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All about the Heritage™ Tiles- Geometric collection!

Our Heritage™ collection is a classic and has always been a favourite amongst architects and interior designers! “Equal to the world’s best” was the motto. Many princely residences were tiled by the Bharat Tiles Company for their Highnesses - the Maharajas of Bansda, Bikaner, Gwalior, Jodhpur, Kolhapur. Umaid Bhavan Palace still retains them and so do many others. Even the British could not resist using Bharat’s ‘Swadeshi’ tiles in their Governors’ houses, Universities, the Mint, and other public buildings!

Our tryst with a heritage back to the year 1999, when in order to contribute to the heritage conservation movement, we restored original moulds and processes and introduced an expanded range of pattern tiles, under the name Heritage™  tiles.

1999 also happened to be the year that the Kala Ghoda Arts festival was held for the first time, with the aim of making Kala Ghoda the art district of Mumbai and preserving its rich architectural heritage. Bharat’s Heritage™ range was re-launched at a special exhibition at the festival. Architects and interior designers were delighted to see Bharat Floorings & Tiles revive original processes to create beautiful floors that once marked India’s most cherished buildings.
Our Heritage™ Tiles are part of the Heritage Gallery & Interpretation Centre at CST Mumbai. We have also contributed to several landmark restorations; the Cathedral & John Connon School, the Salar Jung Museum and Mumbai’s oldest museum, the BhauDaji Lad Museum. Iconic buildings across the country are now being restored by India’s leading architects who invariably choose our timeless, elegant and durable Heritage™ tiles. Bharat Floorings and Tiles has received several awards from UNESCO for Cultural Heritage Conservation.
 Bharat’s Heritage™ tiles have a vast range of sub-categories classified into distinct collections based on their designs, patterns and usage. The classic Geometrique collection is part of the timeless HeritageTM collection and is one of the preferred choices amongst interior designers, architects and consumers alike.

Strong, bold lines, focused themes with definite shapes are a few key features that make the Geometrique collection a perfect choice for commercial as well as personal spaces. Be it for a bathroom or an office space, tiles from the Geometrique collection are sure to contribute to creating a stunning floor that will suit any taste or mood.

These artistic tiles need not be confined to floors and can be used on walls as well, to create a unique look and highlight a specific area. Using contrasting colours for the flooring, walls and other elements of the house creates an appeal that is both inviting and mesmerizing.

Tiles from the Geometrique collection offer various options through a combination of colour and designer patterns. Tiles from our different collections can be mixed and matched with the Geometrique collection, to create a unique look.

Tiles from the Geometrique collection have been used to create beautiful floors at various sites across the country. Here’s a glimpse at a few sites:

The Nutcracker, Mumbai-

The Sunshine pattern from the Geometrique collection has been used in shades of black, white and grey at this charming all day cafe in Mumbai. The pattern blends seamlessly into the cafe’s cosy industrial aesthetic. The combination of geometric black and white cement floor tiles and beautiful wood furniture creates a unique and welcoming setting at the cafe. Tiles in subtle colours blend perfectly with the interiors of any space. They can transform a standard, traditional space into a chic and elegant one. This is a look that works well in cafes, offices and apartments alike. 

Bangalore Clubhouse -

Creating pops of colour, sparkle and strong depth within a space is a must, especially if the style and aesthetic of the space is contemporary and modern. The colourful and vibrant Windmill and Flowers pattern used at the Clubhouse at Bangalore is elegant and timeless. The chunky Geometrique tile pattern of this design contributes to the relaxed vibe of the beautiful and charming clubhouse.

Lounge bar Loft 38, Bangalore-

The Geometric, Orient pattern used is a classy and understated fashion. While some rely on vivacious colour, others stick to good old ‘black and white’ to get the job done! The classy colour never goes out of fashion and always stays in trend. Those familiar with Bharat Floorings patterns and designs would recognise this one in an instant.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Goa –

The bar at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Goa has a cheery Sunshine Yellow Windmill™ floor designed by Nitin Parulekar (NPAPL). The pattern creates a look that’s a great balance between contemporary and vintage. This pattern is sure to have an impact on any who visits the bar and is not easy to forget.

