Monday, 31 October 2016

The Festive Hangouts!

India is a land of religions and festivals. Each religion has its own significance and a traditional way of expression. Diwali is one such major festival in the country. Called as the festival of lights, Diwali marks the day when Lord Rama returned to his home city of Ayodhya after spending 14 years in exile. Festival of lights? Is it as simple as - since the entire city had been illuminated to welcome the young Prince back home, or could it be a metaphor with a deeper meaning? Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Diwali not only brightens up the neighbourhood but also our lives. It is that time of the year when celebrations are the top priority of every household. It’s time for guiltless indulgence in mouth watering sweets, delicious food and bursting crackers. All the relatives, including the cute little cousins and annoying aunties, visit each other to exchange festive greetings. All this cheerful hustle brings along happiness and leaves back memories.
In this blog article, we bring you some of the festive locations, installed with our beautiful cement tiles, within the country to celebrate this Diwali.


Mumbai is known as the economic capital of India. A large number of millionaires, industrialists, business people and ambitions entrepreneurs reside in this city of dreams, not only living life in the fast lane but altea so indulging the simple pleasures of life. What can be simpler than a cup of tea? The Taj Tea House is a small tea house café located in the suburban area of Bandra. The café is designed by Ayaz Basrai of the Busride Design Studio and have a very homely vibe to it with a combination of the Temple pattern Heritage™ tiles and Giza pattern by Bharat Floorings and Tiles. Also, the walls of the café have been decorated with the same tiles from BFT.

This is that one place where all of us must have been to at least once. It could have had been with our close friends, office gang, weekend peeps or even with a date. Social has a rustic ambiance that makes you fall in love with it on first sight itself. The naked bricked walls, the swings, old school metal chairs, wooden partitions, the ‘straight outta The Godfather’ style couches and armchairs, and the cheery medley of Heritage™ tiles by Bharat Floorings – sounds like a perfect place for modern day Diwali celebrations with a traditional, rural touch. Ayaz Basrai and the Busride Design Studio are to be thanked for a chain of these cool hangouts.

The British might have been long gone but the influence of their colonial charm can today be found at the British Brewing Company located in Palladium, Lower Parel. If you have a thing for the lighter hues and tints, patterns made by arrangement of large stones, wooden interiors with just the right use of metal, and designs that are detailed and elegant, then you are sure to fall in love with this place. Tejal Mathur has poured her heart out while designing the British Brewing Company and we are proud to be a part of it.


Bhubaneswar in the state of Odisha is home to many popular temples, Jain antiques, weaponry and indigenous pattachitra paintings. If you happen to be on a spiritual expedition this Diwali in Bhubaneshwar, make sure you pay a visit to the restaurant at Mayfair Group of Hotels irrespective of where you’re staying. The Star and Stripes Pattern and Scallop border in Terracotta Red, Jaisalmer Yellow and Black from our Heritage™ Collection will add up to your experience.

Delhi and NCR

Diwali is when all of us catch up with our near and dear ones, friends and relatives. Everyone is in a festive mood and to compromise on celebrations is something that one would not appreciate. If you have diverse food preferences then Chew is the place you should enter in your GPS. Located at the Connaught Place in New Delhi, Chew is a multi cuisine restaurant serving pan Asian delicacies. Designed by Amith Chhabra with an ambiance that complements every mood, Chews has these distinct Black and White custom made tiles by Bharat Floorings.

So you're a 'Social' person in a place like New Delhi? Never mind the city and just drop by Nehru Social located within the metro station. The vibes are sure to make you forget the world and set your mood right. The rustic charm has been a tradition developed at Socials across the country. This one is no different. The cheery medley of our Heritage™ tiles, the wooden furniture, the old school metal chairs, the typical light bulbs, etc. add value to each other and make up such likable interiors.


Sometimes it’s comforting to savour the traditional Indian preparations than to bite into something borrowed from halfway across the world. The Curry Leaf restaurant offers you an authentic Indian cuisine from all across the country in Lucknow, a place famous for its traditional rich flavours. The restaurant itself gives out traditional vibe with the Cafe Habana Pattern in Buttercup Yellow and White tactfully used by Architect Ashish Wagh of Studio Praxis while working on the interiors.


City Centre at Raipur is always full of hustle with people coming from distant places for the variety of options it provides. Diwali calls for shopping and if you happen to be in this particular mall, you might better as well check out TMC - The Music Cafe. As the name itself suggests, TMC is modern day cafe that speaks highly of music through every single element that makes up its interiors. Vivek Rathore from Salient Design Studio, Kolkata made sure everything was on point including the combination of random colour Heritage™ tiles.

