Thursday, 31 August 2017

When Tradition meets Design!!

As we welcome Lord Ganesha home, with chants and traditional drum beats, the holy being arrives at the place that would be his home for the next 11 days. It is then followed by ritualistic ceremonies performed to invoke the Lord’s presence in the idol. Offerings such as sweets, flowers, rice, etc are made to Lord Ganesha. Our celebrations would be incomplete without a serving of his favorite sweet, Modaks. These Indian dumplings are a special treat to Lord Ganesha and his devotees. 
A popular sweet in Maharashtra, Modak is a sweet steamed rice dumpling, traditionally made during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. They represent the zeal and enthusiasm most evident during any celebration of life. Markets are flooded with Ganeshji's favorite sweets and savories, especially Modaks.

With every passing day, you will see varieties of Modaks on display at sweet shops across the state; some traditional and some contemporary flavours reflecting the evolving palate of devotees every year. Modaks make an essential part of the prasad and bhog and are a must-have during this festival. 
This became an inspirational idea for designing the Modak pattern for the Made-In-India collection that represents the state of Maharashtra.

The name “Modak” means Delightful and so are the Modak patterned tiles by Bharat Floorings. Inspired by the festival, food, forms of sweets and the color palette of Maharashtra, the Modak patterned tiles from the Made-In-India range are reminiscent of Maharashtra’s rich culture and traditions. The MODAK range has been inspired by the drop-like shape of these sweets.  The illustrations used are curvy at the bottom and pointed at the edge, similar to the traditional form of the sweet.
Bharat Floorings has known for some of the most beautiful flooring designs and this collection is truly special.  It takes you back to your roots with inspiration derived from the country's diversity, heritage, cultures, and art!
Every Floor Tells a Story.

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