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Exploring different colour combinations and coming up with unique designs is what we love to do! This is where we seek to collaborate with like-minded individuals and leverage their talent to create collections that are a collective representation of creative freedom and great design sense – or what we call the BFT+ range.

This time we turned to a platform that empowers artists by promoting limited edition and original works of art - Art&Found. It is a curated platform for upcoming Indian artists that caters to designers and art lovers alike. Comprising of a community of designers, illustrators, typographers, photographers, painters and doodlers who have come together to sustain and celebrate artistic excellence, Art&Found is a powerhouse of talent. We couldn’t think of a better alliance!

When talented artists and designers come together to create visual compositions using a shared knowledge base, to give you a different perspective of art, the result is nothing short of exemplary! Presenting to you ‘Virtuoso’ our new collaboration range with Art&Found.

The Virtuoso series showcases an eclectic range by 4 talented artists – Aniruddh Mehta, Shweta Malhotra, Suzanne Dias and Pratap Chalke. Virtuoso refers to a person with special knowledge or interest in different works of art. From Contemporary Terrazzo to Seascapes and Brush Stroke to Journey of Strokes, these tiles work individually in the abstract form, but when juxtaposed together, be it with asymmetry or rotation, come together to form contemporary designs of familiar concepts!

This series features designs that are elegant, artistic and bold. They are available in a host of different colours to suit your requirements. You can use it in a single colour or multiple colours, or even with motifs thrown in.

Contemporary Terrazzo

We had a wonderful time collaborating with Aniruddh Mehta to re-introduce Terrazzo in a contemporary way.

The classic Terrazzo tile is very reminiscent of Indian homes and often associated with the nostalgia of an old ‘Bombay’. The reimagining of this tile in a modern and contemporary approach is an aim to reintroduce terrazzo back into spaces, outside of homes and more in tune with contemporary interior design and architecture - be it co-working spaces or restaurants.

The idea was to take the dispersed layout of the Terrazzo tile and apply a systematic yet playful, minimal and blocky order to its arrangement. The tile comes in a ‘Morning’ and ‘Evening’ theme, suitable for a low-lit room or one which basks in the sunlight.


Designing is an art and this designer Shweta Malhotra’s overall design aesthetic is minimal, bold and graphics, a response to the maximalist visual language prevalent in India!! 

Seascapes is inspired by the artist's frequent travels to exotic beach destinations across the world.

The collection casts a distinctly geometric and minimalist eye on the scenic elements that make a seascape - the sun, the waves, palm trees and the mountains in the distant horizon. The patterns formed are distinctly asymmetrical and can be arranged in any combination, perfectly capturing the sunny, easy-going nature of life on the beach.

Introducing you to the design created by Suzanne Dias, a 23-year-old illustrator and graphic designer. Her work mainly consists of bold colours, clean and abstract lines, elements from nature, people, thoughts and moments 

Brush Stroke 

The Brush Stroke tile design is representative of the artist’s love for art, texture and pattern.

This design was inspired by the crudeness and freedom of brush strokes in abstract art and pencil hatching on paper. It can bring an element of creativity and a laidback, organic aesthetic into every home. The boldness of this pattern adds a modern touch to the space, setting it apart from the traditional tiles.


The Petal design from the Virtuoso range, also designed by Suzanne Dias, is inspired by the elements of nature and is reminiscent of fallen autumn leaves or the arrangement of petals in the flower. 

Our love for floral patterns is endless, and this collection fits right in! This beautiful petal design is an intricate yet subtle pattern, that brings the beauty of the outdoors, indoors.

The journey of Strokes - 

The artist explored the flow of brushes that formed an artistic design gradually. They are an output of his practice of brush strokes with which he has created interesting visuals by strategically composing them. 

Despite having a simple language he has kept his compositions interesting. In the first design Scribble, the pattern consists of abstract strokes and the second design Masks he has turned those strokes into a portrait. A Mumbai-based illustrator – Pratap Chalke loves to experiment and upgrade himself with new technologies and trending software. Exploring and coming up with innovative designs is what he excels at…

Scribble, a pattern of abstract strokes where the artist has explored the flow of strokes with these designs. It’s amazing how random designs come together to create a dramatic visual appeal. At BFT, you can customize your tiles by using different colour schemes and mixing two or more patterns to create a unique design. 

Mask is Pratap Chalke’s exploration of symmetric strokes into a portrait. This pattern is an output of his practice of brush strokes. He used this technique and created interesting visuals. This quirky pattern can be produced in all Bharat’s colours and looks amazing placed anywhere.

Now that you know who and what inspires our new collection - Virtuoso, come check it out for yourself and find the one that appeals to your design sensibilities! 

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