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Let’s Design!

India Design ID came into existence with the thought of bringing together creative minds from across the country under one roof to showcase their ideas and make design more accessible to the masses. Initiated by Ogaan Media, India Design ID is organised every year in the month of February in New Delhi. It provides a pragmatic platform for both, upcoming and established, architects, interior designers, product designers and décor enthusiasts to display their work and be updated of the ongoing trends. In addition to India Design ID, mini events like ID Exhibit, ID Symposium and ID Satellite contribute to the same purpose on a smaller yet equally popular scale.

2017 saw the fifth edition of India Design ID with names like Elle Décor and Asian Paints associated to it. Like every year, Bharat Floorings was a part of it fuelled with pride and excitement. And design being the centrality of the event, Bharat Floorings, also known for its innovative and unconventional designs, has always been a popular name at India Design ID. The two recently unveiled collections by Bharat Floorings, Made in India and DashDashDot, found themselves a place at the event. Alongside them was a white cement Terrazzo Table top with Red Aventurine and Red Jasper stone chips, and the signature Pink, Red & Verona Red chips, rested on a powder coated MS (Mild Steel) table stand in Matte Black. The table was complemented with cement products like candle stand and a cement tray. The Bharat Floorings and Tiles stall was an embodiment of sterling designs created in cement. Designers and architects from long and far made it a point to visit the BFT stall at the India Design ID.

India Design ID not only serves the purpose of showcasing talent from across the country but also encourages them to collaborate with each other and contribute to the evolution of interior designing. Many brands and individuals came together and merged their concepts to create something more beautiful and artistic. Bharat Floorings and Tiles, in a collaborative effort with Fabrichaus by Atmosphere, came up with an interesting furniture set that included a beautiful cement table set amidst a concrete sofa and a chair. Some other products like the Plain Tiles with Fern Acid staining, the Japanese Line by Sian Pascale from the BFT+ range and Dark Blue Terrazzo Tiles with Glass Chips share space at the Asia Paints Colour Next Pavilion at the India Design ID.

Like every year, India Design ID 2017 was an extravagant event to kick start the year on artistic notes. For those who couldn’t be a part of the event, follow up on our social media pages for a glimpse of it and make sure you don’t miss it the next time.


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