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Classic ways to style your Hexagonal Tiles!

Design can be art, Design can be aesthetics, Design can be simple… This brings us to our classic Hexagonal tiles, which are an incredibly versatile pattern. From creating a quirky look to giving your space a luxurious feel, this pattern can do wonders!

This pattern forms a pleasing geometrical illusion, and in recent times the six-sided pattern is taking over the design world. You can use it in a single colour or multiple colours, or even with motifs thrown in. Any which way, hexagonal tiles can add depth to your floor design. Hexagonal tiles made by Bharat Floors are authentic replicas of the tiles made during the Minton era. Beginning with the smallest size of 10x10cm, Bharat has over time added the sizes of 15x15cm and 20x20cm to their range as well. Initially, this geometric six-sided hexagonal pattern was only available in one colour, but with the recent trend of exploring and coming up with new patterns, we came up with interesting variations to our range of hexagonal tiles. We played with the colour combinations, used the metal inlay to create a rich luxurious look and even created designs within the tile.

These tiles are great for creating an eye-catching wall or floor design in your home, restaurant or any given space without having to commit to bold patterns or colours.

Here are some ways as to how you can style the trendy hexagonal tiles-

1) Opt for illusion -

Creativity has no limits when it comes to this six-sided pattern! Our in-house designer experimented with this shape and created an elongated version – KONA, inspired by the possibilities created using geometric shapes and angles. The latest addition to our hexagonal range, these designs can be produced in all of Bharat’s colours and can be laid out in a variety of patterns when rotated and installed to create an illusion. The hexagonal tiles are a trendy pattern and can be used in commercial or residential areas. They also stand out well in a smaller room or in a powder area wall in different designs and patterns.

Our unique range of Elongated hexagonal tiles creates complex patterns across walls and floors. These designs particularly capture the eye and the imagination.


They are fun, playful and add an artistic effect to your floors or walls once laid. Not only can you customize the colours but the look as well, by using a different layout or tile orientation.


Create a style statement in your home with this pattern from the elongated hexagonal range. Right on trend – this pattern gives your home a concentric design and adds a 3D effect which helps you to achieve that striking look.


This tile creates the perfect illusion for larger spaces with minimum décor and can be used in subtle or solid colours depending on the design and colour scheme of the space.

2) Use of different colour combinations - 

Hexagonal tiles offer great scope when you want to play with different colour combinations! One of the easiest ways to style a hexagon tile in your living room to create a sophisticated look, is to decorate the rest of the room in light, neutral colours and add a contrasting dark and playful colour to the hexagon floor, so that it creates a statement and the rest of the space doesn’t end up looking too loud.

You can customize your tiles by selecting any colour from Bharat’s colour palate. If you want to use two colours, make sure both the colours compliment each other, for example, one colour can be subtle like silver and one can be bright like a Jaisalmer yellow so that it doesn’t look gaudy. You can also use shades of the same colour to give your space a renewed look!

3) Create statement walls -

Let your walls do the talking! Liven up your space with interesting additions that act as highlights! Another way to use hexagonal tiles is by styling them on your walls. We have a hexagonal range called Shatkona - the newest addition to our Wall Cladding collection and Hexar.

Hexagonal is one of the most naturally occurring shapes in nature. Now you can use these tiles on your walls as they are available as part of our wall cladding range. This tile type stands out for its quirky six-sidedness and the pleasing pattern it creates across the walls.
If you’re looking to make a statement on your walls these Shatkona and Hexar hexagonal tiles will make a bold one!

These patterns can highlight dados, bedroom headboards, or even your dressing room wall instantly. They are an easy and fashionable way to break the visual monotony of your living area and can also be used to highlight a bar counter area.

4) A stylish dado arrangement -

Get creative with your layout and use hexagonal tiles on the lower part of your i.e. the dado area. The honeycomb effect will surely make your space pop with joy. When designing your dado, decorate half the area with hexagonal tiles and the remaining half with plain tiles to create a contemporary feel. If you have a neutral themed space, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a pop that will create a focal point.

Feeling inspired to use these trendy hexagonal tiles? Browse our vast range of hexagonal tiles and add a touch of modernity to your space instantly! Check out our patterns on – www.bharatfloorings.com

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