Friday, 28 December 2018

The BFT Walk II – The Rise of Versatile Spaces

The first Bharat Floorings Walk in 2016 was a memorable event curated by Instagram influencer and photographer, Kuber Shah. The walk was themed around the appreciation of the heritage rich city where the brand’s headquarters reside i.e. Mumbai, and it took us on a journey through some of the most beautiful heritage structures in South Mumbai, namely the Abode Boutique Hotel and the iconic Royal Bombay Yacht Club in Colaba, amongst others.

After a highly successful event, we set off again on a sequel to The BFT Walk, this time with an entirely different theme, i.e. how design influences the way we interact - led by founders of design firm Studio Osmosis - Shilpa and Sameer Balvally and the Vice-Chairman of Bharat Floorings, Mr. Firdaus Variava. The team at Studio Osmosis are experts at combining multiple materials to create plush, warm interiors that blur the lines between formal and informal settings. For this very reason, we invited them to join us on a walk that focussed on how multiple design elements come together to create multi-functional spaces that cater to people’s personal, professional and social needs.

Increasingly, spaces are being designed such that they enhance social interaction, especially in co-working spaces where networking plays an important role when it comes to forming professional relationships. It should be a space where members feel connected, since co-working is fundamentally about giving people access to each other. Members should be able to shift out of the professional setting occasionally so that they are making friends rather than just associates.

Our first stop as part of the walk was a co-working space designed by Shilpa and Sameer – RISE Mumbai located at Lower Parel – a co-working space by Barclays. For any given co-working space, the place itself needs to have elements that inspire creativity. Creativity is all about experimenting with different colour combinations and unique patterns, and Shilpa and Sameer have incorporated that in the design of their meeting rooms. They’ve used the quirky handmade BFT+ designer collaboration tiles, Azul Iket pattern from the Origametes collection. These patterns are derivatives of the company’s design motifs and can be seen in different accent colours throughout the space giving a local context to the otherwise global design sense.

Flexible and fixed patterns cohesively map out the different uses of the spaces in the layout. The kitchen and bar act as a social interactive space of the office area. Shilpa and Sameer designed each of these different areas so beautifully keeping the central objective of the co-working space in mind i.e. attaining a merger between their existing design language and a subtle modernist Indian essence.

Our second stop on the walk was one of Mumbai’s most iconic addresses - The World Towers. Here we had access to a beautiful private residential space designed by Shilpa and Sameer. We also got to visit some of the common spaces designed for residents of the World Towers to unwind and socialize in a comfortable, cosy setting.

These days a home isn’t just perceived as a space where you live and perform all your day to day activities, but also as an entertainment spot. It’s become a space of hospitality and living combined. For instance, the seating in the living room of the residence that we visited has been designed for flexible and fun social interactions and can be added to easily for larger groups. 

The balcony, which runs along the curve of the living room, has been converted into an outdoor bar and is the perfect outward looking social space for informal gatherings with casual colourful seating and offbeat bar counters mimicking the Mediterranean colours.

Besides the fact that this esteemed residential tower is an architectural marvel and a symbol of luxury, what also makes it an attractive choice for homeowners is the community spaces. We had the opportunity to visit the elegant art gallery set amidst carefully curated flowering plants and trees, that houses the artworks of renowned artists from around the world as well as a cafe that serves healthy beverages and snacks. Pops of colour in the décor along with comfortable seating options where residents can relax, read a book from the library, or even enjoy a stimulating conversation with friends as they sip on a cup of coffee, make this space an ideal spot for residents of this prestigious development to unwind, socialise, network, or even work in solitude!

Another highlight of our visit to the World Towers was the grand ballroom – The Sea of Blue where we got to witness the magnificent lighting design installation created by ace architect, Arjun Rathi which stands out as a distinct work of art in this beautifully designed space.

Literally next door to The World Towers is Mumbai’s most popular entertainment hub! Our third stop on the walk was Riyaaz Amlani’s newest, revolutionary concept in the city’s entertainment arena – Flea Bazaar Café located at Kamala Mills. The way the Café has been conceptualised and designed is a classic example of how multifunctionality serves as a catalyst to create a wholesome, one-of-a-kind experience for anyone who visits this eclectic space. Flea Bazar is a casual and very friendly space designed to offer something for everyone. It is also busy throughout the day making it a great choice for lunch, coffee, dinner and even drinks. Currently home to 12 food pop ups, a bar, a wine shop, a paan stall, it promises a world of entertainment and food under one roof. 

