Thursday, 14 November 2019


What is Maximalism? It is nothing but a reaction against ‘minimalism’. Bold colours, a mixture of patterns, textures, layers, repetition of design, detailed intricacies, luxurious materials, and more make the ‘maximalist’ space joyful, passionate and powerful. 

‘Maximalist’ being their inspiration, Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani, founders of MuseLAB design studio in 2012, recently designed a project, a 100-year old colonial bungalow using the play of patterns and colours in a way that was not only visually rich but also tactile in nature! Each space and/or product designed by them embodies integrity and is created with the same care, skill and attention to detail. MuseLAB is an end-to-end design studio; offering a bespoke and leading-edge approach to design with a precise focus on unique and highly customized environments, interiors and furniture.

This beautiful two-acre property located in the heart of Pune is surrounded by tranquillity and greenery all around, away from the hustle of the main city. The client’s love for colours and various Indian art designs were an inspiration for them to create a completely unique space using the ‘Maximalist’ design scheme. Chic maximalist style is a balance between eclecticism and a careful thought on design. To make sure that your interiors still feel connected even with a mix of colours, patterns and textures in the room, the designer should find a link between pieces, e.g. sticking to one colour tone, and adding only some pop of colours, to make the space stand out. Look for shades that will draw attention from one piece to the other, but always remember to maintain a symmetry, so that the space looks uniform, and you can layer more and mix colours and styles broadly.

The furniture design and layout used in this space by Muse LAB takes cues from the historic arches, arched openings and arcades to soften the transition between the rooms, building the strength of the structure. Every piece of furniture was customized, as the idea was to create a unique and exclusive furniture gallery, sticking to the concept of the space. Simultaneously, Muse Lab wanted to celebrate the extravagant volumes of the two rooms by keeping the ceilings as simple as possible with the primary focus being on the suspended sculptural elements and the refurbished roof structural elements i.e. the quirky lighting and arches.

They decided to treat the floor as their canvas to create a contemporary and resplendent Rangoli pattern in Terrazzo. The midpoint of the pattern emerges from the living room which bleeds into the formal dining space as a series of concentric rings. Combining these traditional shades with different elements like brass, wood, and glass can never go wrong. Its ushers in our deep-rooted cultural elegance and traditionality into our urban homes. How beautiful is this space! 

The motif of the arch has been reinforced in various forms, the chariot unit has been crafted using Nigerian teak, and the statement dusty pink the semi-circular sofa has been strategically placed in the centre of the space, bringing the whole space together in a seamless manner, making it a perfect example of ‘maximalism’ done right. 
The play of scale with repetition of elements and layering of materials is what creates the harmony amidst the organised chaos. Designs are an easy way to embrace the trend when juxtaposed with a perfect clash of colours and décor!

Decorating for comfort means filling your home with things you love. Maximalism means enveloping your home with even more of those things… And this stunning home is just a classic example of this trend.
Hope this article assists you in achieving the right kind of look for your space! If you’re redoing your home and need any assistance, contact us or visit our showroom as our in-house designers are always happy to help.

Photo credits: Sameer Tawde 
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