Saturday, 31 December 2016

The One Stop Shop !

I don’t like tea, but I love coffee. Coffee is the one thing that can lift my spirits high at any given time, be it 7 in the morning or midnight. And the variations that are available just add to the simulative nature of this simple beverage. Espresso, cappuccino and latte are the most popular ones amongst others that simply get to your soul. Now, being a coffee maniac, won’t you love a place with all the available variations under one single roof? I surely would. Now imagine a brand with products with a character as prodigious as the coffee, and complementing services all under one single domain. Bharat Floorings and Tiles is a brand with preceding reputation when it comes to products and services. Apart from the vivid collection of tile designs and patterns, Bharat Floorings offers a segment of additional services.
Customising the Floor Design :

At Bharat Floorings, we like to leave nothing to chance and like our customers to get exactly the kind of floor that they envision. Instead of sticking to the traditional layout of the available patterns, customers can join the in-house designers to decide on the colours and layout of their floor. One can also email the designs and the designers and the sales team help them with the layout process.

Taking it one step further is FloorIT. FloorIT is a groundbreaking application introduced by Bharat Floorings to help customers design their own floor. All one has to do is select a tile from the available collections, change the colours and pattern, lay the tiles and view how the floor would look.
New Tile Design :

Bharat Floorings loves creativity. If the artist inside you wants to have his day, he won’t go back disappointed from Bharat Floorings. Another innovative service offered is the ability to design your own tile. Customers can share pictures or drawings of their own designs that are worked upon and transformed into actual tiles. Samples are made for approval and then once the design is finalised, the production commences. It is often a lengthy process but the end result is something unique!



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