Monday, 21 January 2019

How trendy office decor impacts business!

Office décor has never played as important a role in the success of a business in the past as it does today. With employees spending more and more time at the workplace, a well-designed office increases employee morale, productivity, efficiency and motivation. Today, good office design is vital to both employees and customers alike. For customers, good office design sets the tone for business and tells a story about the brand, professionalism, and success. And, so it is safe to say that your office décor plays a critical role in keeping your employees happy and customers interested in what you have to offer. Hence, you need to give it considerable thought at the beginning itself to ensure your design scheme is well aligned with the company’s philosophy.

Here are some of the key trends that are likely to have the most immediate and significant influence on workspaces.

1) Lighting -
When your office space acts as a storefront as well for potential customers, it is vital to design a visually attractive space to gain the customer's attention. Lighting can be a crucial component in this regard. It has a direct impact on sales and customer experience.
Lighting is one of the most important factors in creating an eye-catching effect.

It’s important to add bright lights right above a product shelf to create visibility, and soft warm lights in the reception area for the visitors to feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s the small things that make for a rewarding shopping experience.

2) Importance of clean design -

Good design and good business go hand in hand and it’s important to keep that in mind while designing the interiors of any workspace. A well-planned workspace which includes the layout of the space, decor and colour scheme demonstrates a firm’s commitment to the goal of fostering a healthy work environment that inspires individuals to produce their best work. One way to accomplish this is to use neutral colour schemes like shades of blue and grey as you can see in the image below. If you're opting for patterned and colourful tiles, go for relatively minimalistic furniture and office décor to prevent the space from looking too cluttered!

The colours, patterns and décor around us all influence our moods and brain function.So choosing the right colours and decor for your workspace can affect employee productivity. While designing an office or a creative co-working space, stick to minimalism, too much of anything can lead to distractions. The days of the dark, rigorous and serious offices have moved on to the new concept of greater work happiness, helping individuals to be more creative and productive.

Tip – The colours blue and yellow have been proven to have a good impact on productivity and creativity.

3) Breakrooms & Comfort zones -

To bring out creativity and to keep your employees motivated for the overall success of your business, it is essential that they enjoy some leisure time in between their professional commitments; for this reason, it is important to design a break room or common areas where employees can unwind and enjoy some downtime.

Few tips for designing this space –

- It can be colourful and lively with cosy cushions and chairs
- Can have a music system

- A big TV

- Few games such as foosball, cards and board games

Having these relaxed zones in offices really helps rejuvenate your employees physically and mentally so they can deliver the best results.

4) Bold Patterns -

The days of plain, single-solid coloured floors are in the past. Evocative, abstract patterns and geometric forms are making their way into the hallways, meeting rooms, and lobbies of offices everywhere.

You can create such an environment by using colour intensity to make spaces feel brighter. Lighter colour tones along with bold patterns can increase the amount of natural light reflection inside a room. Keeping your space open and prone to lighting plays a fundamental role in the office. While it is vital to provide adequate light to be able to perform tasks efficiently, it can become a key factor in creating vibrant atmospheres depending on the company needs and the image they want to convey.
Strong, bold lines and direct, focused themes with definite shapes are some key features that make the Geometrique and Heirloom Collection a perfect choice for commercial spaces.

The Phantom Office is a creative workspace located in the heart of Mumbai. The team believes in creativity and innovation and they incorporated the same ideas in the interiors of their office by opting for the bold 3D pattern from Bharat Flooring’s Heritage™ Range in shades of yellow and grey.

Desk décor elements

Your office desk says a lot about you. It is an extension of your personality. Accessorize it with our splendid range of cement objects, each one having a unique character and story. 

From paper stands to planters we have it all. They act as a great desk décor option and can instantly lift your boring desk.

The office world is adapting more and more to the current needs of employees and visitors, and the promotion of motivation and creativity is a key objective that is being reflected in the office environment. A comfortable and well-designed office space guarantees a productive and healthy work environment, which eventually leads to the success of any organization.

Stay constantly updated on the latest trends with Bharat floorings!

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