Thursday, 1 August 2019

Get creative with Grey!

Love the colour grey as much as we do? Not sure how to incorporate it in your décor scheme? Grey colour palette can transform your interiors from insipid to elegant and classy. The truth is, the colour grey can completely enhance your home, creating a dose of glamour and sophistication!

Often termed as ‘gloomy’ or ‘dull’, grey is truly a misrepresented shade in the colour spectrum. It’s essential to understand the definition of a colour before selecting it for your space. Choosing hues should not be taken lightly, colours do have meaning and influence how we feel when inside any space. Today, we will be taking you through some ways you can design your space with the colour grey.

Grey is a colour that is distant and draws no attention to itself which makes it a perfect colour to blend with funky décor elements and vibrant colours. This colour gives a sense of belonging, inclusion and acceptance. If paired well with the right accents, it can surely create a soothing vibe within your space!

Here are some reasons why the colour grey is a great choice and how you can incorporate it in your space.

Not a ‘depressing’ colour when used appropriately:

Grey is no longer a boring colour! Just complimenting it with a few contrast decor elements and colour combinations can help in creating an elegant and sophisticated look. This monochrome bedroom highlights the inherently sophisticated quality of grey. In this bedroom, architect Studio VDGA experimented with neutral colour palettes, layers of texture and patterns, and a cosy seating space to create the perfect retreat. The quirky DashDashDot pattern adds just the right amount of drama to a space filled with simple but classic design elements.

Can create a sleek look:

The beauty of this colour is that it creates a contemporary look. If you go for cooler tones, such as grey, they absorb the light and in a slightly different way, they too can succeed in creating the illusion of space. Using this colour on the walls and floors creates a sense of calm as well as exaggerating its size, as there are no contrasts to drag the eye on the other object. If you want a spacious feel, this is what you need to conjure up the impression of spaciousness. The designer used a contemporary design scheme to create this beautiful space!

2 words can describe our most favourite Micro cement application i.e. ELEGANT AND CLASSY… and if you want this look you should surely opt for this application on your floors. They can also be done on your existing floors, cupboards, walls or dados. This application is very versatile and long-lasting. We have options to choose from different patterns, textures, colours, designs, and more. Micro cement floors are designed to be overlaid on top of the existing floor, thus preventing the need to rip out the existing floors.

With virtually unlimited design options, and quick installation time, IPS application can turn any space into a vibrant and beautifully designed area, and they fit perfectly well into a contemporary design scheme, like you can see in the image below. 
IPS application is a beautiful flooring which provides good wearing properties. It can be used for all types of floors – industrial commercial or residential. You can decide the thickness of the IPS flooring as per the requirement of work; for residential floors, 75 mm thickness is enough whereas for industrial floors, the thickness should be 150 mm.

Colours that complement grey:

Grey is such a universal colour that it looks lovely when used with pastels or bright colours. This colour can help to create an effortless and relaxed vibe.

Some colours that complement it well are yellow, white, blue, pastels, and of course, the wooden effect with grey gives the entire space a warm and cosy vibe. The colour has a deep richness that doesn't fall flat and can give a space a great punch, especially when paired with light colours for high contrast.

The grey and wood combination has the power to set the mood of a space. It’s attractive and cosy and brings out a sense of warmth. If you’re looking to use a neutral colour scheme within your space, the wood and grey combination is currently trending in the design world and is sure to make heads turn! In the below image the designer incorporated a cool and contrasting colour scheme to keep the space balanced and add visual interest.

Soothing floor colours pair well with floral patterns, coloured and printed couches and bold walls. The perfect instance is this beautifully designed farmhouse where the colour grey acts as a neutral canvas for the designer to incorporate fun elements in the décor.

Grey adds subtle depth to the design scheme, making the overall look of the space dreamy and restful.

At Bharat Floorings, we believe in transforming your space with our wide range of striking, vivid and unconventional cement tiles and concrete applications. These tiles can do wonders when working towards recreating your space and making it look remarkable.

Application guide:

Grey is an on-trend yet timeless colour for any space! There is no rule for the application of this colour. The versatility of this colour means that each space can take on a unique feel depending on what it is paired with.
For instance, when using this colour to add a modern look within your space, you can incorporate a sleek and contemporary design scheme by using one colour tone, chic furniture and pretty patterned flooring from our Heritage range as you can see in the image below.

Simple and sleek rooms are a popular designer style choice, and there is something about the colour grey that creates such a desired look. It brings a perfectly average design up to enviable levels. Another option to create a fun and playful space is by incorporating the colour grey with some vivacious furniture and bold prints like you can see in the image below.

Grey itself can also be used as a statement shade in any room with the darkest versions of the hue such as charcoal or anthracite, an eye-catching wall colour wherever placed.

If grey is your favourite colour, don’t just restrict it to your fashion and style, make it a part of your commercial or residential space too!

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