Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A colourful & playful space in GOA – Hotel Mateus!!

This is about our journey of bringing to life a 100-year old mansion in paradise land, Goa. Hotel Mateus is a restored Portuguese mansion, built in 1879, nestled within the boutique and restaurant-lined area of Fontainhas, Panjim. New York-based Architect, Jonathan along with Isla Van Damme, Belgium born interior designer has transformed this dilapidated mansion into a high-end boutique hotel. The original old world elegance has been retained and mixed with a splash of new and modern amenities to create a luxurious stay away from home, with stylish and contemporary interiors.  It is a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel in Panjim!

A Restaurateur, Fashion designer, Interior stylist, and Hotelier Isla Van Damme, who prefers to go by Loulou is the woman responsible for the beautiful interiors at this historic hotel. Her wealth of experience and creative approach has led her work to be featured in many magazines. Her designing style is very unique and highly innovative. She never settles for less. She constantly thinks out of the box and her style is a mix of east and west, contemporary and vintage, mixing each form and creating her own different style. And, therefore, it is no surprise that BFT was her preferred choice for this restoration project!

While designing Hotel Mateus, her plan was to design it in such a way that makes guests feel warm & welcome as soon as they step in, while getting them straight into vacation mode. BFT tiles have been used in this space to bring out the bright and colourful feel. Each tile has been customized as per the interiors by mixing and matching various patterns from different collections to create beautiful designs. Loulou handpicked various BFT tiles in different colours and designs for areas ranging from the corridor to the bathrooms, to compliment the old world elegance and charm of the hotel.

The Shamrock pattern from the Heritage™ Collection used in a bathroom in shades of White, Sicilia and Chocolate is one of the unique designs at BFT. It gives a vintage vibe to the bathroom. The neutral and beige colours in the floral pattern are an artistic form of expression in the given space. Small intricate designs used on the walls along with the bold flooring can do wonders as you can see below.

The trends are changing and designers are opting for bold patterns to make any space stand out. The Persian carpet pattern from the Heritage™ collection used in another bathroom in Mateus Hotel looks absolutely stunning. This pattern is placed differently and in a creative manner resulting in an all-new design which gives the space a distinctive look! Using bold designs is a form of art when mixed well with the right colour tone. Today’s interior trends are not restricting you to use tiles only on the floor, but also on the walls to highlight a specific area. Restricting yourself to a certain trend is never what designing was meant to be about. Designing is about going all out and making that a trend! That’s when you end up with a space that truly stands out from the crowd.

Why opt for the same old clichéd ways to re-do your bathroom? It’s your space, so go all out and make it your favourite spot of the house. The flooring lightens up the entire space. It is very important to select the right colour combination for your tiles to create the desired effect. Lighter colours can enhance the space instantly as compared to the darker colours. The Windmill pattern from the Geometrique collection used on the walls of this bathroom in shades of Sunshine yellow, white and buttercup looks spectacular. Another bathroom has the Le Mill pattern from the BFT+ Range. We cannot take our eyes off this one!  BFT offers an endless range of tiles, from the Heritage collection to the designer collaboration BFT+ range. With the perfect combination, they transform a boring bathroom space into the best space in the entire house! These patterned wall tiles add a stunning contrast to the simple and plain flooring tiles.

Each bedroom at Hotel Mateus has its own mood and design so that each time you stay here you get a different feel. The bedrooms have been given a contemporary and modern look after remoulding this Heritage hotel. By adding dark and distinct colours with minimalistic flower design patterns brings out the beautiful charm of this room giving it a cosy feel.  The floral designs at Bharat floorings are one of our oldest designs, and the fact that they are still used widely shows how timeless they are.  Having small and intricate designs in the shade of blue and white keeps your mood calm and, needless to say, reminds you of the fact that you are in Goa. 

