have slight imperfections in them maybe in terms of colour shades or design pattern. No line on the cement tile will be straight, which gives them character and depth in the designs.

    3) Compressing – A cork in the form of a strong metal plate is applied at the top of the mold and the tile is pressed using a mechanical hydraulic press. The pressure applied is up to 1 ton per square inch, which produces a compact tile.

     4) Hardening – After pressing the tiles are removed from the mold and placed on the rack until they are hard enough too moved into a tank of water. The tiles are emerged to harden in a water bath for 24 hours. Lastly, the tiles are stored in dry storage racks for 7 days, for the final hardening process.

These cement tiles are made by hand, one at a time, using coloured pigments. The coloured pigments are blended together with the cement material, then poured into the mould which is handmade, following which they are hydraulically pressed into the surface to become a part of the tile...Unlike mass produced products, slight irregularities in lines and some variation in shades are the hallmark and charm of handcrafted products. The setting process of cement generates heat, hence like certain Chinese porcelain glazes, this may create fine cracks known as crazing, which enhances their antique look. The elegance of Bharat’s floor art is timeless, and their silken sheen improves over the years.

The standard size of these tiles is 20cm*20cm. Since it is made by hand, the time for delivery takes 4-6 weeks. As they say – True art takes time!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Preserving what matters!

There are some immensely beautiful restoration projects that BFT has done in the past couple of years. It has indeed been an honour to be a part of such significant contributions to the preservation of India’s rich heritage and incredible architectural marvels. Bharat’s Heritage™ Tiles are a part of the Heritage Gallery & Interpretation Centre at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai and have found their place in the grandest of royal palaces and plush Raj Bhavans. BFT has been a part of several landmark restorations including the Cathedral & John Connon School, the Salar Jung Museum and Mumbai’s oldest museum, the Bhau Daji Lad Museum. Iconic buildings everywhere are being restored by India’s leading architects relying on Bharat’s Heritage™ tiles and flooring experience. The icing on the cake, for BFT, is being chosen for awards from UNESCO for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Royal Bombay Yacht Club

Royal Bombay Yacht Club is an iconic structure at Apollo Bunder that has, over the years seen many prominent visitors. The Bombay Yacht Club was founded in 1846 with Henry Morland as club commodore and 30 years later - on the recommendation of Sir Philip Edmond Wodehouse and the patronage of Queen Victoria became known as Royal Bombay Yacht Club. After its sympathetic restoration, the Royal Bombay Yacht Club Residential Chambers received an award of merit in the 2013 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards and was chosen out of 47 entries from 16 countries!
The Yacht club was restored by prominent architect and the brains behind the restoration of several gems in the city of Mumbai, Mr. Vikas Dilawari. The restoration of this striking structure involved recreating the old Minton floor, and hence Bharat Floorings & Tiles was called upon to create the desired result. Several prototypes were created over a period of many months until the floor was a close replica of the original floor. The depth and complexity of the flooring is evident since, while a normal Heritage™ floor would be composed of at most 2 or 3 elements, the Yacht Club floor has 6 elements! These tiles are so beautiful and look even better on display in the lobby area of the grand Royal Bombay Yacht Club. It is a matter of great pride for BFT to be associated with the restoration of this prominent structure located on the city’s breath-taking coastline.

Bhau Daji Lad Museum

The Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum is an institution of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The Museum was established in 1872 as the erstwhile Victoria and Albert Museum, Bombay. As Mumbai’s first Museum, it showcases the city’s cultural heritage and history through a rare collection of Fine and Decorative Arts that highlight Early Modern Art practices as well as the craftsmanship of various communities of the Bombay Presidency. The museum won the 2005 UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award of Excellence for Conservation. 

The tile used in this museum is the Star and Diamond pattern from the Heritage collection. This space, too has been designed by Mr. Dilawari. The Heritage tile imparts a rich and historical vibe and, makes a lasting impression on every visitor who walks through the doors of one of the city’s oldest treasures!

BMC headquarters 

Located exactly opposite another UNESCO Heritage Site, the CST station building, and yet standing tall is the BMC Headquarters. The restoration project started in 2006 and every attempt was made to save the old tiles and antique furniture which added to the historic charm and period appeal of this architectural marvel. The original Minton tiles were re-used with replica Bharat tiles replacing missing patches, thereby maintaining the original look of the floors and further preserving the old world charm of this grand Victorian Gothic structure around which the city of Mumbai has grown and prospered.

Cathedral High School

With an ancient heritage that dates back to 1860, this private school located in Fort is one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the city. Completed in 2001, the restoration project of this school building was headed by architect Brinda Somayya and included restoring several elements of the building including the flooring. The Inverlochy pattern tiles from BFT’s Heritage range were used during the restoration process in shades of Jaisalmer Yellow, Terracotta Red and Dark Green, and it graces the passages of the school giving them a royal look and maintaining the overall grandeur of the space. This vibrant design is based on the one used in Inverlochy Castle in the 18th century and fits in perfectly with the Victorian Gothic style of architecture that is the foundation of the school. 