A very interesting design concept used at Flea Bazaar Café are the tables set up in front of the stage. When the venue needs to make space for dancing or performances, the tables have a simple mechanism that pull them up to the ceiling! An ingenious, space-saving solution! The venue is designed in such a way that it creates a casual vibe, acting as the perfect hangout spot for large groups. It has taken the idea of the food court to the next level by creating something that we have never seen before in India!

Finally, we concluded our journey of versatile spaces in Lower Parel with lunch at one of the most popular restaurants at Kamala Mills – The Bombay Canteen. This place is not only popular for its food but also the vibe. Classical Indian dishes served with a modern twist in an old colonial style bungalow atmosphere provide for a nostalgic experience. It’s an airy space complete with high ceilings. A combination of Bharat Floorings’ Windmill and Bell Flower patterns from the Heritage collection adds to the old school charm of the space. This multifaceted space is filled with the buzz and bustle of large family groups in the day and enthusiastic party goers out for a good time in the evening. The diversity of the menu and the casual vibe of this all-day dining restaurant makes it a popular choice among residents of South Mumbai and beyond. 

The BFT walk attendees got the opportunity to chat with Sameer and Shilpa Balvally from Studio Osmosis as well as our Vice Chairman Firdaus Variava and understand design processes at both ends; i.e. how designers and brands work together to create homes that tell a story!

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Decor trends in 2019

There’s no doubt that the new year marks a new beginning – new resolutions, new memories, new adventures, new friends, a new wardrobe, and of course, new home décor! It doesn’t take a lot to make a space feel fresh and new. It certainly doesn’t require you to change the interior design of your entire house. Layering up your space with just a couple of new trends can transform it from ordinary to striking! From bold colours to elegant decor, you are sure to find something that is in every trendsetter’s recommended list while also catering to your own personal style.
With the new year just around the corner, we thought we’d do a round-up of the five trends that we’re excited for in 2019.

1) Comfort first

The biggest trend that everyone’s talking about is comfort. When redesigning a space, the way a room “feels” is just as important as how it looks. People are always seeking comfort when designing their home. While most people spend much of their day at work or running around doing chores, when they come back home, a comfortable setting is a happy welcome! Comfort in today’s design scope goes beyond just seating and sleeping arrangements, it is also achieved using warm colours, antique wooden items and traditional patterns in the overall décor scheme.  

While pleasing aesthetics are an important part of interior design, most people also believe that the rooms in our homes should be comforting, an oasis of sorts from the stress of the outside world. Essentially it comes down to choosing comfort where you need it the most. Make comfort a priority when it comes to overtly functional items like furniture to lounge on, flooring that feels good on your feet, and fabrics.

2) Bold Walls

Primary hues such as bold yellow, reds, and bold blues are going to be a popular trend in 2019. Customers are getting a lot more adventurous when it comes to playing with colours. Try a single accent wall in a bedroom to make a bold statement. Blue has been a particularly hot colour in 2018, and it is expected to continue as one of the more popular colour trends in 2019 as well; no matter the shade, it is a calming and inviting colour for the home. It’s amazing how in this bedroom, the talented designer used the Le Mill bold pattern form the BFT+ range in blue lagoon and white to make the wall stand out, while keeping the rest of the walls subtle

3) Florals Forever

The traditional beauty of florals is unmatched. Patterns come and go but florals are forever! Some designs can never go out of style and can never go wrong when used! Just like the unconventional French Beauty pattern from the Bloom collection. Timeless and long-lasting – two words that we think describe this collection perfectly! Minimalist, vintage spaces tend to have a sleek and clean aesthetic and are therefore, evergreen!

4) All Things Terrazzo

Our love for Terrazzo knows no bounds and therefore we couldn’t be more excited that this trend from the past is coming back with a modern twist! Terrazzo is an extremely versatile material which allows its use to extend beyond flooring, walls and table tops. Terrazzo is durable, decorative, inexpensive, hard-wearing and long-lasting. But what truly makes it popular is that it’s just so beautiful! 

