Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Art of Customization!

Customization is always a good idea when it comes to designing your own space. It allows you the opportunity to bring a bit of your own personality and soul into the space. A great design creates a story of who you are. Personalising spaces with your style of decorating is important so you feel relaxed, happy and comfortable in your own home. Everyone wants their space to look unique, distinct, and spectacular, not just for other people’s viewing pleasure but also your own! After all, it is your space, and it needs to feel like a place where you belong! So why settle for the same boring old patterns and designs when you can create something truly remarkable according to your own taste and preferences!

Now you can turn your dream house into a reality with the option of customization that Bharat Floorings provides you with. At BFT, you can choose from about 200 designs and layouts as per your interiors. No doubt interior design is about going all out and experimenting, but it is important to have some colour balance to make your space look elegant, sophisticated and classy. BFT recommends creating elegant designs for a contemporary feel. Bright colours undoubtedly make your space look cheerful and playful, so if you want to opt for some quirky designs on your walls or floors, then you can go with subtle colours for your accessories and furniture. It is important to create a balance and colour scheme.

It is also important to bring some originality in your space when renovating your home to give it an interesting look. Have a design and pattern in mind? At Bharat Floorings, we can help you recreate your beautiful space making it look luxurious and beautiful using cement tiles. With our tiles, you can create multiple designs placed differently, or using various colour combinations to create a space that is beautiful and tells a story of its own. 

While customizing your space, bear in mind two essential details-
     1) The theme of the space
     2) The colour combination of the area

There are endless possibilities to customize your tiles at BFT. You can mix and match two designs together and create a look, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. One pattern at Bharat Floorings can create different looks when placed differently. With a whole host of colour combinations and endless designs, you can create a fabulous space based on your creative imagination. So let your imagination run wild, and design your floors with different combinations and permutations of colours and patterns based on your preferences.

We have in-house designers who will guide you through the entire process to design and customize your beautiful floors. The following are the services we offer:

Here at Bharat Floorings, we give our customers the chance to customize and explore their creativity. We would like our customers to get exactly the kind of floor that they envision and provide them with the best experience at the store. To help our customers, we offer special designs and services at nominal fees.
Customers can either sit with our in-house designers to decide on colour combinations as well as layouts (designs & patterns) for their floors, or if they are unable to do so they can even email the drawings to us, and our designer and sales force can help them with the layout process.
Once a layout has been finalised and the customer is satisfied with the end result, the quantities of tiles can be removed from AutoCAD and then the order can be placed. The whole process typically takes some time, so customers are requested to plan the timelines of their projects accordingly.

An innovative service offered by the Bharat Floorings to our clients is the ability to design and customize your own tile. As part of this service, we give you the option to share a picture or drawing of the design you like and then this is implemented and converted through our processes into the actual tiles. Samples can be made for approval, and then once the design is finalised, production can begin. This is often a lengthy process, but the end result is unique. So the wait is worth it! Since it is made by hand, the time for delivery takes 4-6 weeks.

Everyone loves to play with colours, using different combinations, sometimes maybe even two or three different colour tones to add some vibrancy to a room. We give you the option to mix several colour combinations according to your choice and the interiors of the space, because why restrict yourself right? At Bharat floorings, we have 300 colour options to choose from, providing colours ranging from bold to subtle so you can pick whatever you fancy!
Cement is our forte, our first and only love here at BFT!  You name an object to create and we will make it for you, as long as it is cement based. We have a whole bunch of different, unique objects and elements made from cement at Bharat floorings. Beautiful cement furniture, concrete objects like paper stands, lotus candles, pen holders and much more, wall claddings (which can be used on the walls), and the newest addition to our collection - the Terrazzo wash basins. You say it and we will create it! There’s just so much you can do with cement, and we are always excited to explore the boundaries of creativity with this versatile material.

There are endless possibilities to create your own beautiful home at BFT so never restrict yourself and experiment with creative and distinct designs. You do not renovate your space often, so make it worthwhile when designing it. Creativity is a key aspect of interior design and it is important to keep that in mind while designing your dream space! As they say – True art takes time! Customizing your tiles might take some time, but the final result will not disappoint! We welcome you to bring in your creative ideas and we will help turn them into works of art!
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