With almost a century of experience, BFT’s floor art ranges from the classical to the modern, making each floor a unique work of art specially designed to fulfil the dreams of each client. Bharat Flooring’s Heritage™ tiles and floors are custom designed to create stunning floors to suit eclectic tastes. The timeless elegance and durability of these tiles makes them an invaluable part of the country’s architectural heritage. As a brand that has a deep-rooted connection with the identity of India, nothing gives us more pride than the fact that our floors have found a home in these splendid architectural gems with significant historical relevance when it comes to our country’s rich and vibrant past.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A Private Abode with Colours and Patterns Galore!

In 2012, partners Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani founded a design studio built upon their shared passion for design. Each space and/or product embodies integrity and is created with the same care, skill and attention to detail that they collectively share. MuseLAB is an end-to-end design studio; offering a bespoke and leading-edge approach to design with a precise focus on unique and highly customized environments, interiors and furniture. 

MuseLAB used Bharat Floorings tiles in their project at Worli and recreated the space into something truly beautiful and playful. They used different combinations and patterns in this project which makes the space look distinct. At MuseLAB, every challenge is treated as an opportunity which is given careful thought and consideration. 

The entire design approach of the interiors of this beautiful apartment was based on the Art déco style which was popular in the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s. The signature aesthetic still evokes glamour, luxury, and order with symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes. Each and every design and pattern complements the beautiful interiors of the space. The quirky colourful tiles along with the classy interiors go hand in hand giving the space an elegant yet distinctive look.

In most of the spaces designed for this apartment, MuseLAB used the designer collaboration, BFT+ range since these patterns are known to be both quirky and contemporary. 


The Lounge and the Living room area have our famous BFT+ range, Shibori Eye pattern and Origametes Giza pattern in grey and white colour followed by blue and light grey. The combination of both these unique patterns looks so distinct, placed differently. The trick is to find a balance with your mixed patterns that make the space interesting but still cozy. While mixing two different patterns it’s very important to stick to the overall theme of the space, because you wouldn’t want one particular space to look completely different from the rest of the house. In the lounge and living room area, the floors speak louder than the space because of the bold patterned tiles laid. Mixing two or more different prints gives you an opportunity to add visual interest and contrast. It’s important to create a fun yet uniform look in any space like you can see in the images below. The explosion of colours brings out the vivacious and dynamic look of this space. The same patterns used in different spaces and colours creates an underlying uniformity in the entire house. This pattern combined with the interiors of the space create a relaxed vibe in the lounge area, making it the most favourable spot of the house! 


The master bedroom has a rich, bold heritage flooring i.e. the MoMo pattern from our Heritage collection. The classic Momo pattern used in this apartment brings out the vibrant look of the living room. Bright colours, such as lemon yellow, used sparingly with soft tones of grey and blue create a chic look. It acts as a key contrast to the walls with the tiles being the highlight of the space. This artistic pattern gives a fresh, uplifting look to the room. The unique design of these floors makes them stand out. The Heritage™ collection goes wonderfully well with the overall look and feel of this beautiful apartment, adding to its elegance and grandeur! 


Japanese Line, Namisen Type F - you should definitely give this one a try! This pattern can make a small space look bigger instantly because of the illusion it creates. This pattern is chic and simplistic, yet adding so much style and texture to the room. This bold, fresh pattern creates a stunning interior design scheme to your room. Go bold with your flooring, keeping the wall tiles and furniture simple to enhance the look of the space keeping it classy rather than jazzy. These tiles create a wonderful illusion of texture, bringing your space to life. The line tiles supported with a neutral colour palette give your space an eye-catching zest. The blue, grey and white colour combination blends the given space together. These patterns add character and colour to the stylish decor, blending a contemporary vibe with personal preferences. The eye-catching handmade cement floorings that BFT designs transform offices and living spaces, taking the much-overlooked element of interior design, the floor, to the next level.



Want to create a fun playful look for your child’s room?? The BFT+ Range – Japanese Line
Toso Dotto, Type C is just what you need to recreate this look. Colourful walls are always a good idea to make your space look brighter and playful, but 2018’s design trend is to play with some colours on the floor and home décor instead of the walls. Keep yourself up to date with new trends so that you can divert from the boring old-fashioned ones. Experimenting with your interiors is always a good idea to recreate a design that is unique and beautiful. The child’s room is a perfect place to explore new ideas and fun colours, so go wacky with these unique designs and patterns. 

At BFT you can select one tile and design in various colour combinations and patterns. You can mix and match two designs together and create a look, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We have in-house designers who will guide you to design and customise your beautiful floors. The design aspects of this private apartment are a great example of creating the necessary balance between quirky and simple. This home is an avant-gardist interpretation of Art Deco. It was an amazing experience working with MuseLAB design studio to design this stunning house!