At Bharat Floorings, we’ve gone one step further and created a completely unique and innovative Terrazzo conversation armchair and 2-seater bench which can be used in an open space i.e. verandah area, terrace or a garden!

5)  Pattern Play

Pattern mix of any and all kind - in fabrics, tiles or rugs, matched or mismatched, pattern on pattern is a fresh spin on the more conventional style. While it may seem complicated, if done correctly it can make a style statement! 

A useful tip for those who dare to try this trend - Combining patterns that are complimentary in colour helps bring them together in an unconventional way. It’s a fantastic way to create an intentionally vibrant look that doesn’t appear messy.

We’re looking forward to these trends, some of which we’ve seen being adopted in a big way in 2018 as well. Keeping up with trends is important for us as a brand so that we can design complimentary patterns for floors that can add significant meaning to your updated décor.
Watch out for new designs, patterns, collaborations and stories that Bharat Floorings will be working towards creating in 2019!  

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Luxury Redefined!

The definition of luxury has certainly evolved over time - from excessive, to discreet and understated. Furthermore, the idea of luxury goes far beyond that of a price tag; it is associated with quality, craftsmanship, exclusivity and the uniqueness of the product. ‘Functionality, aesthetics, individuality are keys to luxury’, says famed Dutch architect, Piet Boon.

Where interior design is concerned, there is no set formula for how to produce luxurious surroundings. Luxury comes in many aspects; right from customization to details that include the finishing of the product and the choice of material you select.

When designing a luxury home, think of it as a welcome escape from the outside world where you’re constantly catering to others’ needs. It should be a representation of you - your tastes, your personality and a celebration of the people and things that you love.

Creating a luxury home concept

Building your dream home starts with an incredible construction team that has the confidence to execute the plan to meet your ultra-luxury home design target using the highest quality, energy efficient building materials.

Materials used in the foundation and framing of your home will play a pivotal role in its structural stability and longevity. Before discussing colour schemes and design elements with your interior designer, you first need to work with your builder to make sure the essential aspects of your home are addressed. It is extremely important to work with a developer who believes in quality as much as you do! When we think of quality homes, we think Isprava! A leader in high-end luxury holiday homes, Isprava is based in Goa and the Nilgiris. Nibhrant Shah the owner of Isprava quoted, “As someone who is a real estate developer, consciousness, the community and sustainability are extremely important. Buyers are a lot more aware and sophisticated; they want each piece in their home to tell a story.”

A typical Isprava home is designed by leading international designers, fully furnished with antique furniture and is maintained by a property management team on the owner's behalf. 

Once the foundation is taken care of, it’s time to move on to the fun part…the interiors! A home’s interiors need to be balanced between aesthetic design and unconditional comfort. Whether your dream home is a cosy studio or a villa, there are always ways to make it your own, to have your style and personality shine through. From bespoke flooring to elegant lighting design, from luxurious home accessories to artistic décor, every little element goes a long way in creating an unforgettable impression!

Luxury Home Design Essentials

1) Lighting fixtures can bring new life to any room in the house. It also highlights certain focal points you want guests to notice. Depending on the purpose, your lighting is likely to fall into 3 categories - ambient, task or accent lighting – a combination of which covers all your lighting needs!

2) Flooring is one of the most important components in a house! The type of flooring you select lays the groundwork for the rest of your home. When deciding on the kind of flooring, the first thing to consider is the overall look of the space! Is it contemporary or traditional?

Some useful flooring tips

Geometric patterns have a crisp, uniform contemporary feel perfect for a modern space. You can also get creative with the pattern and colours to bring visual impact to the floor.


Floral patterns, on the other hand, work wonderfully well in spaces that have vintage decor elements as they provide a classic and timeless look.

3) A new trend in villas and farmhouses these days are open-plan living spaces that create togetherness and flexibility in a home. They enlarge the feeling of the space making it look brighter and giving it an airy feel.

4) Beautiful pool spaces and gardens are the perfect relaxing spot and therefore, a quintessential part of any luxury holiday home.

5) Everyone dreams of a luxurious bathroom with amenities on par with those at your favourite spa! These include steam showers, a jacuzzi, freestanding soaking tub, and more. Your luxury home would be incomplete without these added perks!