The bright yellow colour along with the brown hexagonal tiles used in the dining area gives it a bright, young and peppy look making it a happy space for guests joining in for lunch, dinner or breakfast. The diamond and the hexagonal pattern is an ideal choice for commercial as well as personal spaces. These designs are classic and can never go out of style. The interiors give a very warm and comforting vibe making it a perfect holiday home to stay in. The brown hexagonal tiles used in the family dining area goes wonderfully well with the vintage vibe that the hotel exudes.

Like you can see in the images above, Loulou used some stunning bright colours in a very smart way to achieve the perfect balance of subtle and bold at the same time. Each space compliments the other to create a sacred haven for tourists and frequent travellers!

It is such a pleasure to work with amazing designers who have a well-defined vision for their project and like to push the boundaries of creativity to come up with something truly awe-inspiring. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this restoration project in Goa. It was a great experience working with a gem of a person and creating this beautiful holiday home!

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

An Innovation to your Furniture!

Cement based micro toppings can be used indoors and outdoors to provide a clean canvas for decorative treatments such as stain, dyes, textures and stencilled patterns. With virtually unlimited design options and quick installation time, micro-cement floors can turn any space into a vibrant and beautifully designed area.

Originally this micro-cement application is supposed to be used on the floor but now you can use them on furniture to make the space stand out.
Micro cement applications are designed to be overlaid on top of an existing floor or furniture, thus preventing the need to rip out the existing floors or furniture material and waste valuable time and money.
Micro–cement clad can create an interesting look in most homes. This micro-cement has to be done on bison board or on ceramic or on stones. Micro-cement is an ultra-thin-layer compound, for finishing floors, walls, and even furniture, often with decorative texture. It is so beautiful that it can transform your space instantly. Micro cement comes in various colours and finishes. Typically, the floor will exhibit the kinds of shade variations as seen in a normal cement floor. It is great to create vintage furniture and to give your home a distinctive look. This furniture will surely not disappoint you and will make you go “WOW” once it’s ready.

During the installation process, the material is towelled onto the floor and left to set. The floor will exhibit the marks of the trowel as well, and these marks can be used to make artistic patterns if required. Any micro-cement floor is only a few millimetres thick. Therefore, the substrate or floor below is most important. The flatter and more even the floor below is, the better the outcome of the micro-cement floor. Micro cement floors typically have very few cracks. However, since the coatings are only a few millimetres thick, cracks can appear for a variety of reasons, mostly to do with the base floor or other environmental factors. Micro cement floors are seamless floorings, so patchwork or piecemeal repair of the floor is not feasible. It is always better to wait till all other civil work is over to avoid chances of damage to the floor. A micro-cement floor would typically be the last or second last item to be completed.

This application cannot be used on marble or on any other material. It is very similar to the flooring.  Micro-cement furniture is the ideal solution if you’re looking for a modern look, affordability, low maintenance and durability. This micro-cement application looks stunning on any piece of furniture. A new trend in 2018, we’re really excited for this one. The grey colour furniture looks sleek, simple and stylish.

Different Finishes of Micro-cement application:

Thin Finish Stamped Overlay, Spatter Texture or Knock Down Finish, Thin Finish IPS Overlay, Wooden Effect Stamped Overlay, Broom Finish or Brick Finish Overlay, Thin Finish Stained Overlay. Out of these, the Stain and the IPS overlay can be done on Furniture. All the applications look great and give a modern and contemporary feel to the space once ready! Customization for using various colours is available according to the interiors of your space. The various colours are Palomino, Dessert Beige, Dark Platinum, Chocolate, Charcoal, Graphite, Sangria, Brick, Forest Green and many more.You can mix and match these colours and use them in beautiful combinations.

The micro-cement application has been a major trend and interior designers love using them in their projects. It gives a rugged and bold look which will transform your simple space instantly. You can see them used in many restaurants and offices. These overlays are becoming increasingly versatile. They can be used internally and externally. It’s is a great option for those looking for a hard wearing cement aesthetic to floors, walls and furniture. How beautiful are these patterns??

This application creates a stunning look for your furniture. It is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on if you’re redecorating your house. For more micro-cement details and floors, you can visit our website -