Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Luxury is in the details!

“Luxury is in each detail”- a famous saying by Hubert De Givenchy, that we at Bharat Floorings and Tiles can relate to entirely! Attention to detail is necessary to create a flawless, luxurious look. At Bharat floorings, we put great emphasis on each and every detail to make your space look beautiful and to create an overall tone of opulence! Interior design is all about having fun and playing with different designs and patterns no doubt, but it’s also important to know which design works well with what colour combination. Sometimes it is okay to opt for simple elements - furniture or decor to make your space look classy. Or, if one part of the house or restaurant is highlighted with a bold colour or print, keep the rest of the space neutral and plain. It’s important to create a focal point that gives your room that “WOW” factor. Luxury is all about making a space stylish and timeless!

Any space should reflect the grandeur, personal taste and aesthetics of the house itself. BFT believes that the client is the author who writes the story of their own homes. This story is built upon the elements i.e the décor that helps to build your beautiful home. We are here to help you transform your house into your dream home, by playing with different colours, patterns, textures and shapes, to make your space look luxurious and elegant. We also have in-house designers who can help you transform your space and make it look absolutely stunning. Elegance defines the personality of the space and makes the space look welcoming and warm.

The main aim of Bharat Floorings is to make sure we provide the best of quality and services to our customers, leaving their experience memorable. We make sure that our tiles are carefully crafted with every detail looked into microscopically so that the spaces where they are used exude a classic charm and timeless elegance. Each tile at BFT is made by hand, which is why no two tiles look alike, creating a unique illusion on the floors.

You can also create your own tiles at BFT, by mixing and matching different colours and patterns together. By using fun colour combinations and placing the tiles differently, you can make your own unique pattern. Various designs and colour combinations can be played with to create something distinct! At BFT, we transform your ideas into reality and make sure that your personality reflects in your flooring choices too!

“Deewanji Ni Haveli” -
The city of Ahmedabad is endowed with a rich architectural heritage that is vital to the local identity and continuity of the place. BFT is proud to be associated with the city has helped in the restoration of one of Ahmedabad’s prized possessions - the “Deewanji Ni Haveli”. The 250-year old Deewanji Ni Haveli is a wooden icon intrinsic to the 606 -year-old of Ahmedabad. The design scheme manages to strike the perfect balance of old and new, luxurious and accessible. This restoration project features some of the most popular tiles from Bharat Floorings - Heritage™ range. Various patterns from the Heritage™ collection have been utilized to add to the splendour and grandeur of this beautiful Haveli. The seamless heritage patterns with bold colours create a grand look and bring out the desired effect; it is a look that later became an integral part of the Haveli.

Private Farmhouse in Lonavala –
This private farmhouse is such a great example of a super exclusive luxury home that’s nothing less than a work of art. The perfect blend of colour & design form an integral part in making this space look luxurious as well as cosy. The decorative handmade cement tile creates a carpet look in a smart and stylish way which adds a bit of character to the interiors. The interior of this farmhouse is a perfect example of blending two opposites together. The combination of simple & pretty floral patterns works brilliantly together to create a splendid space. This is a classic example of classy and modern floor art.

BFT showroom, Mumbai –

The hexagonal pattern is a new trend this year and has been a preferred choice. It can give depth to your floor and can make your space look warm yet grand at the same time. This customized hexagonal pattern looks very artistic. These black beauties are specially made to tailor Hexagonal tiles with metal inlays and add life to every project. They are incredibly versatile and can give an extravagant look to your space. These tiles are laid at the Bharat Floorings showroom, Mumbai in combination with the Cast-in-Situ Terrazzo tiles with big marble chips which add character and offer an artistic flair.

Private Villa in Goa -

There are several luxury properties done by the developer – Isprava in Goa, using the heritage-rich Bharat Floorings tiles to maintain and preserve the overall look and feel of the place. We love designing beautiful and rich looking spaces, and it was a great opportunity to collaborate with this talented developer. We looked into each and every detail of the interiors to make the space look uniform! Every tile selected for Villa Azul was carefully picked to create a lasting effect and maintain the original look of the Vila. Every tile used in this space is from the classic and rich Heritage ™ collection. Every room has a different layout and interiors, but the designer – Studio MoMo made sure that the uniformity of the interiors stays the same by selecting similar colours that compliment all the rooms. This beautiful villa at Goa is one of the many milestones achieved by those involved in the creation of this amazing luxury home.

All good interior decorators will tell you that the most important aspect of decorating your home is that it reflects who you are, your personality and your style. This is why we bring you the most important solution to solve your design problems i.e CUSTOMIZATION…

You can customize your tiles by logging into our Floor IT app on the website - https://www.bharatfloorings.com/floorIT.html, to create your own artistic and creative patterns. This app is very simple to use, you can watch our step by step tutorial on how to use this application easily. After the flooring is created you can save the image on the website or send it to us, so that we can connect with you to take things further. Interiors is all about playing with different colours and patterns and creating a unique and innovative space. So, it’s very important to come out of that nutshell and start creating your own beautiful spaces!!