Conscious Luxury

A growing trend amongst luxury homeowners these days is the demand for more sustainable and healthy environments, which has placed greater emphasis on knowing where and how products are manufactured, thus, fuelling a trend toward conscious living. Luxury builders tend to have much higher standards for what constitutes an environmentally friendly home and are therefore propagators of investment in energy-efficient heating systems, weather-resistant materials and building techniques that minimize energy loss. The founder of Studio Momo Gurmeet Akali believes that “anybody who is aware of context – that includes – weather, conditions, seasons, the trees around, materials used in the landscapes – can understand conscious luxury. What comes together while doing a conscious design project automatically comes into the realm of conscious luxury.”

Current design trends

Reinterpretation of trends from the past and making them more contextual to today’s times is very popular amongst designers these days. Another trend is the use of materials in their natural form, staying true to the form. Whether it’s using wood, terrazzo, fluted glass, cane work or brass, it’s about celebrating the actual characteristic of that material!

Luxury, as a concept can have many different meanings to different people. Broadly, a luxury home should be defined by its quality, style and exclusivity while keeping in mind changing lifestyles and technology, as well as environmental concerns. There’s nothing more luxurious than having a house away in the hills or on a beach; one that provides an escape from the daily hustle of life, where you feel pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

A Festive Makeover!

It’s that time of the year again! Diwali is one of the most vibrant festivals in our country. People look forward to celebrating it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Eventually, this excitement translates into enhancing your homes and décor as well! We all like to add some sparkle to our lives with fun colour combinations and playful patterns. With hectic schedules and busy lifestyles people often do not have the time to indulge in the festival. Since the festive season is upon us, here are a few simple and hassle-free tips on how to create a welcoming and comfortable festive aura! Rejoice and celebrate the season by revamping and adorning your homes with new and fresh décor elements.

There are several ways to jazz up your surroundings and to create a lively, festive vibe at your home - using scented candles, adding a pop of colour to your walls, creating statement floors, using cushion covers and bedsheets with traditional patterns and so much more!

Here are few home décor ideas that will liven up your space!

Light it up

Diwali is a festival that is all about lights and bling. So always opt for something fun and playful to dazzle up your space. Add a twist to your regular wall lamp hanging with some funky lanterns in different shapes, sizes and colours. They add a traditional touch to your festive home décor. Create a soothing vibe by adding warm or yellow lights inside your lamp. This creates a perfect festive ambience.

Lighting is an important aspect of interior design as it enhances aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambience of a living space. It can make or break the ambience of a room. Hence proper lighting is an important element when decorating your homes. Other lighting elements that add to the beauty of your space are - diyas, fairy lights and candle holders. You can decorate your window space and the entrance to your home with these pretty lights to create a warm and welcoming vibe.

Dress up your walls

Take your festive decor to the next level by adding a touch of quirkiness and vibrancy to your plain walls. Make one wall in the room stand out! If you do not want to change the wall to something bright, you can always experiment with bold prints and unique designs. Opt for wall tiles or wallpapers with traditional motifs and patterns.

Add a touch of glamour to your walls with Asian Paints’ new designer wallpaper range – Royalee Play Metallic! Make your room sparkle and shine this Diwali with this gorgeous metallic range! However, remember not to overdo it. Gold can be overpowering, so balance it out with neutral tones for the other décor elements.

Our wall claddings with Indian inspired motifs go a long way in creating that desired festive look. They come in various colours, and the designs range from plain hexagonal to 3D effect patterns. It can add an instant “wow” factor to your walls and make your festive decor really stand out!

What we love about Diwali is that it’s all about colours! At Bharat floorings, we believe that each colour is essential in making or breaking the space, each colour adds value to the decor and brings out the uniqueness of any given space.

It’s good to mix two different colours when you wish for one area to impart a bold and fun vibe, while the other area to have a more muted look to create a perfect balance between whimsical and understated. You can achieve such a look by using a contrast of bright and neutral colours within the same space.

Go floral 

A beautiful way to decorate your home is by adding floral elements. Nothing is more festive than adding fresh flowers in a traditional brass urli and placing it at the entrance of your apartment! It not only looks pretty but also gives a divine and refreshing feeling to your home! In the image below this urli is placed on the DashDashDot pattern at the entrance to create a statement look, which adds to the festive decor.

