Thursday, 1 June 2017

A Splashy Affair

Monsoon is fast approaching and soon the city will be all drenched, for some with the splashes of joy while for others with the mean drool of nature. Either ways, it’s all going to be wet and slippery all over again. Some people pull out their least favourite clothes to wear, with their raincoats or umbrellas, out of the closet. Some people simply choose to enjoy the drops running down their skins. As everyone gears up to battle the rains, Bharat Floorings too uncovers the non-slippery outdoor range of tiles.

In the early nineteenth century, Bharat Floorings introduced Stilan®, a range of non-slip heavy duty tiles. Believed to be made using ingredients next to diamonds in hardness, these tiles have an incredible and unmatched history. The Stilan® tiles have been used across many Central Railway and Western Railway platforms. India’s busiest railway station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or commonly abbreviated as CST, has them installed where lakhs of commuters walk every day. Existing there for over fifteen years now, it provides a silent testimony of their unmatched strength and beauty. Most of Mumbai’s textile mills that existed before Phoenix Mills arrived used the Stilan® tiles for their shop floors. Soon the factories, warehouses and compounds of Hindustan Lever, TELCO, Jindal, Raymonds, and many others were floored with Stilan® tiles. They are also used by some of the most prestigious and elegant buildings across India including the historic Flora Fountain in south Mumbai. For a more contemporary example, the Stilan® tiles have also been installed at the platforms of the Mumbai Metro stations.

With monsoon just around the corner, durability and grip is one major concern amongst people. Be it a place of commercial, private or public commute; some tragic and otherwise funny accidents often happen while the floor is wet and slippery. Bharat Floorings to the rescue! Often seen in parking lots, around swimming pools and other areas with chances of water spillage, the Stilan® tiles are ideal; or rather perfect, in order to prevent such incidents. So watch your step! 

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