To know more about our product and services - https://www.bharatfloorings.com

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Design in our DNA!

DESIGN AND INNOVATION are the two pillars for a unique and extraordinary space that is truly eye-catching. Bharat floorings is a full-fledged design house that provides services of the utmost quality to our consumers, giving you the opportunity to create your own unique tiles. We, as a company believe in evolving and growing, just like your homes need to! It’s always good to be up-to-date with the current trends and designs. All our designs at Bharat floorings are 100% original, keeping with the new trends in the field of interior design. Flooring is a major surface in your home. It takes up a lot of square footage and is an important design element to pay attention to because it sets the tone for everything else.

We collaborate with like-minded designers and creatives to develop exciting contemporary floor art to give your floors a luxurious and modern look. The resulting pieces of art are collectively known as the BFT+ range and, here are some of the spectacular results of these successful alliances:

We tied up with Rohit Mankar to design the beautiful pattern inspired by the elements of nature - flowers, butterflies, dragonflies – the ARANYA collection. Shafali Choudhrie Diwanji designed the EXTRA LARGE PLEASE collection – MACARON - inspired by the sensual curves of the macaroon; TROPICAL HIVES - inspired by the industrious bee.

We associated with Tania & Sandeep Khosla for the DASHDASHDOT Collection - inspired by the elemental properties of geometry, from lines (dashes) and circles (dots). A unique design ‘A-R-M-S’ designed by Sameer Kulavoor inspired by the ’Art deco’ architecture and ’typography’ of classic South Bombay is another offering in this range. There’s also the Japanese Line designed by Sian Pascale inspired by the ideas in the book ’In Praise of Shadows’.

Additionally, the Origametes pattern designed by The Busride Design Studio is inspired by the ancient Japanese art of folding papers which gives it a 3D look. The AVB BESPOKE collection has been designed by Alice von Baum and is inspired by all that one sees and experiences. The Le Mill collection designed by Aurélie De Cort draws inspiration from the alleyways and public spaces of Aurelie's home country of Belgium. The Shibori Tiles designed by Studio Wodehouse is inspired by the forms, patterns and lines created by the unique process of Shibori.


At Bharat Floorings, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our customers have only the best experience and the chance to witness the full extent of our creativity. We would like our customers to get exactly the kind of floor that they envision. To help our customers, we offer special one-of-a-kind design services at nominal fees.

Customers can either sit with our in-house designers to decide on colours as well as layouts for their floors, or if they are unable to do so, they can email the drawings to us, and our designer and sales force can help you with the layout process. The layout process may be a little longer so we recommend you to come a little prior to getting your beautiful floors customized.
Once a layout has been finalised and the customer is satisfied with the end result, the quantities of various tiles can be removed from the AutoCAD drawings and the order can be made. The whole process typically takes some time, so customers are requested to budget for this when planning the timelines of their projects. Replicating the exact shades is never possible, so we recommend that you order extra tiles and store them for future needs. They just need a little space to stack.


If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your space, polished cement tiles by Bharat floorings can fulfil that desire. Another innovative service offered by the company is the ability to design your own tile.

As part of this service, customers can give us pictures or drawings of their designs, and these are converted through our processes into the actual tile. Samples can be made for approval and then once the design is finalised production can begin. This is often a lengthy process, but the end result is something unique!

Cement is incredibly durable. The cement tiles at Bharat floorings can last up to 60 to 70 years if used and maintained properly. Vibrant colours and mesmerizing patterns are hallmarks for today's tiling designs. It’s always a good idea to play with colours and bold patterns to give a distinct look to your space.

We have our specialized authorised contractor that is - Group Company Gaaia Contractors who has been at the forefront of professionally managed quality civil contracting works. Gaaia Contractors offers turnkey services for all your contracting needs. In the past, our projects for organisations like Air India, Essar and LIC; in thermal power plants for NTPC, BEST, and BSES; in public buildings like Birla Temple (Revdanda) have helped build our reputation.

Today, our work can be seen in the head offices of Western Railway, Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the TATAs (Bombay House); in organisations like Hindustan Lever, ICICI (Bandra Kurla Complex) and Grey Worldwide; in co-operative housing societies Maker Towers and Woodlands; in public buildings like Salar Jung Museum (Hyderabad), Tata Memorial Hospital, World Trade Centre and Jindal Mansion; in various projects for L&T ECC and Shapoorji Pallonji; and in residences, bungalows and farmhouses of prominent people.

We recommend them as they know exactly how to bring out the shine of the cement tiles!

At Bharat Floorings, we believe in transforming your space with our wide range of striking, vivid and unconventional cement tiles and concrete applications. These tiles can do wonders when working towards recreating your space and making it look remarkable. There is nothing that can be generally categorized as the ‘best design’, it’s all about experimenting with different patterns and styles according to your individual preference to create the best design for YOU!