There’s something about the floral pattern that makes it a natural fit for residential spaces and a perfect choice for your festive space. Floral décor creates a cheerful vibe once added to any given space, be it your living room or bedroom décor. This design creates a perfect balance of old and new, luxurious and accessible.

If you’re opting to re-do the interiors of your apartment – tiles add a great statement, especially the floral pattern that complements the Indian festive décor vibe. One can never get tired of these spectacular, colourful floral-patterned tiles from the Heritage collection. These decorative patterns make an excellent choice for floorings, offering both beauty and durability. These beautiful patterns with intricate designs earn second looks wherever they are installed. They’re not only fun and fashionable, but they also add character.

All these décor elements play a vital role in adding that extra charm to your home this festive season. “Exquisite details make interiors sing” – Larry Laslo. Small details like the colour combinations, furniture, designs and patterns must all be in sync to make any space look lavish and rich instead of mismatched and haphazard. Your space should have a theme that your interiors should follow!

Hope this article assists you in achieving the apt festive décor for your space!

Bharat Floorings wishes you a very happy festive season!

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Thursday, 4 October 2018


“Innovation is the only way to win”, a very famous quote said by a well-known entrepreneur – Steve Jobs. Innovative and creative designs always excite us. We love to come up with different cement tiles in unique patterns that help in enhancing the look of your space and keeping it up-to-date as design trends keep changing. But a material that is so versatile and looks so good deserves to be utilized in every way possible besides just on your walls and floors! Yes, we’re talking about CEMENT.

Our love for all things cement is no secret. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we have an entire range of objects created using nothing but cement! We have a splendid range of cement objects lined up for you at Bharat floorings, each one having a unique character and story to it.

A very inspiring product range to arrange your office stationary is the desk organiser – Akshara introduced recently at Bharat floorings. Akshar is a range of cement desk objects inspired by the Devanagari script. The three letters developed currently are ई, त and फ. These objects were designed as organizers for cards and pens, but they also double up as paperweights. They make quite a statement when placed at your desk or workstation. The individual blocks can be placed as a standalone or as a group to create a rich heritage look.

Cross Weave Concrete Planters:

There’s more than aesthetics to this look: plants are believed to be good for health and help clean the indoor air. So, why limit plants only to the outdoors? A lively addition to Bharat floorings cement object collection is the “Cross Weave Concrete Planters”. The inspiration behind these beautiful cross weave planters comes from Nagaland.

Weaving is a traditional art handed down through generations in Nagaland. Each of the tribes has unique designs and colours, reflected in their striking shawls, shoulder bags, decorative spears, table mats, wood carvings, and bamboo works. Having been inspired by this traditional pattern we came up with these decorative planters. These planters are a contemporary way to display houseplants, cacti and succulents in a stylish way. They are designed to uplift your space and make it look impressive. Bringing the outside in is an interior design trend that's kicking up a storm. It's great to add a bit of greenery as it makes the space come alive! Add some instant warmth to your house by using these plant holders in soothing colours!

Tangram Fridge Magnets:

Tangram fridge magnets is an addictive puzzle consisting of dissected forms which are put together to form original shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form very specific shapes using all seven pieces, which may not overlap. It was originally invented in China a few thousand years ago. These tangram fridge magnets are fun to play with for you as well as your kids, who can learn quite a lot from them. Get these pieces to avoid the stagnant boring everyday designs. A new day, a new shape!

Candela - Tealight Candle Holder:

A gentle glow that brings a feeling of warmth to your room instantly and a great table or desk décor element – the Candela - Tealight Candle Holder.  This is designed primarily as a decorative showpiece or a candle stand. It acts as a versatile home accessory that can be enjoyed repeatedly. It is an ideal way to uplift your room décor! Don’t they look amazing? 

Vassaio – Concrete Tray:

This multi-utility tray is designed primarily as a showpiece for placing stationary, glasses, mugs or any other object. Perfect for the upcoming festive season!

Mini Tetrapods: 

The monsoon waves breaking against the land-reclaimer is one of our city’s beautiful icon. Mumbai is a city surrounded by seas and the iconic tourist attraction, Marine Drive is surrounded with a barrier, a rock shape structure that looks like Tetrapods. Inspired by this element we have scaled down this cast concrete sculpture to paperweight size just to highlight your work desk and give it a fun aesthetic, bringing Mumbai into your office and homes.

