Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Monsoon Decor Trends!

Our favourite time of the year is here, and while everyone is either talking about how mucky or dirty it is, we can’t help but enjoy the earthy scent in the air, those steaming cups of chai on rainy days, curling up in bed with our favourite book and all those other cosy, heart-warming moments associated with the monsoon! Of course, what’s most important is the setting in which we enjoy these experiences!

It’s not necessary to revamp the entire house from scratch during this season, but adding some vibrant décor elements can really do a lot to make your space monsoon friendly.
Here are some tips to glam up your decor while you enjoy the monsoons:

A Floral Touch:

What better way to enjoy the monsoons indoors than with some pretty planters to give you company! Lively and fragrant flowers in a plethora of colours juxtaposed against a dull wall, can uplift the mood and add some vibrancy to the interiors as you can see in this space designed by Studio Osmosis.

Embracing the outdoors 

Don’t let the grey skies dampen your spirits! Turn your terrace or patio into a cheerful and colourful spot where you can enjoy a hot cuppa while you gaze out at the rain! Revamp your space by giving it a brand-new look, adding bold, pop-coloured furniture or printed cushions, flowering plants, a hammock, and classic flooring, making it the ideal spot to relax and unwind!

Sheer love: 

While decorating your home in the monsoons, using sheer curtains is the best way to allow enough natural light to enter the room. They are the easiest and most cost-effective way to give your room a soft, bright, airy feel.

The season can also make your interiors smell musty and stale; so, you'd want to be able to pop open the windows a little to let the cool breeze in. For this purpose, light and gauzy curtains do not interfere with air circulation the way heavier silk and velvet curtains do. Light curtains and minimalistic décor, for example, patterned flooring, sleek furniture look elegant and provide a cosy setting for the monsoons.

Fight mucky smells

Adding some organic scented candles or room diffuser/ essential oil is always a good idea to impart a pleasant and welcoming fragrance within your space! Different scented candles with mild fragrance help to fight the mucky smells and the aroma helps soothe the senses.

Colour me pretty:

While the monsoons are generally associated with dullness and gloominess, your home décor can offset this with the use of bright, happy colours. To brighten your living room, you may choose colour options for your flooring and furniture in shades of red, blue or even yellow! For a playful look, adding printed cushions, books and a touch of greenery is the way to go. 

You can also add some funky and vibrant mats in your house. It’s essential to decorate your home with some monsoon-friendly accessories that make your home bright and striking. 

Light the way:

When the sky is dull and gloomy outside artificial lighting is the way to lighten up your space. Adding artistic lamps can amp up your room instantly as you can see in the image below! Trendy table lamps and floor lamps in geometric shapes attribute a contemporary decor style. Lighting plays a key role in creating a comfortable and cosy feel. Make sure your space is lit well to set the mood.

While you battle the grey skies, gloomy rooms and musty smells, we hope that these décor tips will help enliven your home!

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