City Centre at Raipur is always full of hustle with people coming from distant places for the variety of options it provides. Diwali calls for shopping and if you happen to be in this particular mall, you might better as well check out TMC - The Music Cafe. As the name itself suggests, TMC is modern day cafe that speaks highly of music through every single element that makes up its interiors. Vivek Rathore from Salient Design Studio, Kolkata made sure everything was on point including the combination of random colour Heritage™ tiles.


Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and a major centre for India's information and technology industry. The city is also known for its parks and nightlife. So if you’re in Bangalore with your relatives, mostly the cousins, who wouldn’t mind having a loud party this festive season, hop to Loft 38. Loft 38 is a hip lounge bar with an urban food menu that lifts up your spirits on any random evening, let alone the festivals. The lounge is designed by Khosla Associates with an attractive woody and rustic ambience, and a customised floor pattern in Black, White & Grey by Bharat Floorings.

Another hotspot in the high-tech city is the Indigo Live Music Bar located in the Kormangala area of Bangalore. Live music, fancy food, upbeat ambiance and the Hexagon tiles in sea blue, grey and silver grey by Bharat Floorings are a few things that will definitely catch your attention and leave behind a lasting impression.

If you are looking for a traditional dine out place this Diwali then Kasariya in J. P. Nagar is where you need to be at. Not just the food but everything about this restaurant is traditionally Indian from the moment you step inside. Elegantly carved and designed pillars and beams are one of the elements that develop the ancient Indian aura. The yellow colour tones chosen for this restaurant can easily be explained from the name Kesariya itself. The Inverlochy Pattern further adds to the decor of the restaurant. Interior credits to Dalvi Architect.


Olive Bistro in Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad is a unique place that will stun you for good. It is like a gem found in one of the most unexpected places. Located alongside serenity and filled with positive vibes, this place is a must visit if you’re in Hyderabad and planning for something memorable this Diwali. Enjoy the food, the soothing ambiance, comfy interiors and the beautiful Star and Stripe Pattern of Heritage™ tiles.


Bombay Brasserie in Chennai offers you a comfortable dining experience with flavoursome food from Tamil Nadu and the neighbouring states. The authenticity of every cuisine is maintained close to perfection. Apart from the food, the interiors designed by Payal Khanna from Aura Designs create a pleasant environment inside the restaurant. The popular cheery medley of Heritage™ tiles by Bharat Floorings is again a crucial part of the ambiance at the restaurant.

To light up your Diwali with many more locations across India visit and check out the places where we have installed our beautiful tiles. Have a happy, prosperous and safe Diwali.

Happy Diwali from Team BFT.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Japanese Art meets Indian Heritage

Japanese culture has greatly evolved with influences from Asia, Europe and North America. Is it ironic that at the same time the contemporary world has taken inspiration from ancient Japanese art techniques? Crafting techniques for ceramics and textiles have caught the attention of many art lovers and designers across the globe. It’s not just the technique or the resulting art but the combination of both that makes it so popular.

When Shonali Mahajan mentioned Shibori, we were as excited as a small child in a candy shop. Shibori is an ancient Japanese technique of producing patterns on fabric, and what we were contemplating was producing them upon cement tiles. Another challenge was being able to strike the right balance between this ancient technique and contemporary acceptance. Shonali, the founder of Studio Wodehouse, is an excellent visualiser and her work in the field of interior designing has been unquestionable. Studio Wodehouse dismantled the typical patterns into singular, more geometrical forms to create bold stamps with relevance to contemporary designs and colour palettes. Neutrals and pastels were selected to subdue the bold forms in order to allow the user to create a soft yet very modern floor canvas. Three iconic forms - the fold, the eye, and the chevron characterise the Shibori Collection. Each form has been geometrically depicted to reference some of the most common patterns that recur during the dyeing process. The simplicity of each form allows the user to also define its use and effect on the interior environment.

We took it one step further since Shibori, like other Japanese arts, is not just about the outcome but also about the process. Bharat Floorings and Studio Wodehouse teamed up with Node Workshops (co-founded by Shonali Mahajan, Khushboo Parekh and Shweta Kaushik) to organise a workshop where people who shared our enthusiasm and love for art techniques were invited to be a part of the collective process of creating Shibori patterns. To keep it as authentic as possible, careful attention was paid to details, like the quality of the dye and characteristics of the cloth used. All the participants were provided with materials and professional guidance under Shibani Shetty and Shonali Mahajan. Each bind, stitch, fold and twist results in forming different patterns. Different techniques within Shibori were explored to achieve elaborate patterns.

Just like Shibori and other Japanese arts being more about the process, crafting the Shibori Tiles for the BFT+ Range was an equally enriching process and not just about manufacturing new patterns. Like they famously say, “joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it”.