Each piece of all our cement objects are hand sanded, sealed and buffed to produce a smooth surface and to avoid scratches on the surface. Due to the handmade nature of this product, each piece may have small unique irregularities.

All these cement objects are available in different patterns and striking colours from Bharat’s colour palette. These products are handmade and finished with a sealer. 

Designing is our forte and making use of cement and producing different objects is what we love! Join us on our never-ending journey to discover new and innovative ways to use this resourceful material! Follow us on our Instagram account - @bharatfloorings and Facebook page - @BharatFloors for more updates!

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Art on your Walls!

Liven up your space with interesting additions that act as highlights! Adding tiles on your walls is an easy and stylish way to break the visual monotony of your living area. Wall Claddings are always intended to be stylistic rather than functional and, are usually designed to help accent a feature or room. Though it could conceivably cover every surface in a house or building, it’s more common to find it in just one or two key areas.

Decorative panels, wood panelling, and decorative stone and brick are always in demand, but have you ever thought of going all out and using tiles on your walls? Have a look at our wide range of stylish 3D textured wall claddings. The different ranges are - Hexar, Turkish Delight, Circle of Life, Hills and Valley and Shatkona.

The Hexar – 3D wall claddings can be laid in restaurants to highlight a bar counter area. This pattern does not only look outstanding in a bar counter area but also looks great when laid on the wall of a bedroom in playful colours available as part of our colour palette. These tiles can be placed in different ways to lend an interesting twist to interiors. Also, when playing around with contrasting colour combinations like grey and yellow or grey and blue, claddings can do a wonderful job in making your space stand out.

The Hills and Valleys tile is another avant-garde range! These wall claddings in grey, laid at Neel All Day interiors by Studio Osmosis, look stylish adding a modern touch to the contemporary, Indian fusion restaurant.
It’s important for any restaurant to make sure that the interiors of the space bring out a lively vibe by incorporating calming colours for the walls, floors, and décor, a comfortable seating arrangement, soothing lights and good music – all of which come together to create an enjoyable dining experience for the guests.

Helpful tip - a great way to make your bar counter stand out is to have lights installed underneath the bar counter to highlight the beautiful design element and quirkiness of the tiles.

These wall cladding do not necessarily have to be laid in a bar counter area but can also be laid on your dados or a small wall area above your headboard or basin wall to create out an eye-catching effect. It’s always good to experiment with new and innovative ways to keep the interiors of any space up-to-date. Why opt for the same old wall paint or wallpapers when you have a choice to select from our wide range of wall claddings. They are long-lasting and can decorate your walls instantly. Create a wonderful and spectacular optical effect on your walls while playing with light and radiating metal reflections that capture your attention.

Shatkona is the newest addition to our Wall cladding collection. It is a Gujarati translation of hexagon or a six-sided shape. In this fast-paced world where trends keep on changing, the love for tiles remains constant. This tile type stands out for its quirky six-sidedness and the pleasing pattern it creates across the walls. If your looking to make a statement on your walls these Shatkona – hexagonal tiles with different colour combinations will make a bold impression!! Elements such as furniture and home décor play an important role in creating an impression, and so does the choice of pattern you select, particularly the colour combination. All these factors should coordinate with each other to maintain the uniformity of your space, be it a villa, farmhouse, residence or a restaurant. This should be investigated while you’re planning the colour scheme and layout of your space.

The Shatkona series is a highly versatile range of wall claddings designed to produce wonderful 3-dimensional patterns once installed. The orientation of the tiles can be changed to alter the pattern created by them. The Shatkona range allows for a whole lot of iteration from designers and architects alike to produce wonderful patterns and textures on the walls. There are currently 4 distinct designs that are available for production under this range. The tiles are available in all the colours from the Bharat colour palette!

This square wall tiles - PLIEN - 3D – square wall claddings are composed of repeated three-dimensional geometries to produce versatile and strikingly beautiful textures for the wall. The four distinct designs can be produced in all of Bharat's colours and produce a variety of patterns when rotated and installed. They look amazing wherever placed. The process of designing them started off with a single cuboid and then faces of the cuboid was cut at different angles to produce distinct shapes. These shapes were then duplicated and paired as fours to form the final design of the wall claddings. There are four distinct designs that range from a subtle undulation to a dramatic texture which can be installed in various orientations.

