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Art on your Walls!

Liven up your space with interesting additions that act as highlights! Adding tiles on your walls is an easy and stylish way to break the visual monotony of your living area. Wall Claddings are always intended to be stylistic rather than functional and, are usually designed to help accent a feature or room. Though it could conceivably cover every surface in a house or building, it’s more common to find it in just one or two key areas.

Decorative panels, wood panelling, and decorative stone and brick are always in demand, but have you ever thought of going all out and using tiles on your walls? Have a look at our wide range of stylish 3D textured wall claddings. The different ranges are - Hexar, Turkish Delight, Circle of Life, Hills and Valley and Shatkona.

The Hexar – 3D wall claddings can be laid in restaurants to highlight a bar counter area. This pattern does not only look outstanding in a bar counter area but also looks great when laid on the wall of a bedroom in playful colours available as part of our colour palette. These tiles can be placed in different ways to lend an interesting twist to interiors. Also, when playing around with contrasting colour combinations like grey and yellow or grey and blue, claddings can do a wonderful job in making your space stand out.

The Hills and Valleys tile is another avant-garde range! These wall claddings in grey, laid at Neel All Day interiors by Studio Osmosis, look stylish adding a modern touch to the contemporary, Indian fusion restaurant.
It’s important for any restaurant to make sure that the interiors of the space bring out a lively vibe by incorporating calming colours for the walls, floors, and décor, a comfortable seating arrangement, soothing lights and good music – all of which come together to create an enjoyable dining experience for the guests.

Helpful tip - a great way to make your bar counter stand out is to have lights installed underneath the bar counter to highlight the beautiful design element and quirkiness of the tiles.

These wall cladding do not necessarily have to be laid in a bar counter area but can also be laid on your dados or a small wall area above your headboard or basin wall to create out an eye-catching effect. It’s always good to experiment with new and innovative ways to keep the interiors of any space up-to-date. Why opt for the same old wall paint or wallpapers when you have a choice to select from our wide range of wall claddings. They are long-lasting and can decorate your walls instantly. Create a wonderful and spectacular optical effect on your walls while playing with light and radiating metal reflections that capture your attention.

Shatkona is the newest addition to our Wall cladding collection. It is a Gujarati translation of hexagon or a six-sided shape. In this fast-paced world where trends keep on changing, the love for tiles remains constant. This tile type stands out for its quirky six-sidedness and the pleasing pattern it creates across the walls. If your looking to make a statement on your walls these Shatkona – hexagonal tiles with different colour combinations will make a bold impression!! Elements such as furniture and home décor play an important role in creating an impression, and so does the choice of pattern you select, particularly the colour combination. All these factors should coordinate with each other to maintain the uniformity of your space, be it a villa, farmhouse, residence or a restaurant. This should be investigated while you’re planning the colour scheme and layout of your space.

The Shatkona series is a highly versatile range of wall claddings designed to produce wonderful 3-dimensional patterns once installed. The orientation of the tiles can be changed to alter the pattern created by them. The Shatkona range allows for a whole lot of iteration from designers and architects alike to produce wonderful patterns and textures on the walls. There are currently 4 distinct designs that are available for production under this range. The tiles are available in all the colours from the Bharat colour palette!

This square wall tiles - PLIEN - 3D – square wall claddings are composed of repeated three-dimensional geometries to produce versatile and strikingly beautiful textures for the wall. The four distinct designs can be produced in all of Bharat's colours and produce a variety of patterns when rotated and installed. They look amazing wherever placed. The process of designing them started off with a single cuboid and then faces of the cuboid was cut at different angles to produce distinct shapes. These shapes were then duplicated and paired as fours to form the final design of the wall claddings. There are four distinct designs that range from a subtle undulation to a dramatic texture which can be installed in various orientations.

Take the liberty to choose from our eclectic collection of wall tile designs. These tiles are stylish, beautifully embellished and of high quality which can cater to all design aesthetics. They can instantly add an upscale feel to your home, office or hotel walls. The tiles also help spaces acquire a distinct personality and mood. Walls are a good place to start if you want to uplift your interior decor.

The different claddings grab attention instantly. It’s human nature to seek something that makes us stand out from the ten others doing the same thing and these wall claddings are just the perfect choice. You can customise them the way you like by mixing and matching two designs together or placing the tiles in different directions to create a distinct look. At BFT, you can select one tile and design it in various colour combinations. We have in-house designers who will guide you to design and customize your beautiful walls. So, give your walls a decorative upgrade with Bharat Floorings and Tiles.

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