Mayfair Group of Restaurants –

Star Pattern; Star and Stripes Pattern and Scallop border in Terracotta Red, Jaisalmer Yellow and Black from our Heritage Collection. Some bright colours to brighten up the hotel! It’s always a good idea to highlight the space with some bold colours and prints, and especially in Hotels to make the space look welcoming and attractive. The star and diamond is one pattern which is loved and recognized by interior designers. It is used in this beautifully designed restaurant at Mayfair Group of Hotels in Bhubaneshwar. The selected choice, Star and diamond pattern from the Geometrique Collection of Heritage™ tiles was a no-brainer. This pattern is an all-time favourite and can never go out of style.

Tiles from the Geometrique Collection with their rich colours and unique patterns are sure to blend beautifully with any space. Select the right pattern and colour combination and experience a transformation in your floor, making it a work of art.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A New Year, A Brand New story!

Every year we strive to outdo ourselves from the previous year by leveraging our creativity and innovative thinking to come up with brand new collections that are unique and appeal to the ever-changing and evolving design sensibilities of our amazing clients. This year shall be no exception! 2018 promises a fresh outlook with many interesting designs and patterns; however, the quality remains the same – outstanding! Here we give you an insight of what we have in store for you with our all new designer collaboration ranges drawing inspiration from the vibrant elements of nature, and even sweet confections – a whole range of mesmerizing designs and patterns that will make you go “WOW”!

The first thing is our new designer collaboration range that stirs things up and gets us excited for 2018 is the spectacular Extra Large Please collection - a collection designed in collaboration with the gorgeous Shefali Choudhrie Diwanji of StudioSCD! We are pleased to announce our new designer collaboration range “The Extra Large Please" Collection. The Macaroon and Tropical Hive tiles are beautiful and handmade which can be used in large spaces and as table tops to create good aesthetics.  They are available in a host of different colours to suit your requirements!
Macarons - “In an increasingly square world, I’m drawn to curvilinear shapes and forms which fit into any space with ease. The sensual curves of the macaron are my inspiration behind these tiles. The Macarons can be randomly placed or laid out in a repetitive pattern for a playful look. Their extra large size, in fact, helps to make smaller spaces look larger.” Shefali Choudhrie Diwanji
BFT agrees with Shefali and we collaborated with her to create these gorgeous designs. The idea and inspiration behind these large and bold tiles are to make a small space look larger which is a very important trick everyone needs to know. 

Tropical Hives- The hive or the hexagon is the quintessential shape that is prevalent in nature. Inspired by the industrious bee, the hives series celebrates the hexagon in deep and subtle tropical hues. This pattern is a new 2018 trend at the BFT store.
The tropical hives or hexagonal tiles are truly taking the world of interiors to a next level by creating an eye-catching effect. They look fantastic in an open area or a balcony even in a living room. They are the trending this 2018 and also a new range in our BFT store. It can be customized with plain tiles around the tropical hives or the hexagon pattern. The tiles are available in various colours combinations according to your choice. The design of these can be as simple as all white or could contain a complex pattern of different colours and designs. 


Aranya is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘green and bountiful forest’ making it an apt name for our next designer collaboration range inspired by God’s most beautiful creation - Nature.

The Aranya collection, a result of an exhilarating collaboration with Rohit Mankar from Parallax Design Studio, draws its inspiration from the patterns of nature in motion - the sculptural forms of a bird mid-flight, the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wings, delicate overlapping petals in a gerbera flower swaying in the breeze, and the beautiful proportions of a dragonfly. Each theme creates a sense of nature captured in motion, and when combined, the different themes come together to create a magical woodland setting. The Forest series will add that perfect touch of whimsy and nature to your surfaces. You can play around with the different motifs or use plain tiles to create a wonderful pattern, be it on your floors or walls. These various patterns are available in different colours and combinations which when mixed together create absolute magic!!!

These are just some of the beautiful designs that BFT has in store for you in 2018!! Now that you know what inspires our new collections, come check them out for yourself and discover which one appeals to your aesthetics.

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