Take the liberty to choose from our eclectic collection of wall tile designs. These tiles are stylish, beautifully embellished and of high quality which can cater to all design aesthetics. They can instantly add an upscale feel to your home, office or hotel walls. The tiles also help spaces acquire a distinct personality and mood. Walls are a good place to start if you want to uplift your interior decor.

The different claddings grab attention instantly. It’s human nature to seek something that makes us stand out from the ten others doing the same thing and these wall claddings are just the perfect choice. You can customise them the way you like by mixing and matching two designs together or placing the tiles in different directions to create a distinct look. At BFT, you can select one tile and design it in various colour combinations. We have in-house designers who will guide you to design and customize your beautiful walls. So, give your walls a decorative upgrade with Bharat Floorings and Tiles.

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Thursday, 30 August 2018


Everyone is always thinking of ways to make themselves look more presentable or to upgrade their look from time to time, but have you ever thought about your home - the space where you live and breathe every day! A very famous quote by John Saladino states that “A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.” We couldn’t agree more with this philosophy. A house is more than just a place to live and sleep. It is a space to create memories; a space where we uninhibitedly feel like we belong! Your flooring choices not only reflect your personality but also make you feel like you’ve finally ‘come home’! Speaking of upgrades, have you checked out our new Terrazzo floors? They are available in various colours and styles. They look stylish and can update your space instantly!

Terrazzo is one of the most versatile options. This application can do wonders when working towards creating your space and making it look luxurious and beautiful. Marble and stone, selected from all over the world, come together to create gracious floors that have a soft and natural glow. This range has been seen in many commercial and residential areas.

Insitu Terrazzo white base with mixed and semi-precious chips laid at a private apartment in Pune. These floors upgrade the aesthetics of the space giving it a whole new appeal. All good interior decorators will tell you that the most important aspect of decorating your home is that it reflects who you are, your personality and your style.  

The current trending option is the tessellated terrazzo floor. Our new showroom is re-done with this option by using Classic White chips, Jaisalmer Yellow Stone chips, Baroda Green Stone Chips and Sicilia Chips over the black base. In-situ is appreciated by interior designers for their eye-catching appeal. We believe that first impressions are the last, so why not create a standout look by adding vibrant colours to your space? 

You can give your space a stylish update with these floors. We have a wide range that can give your space a smart look, making the floor the focus of the room. BFT offers so many designs, colours and textures which ought to get you overwhelmed. That’s where our in-house designers come into the picture, to help you select the perfect colour combination and design to suit your overall design scheme.

We love playing with cement and making new and creative elements out of it, and that’s how we came up with the Terrazzo table tops. So, would you like to make your own personal table? We customize the table tops as per the interiors of the space to create this fancy look! The minimalist piece of furniture is built for durability and style used for indoors. This is a modern, up-cycled twist that incorporates cement and crushed coloured glass. The Terrazzo table tops are available in any shape and can be customized using different Bharat colours.

Did you ever consider the possibility of terrazzo benches? Not until now, we’re guessing! We have collaborated with La French Studio Paris - Bombay to design and create a completely unique and innovative range which is the Terrazzo 2-seater bench and a conversation armchair.

Their inspiration behind this unique product range was the fact that there was no terrazzo form of furniture available in the market and people only used wooden furniture, so they came up with the idea to create something different with terrazzo!

Since we had already collaborated with them to design the table tops and were so happy with the resulting product, we thought it would be a great idea to get them to design the terrazzo furniture too. The ideologies of the designers and BFT matched instantly as they believe that it is important to "keep experimenting with aesthetics and functionality". Thereby this innovation came into existence!
Coming to the technical aspects of it:
-          They can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
-          They can be played with respect to placing the furniture as they are delivered in slabs, so you can assemble them as a puzzle.    
-          You can also customize your own furniture at BFT i.e. use them with indoor or outdoor fabrics or change the size and colours of the chips. 

We believe that attention to detail is necessary to create a flawless, one-of-a-kind look, and place great emphasis on detail to make your space look beautiful and to create an overall tone of luxury!
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