Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Living Room Decor Trends!

According to Joan DeJean, living rooms started out as formal display spaces for welcoming guests in the 17th century, but slowly morphed into the more casual gathering spaces that we know today. A living room is not only a place to watch TV, it is an area for a family gathering and a space to communicate. The living room is the place where friends and family gather to spend quality time in a home, so it's important for it to be well-designed.

A house is made of walls and beams, but a home is made of dreams and hopes! Being inspired by this very famous quote here are few tips on how to design you living room to create a contemporary vibe that makes guests feel welcome at the same time.

1) Sustainability

Designing a space that is sustainable is very essential. Sustainable interior design creates interior spaces using design principles such as functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics. Living room interior design trends are focusing more and more on sustainability and thoughtful design practices and approaches – whether that is making furnishings out of recycled materials, up-cycling pre-loved items, or sourcing eco-friendly materials in a more responsible way. Sustainable design projects are influenced by such factors as planning efficient use of space, choosing materials with low environmental impacts, and reducing energy consumption, pollution, and waste.

2) Minimalism in curves -

Embrace the curves! Sofas, tables, chairs, consoles — all are available in curvy designs that soften a roomful of angular pieces. It is an elegant motif that fits well with contemporary interiors.

A chair and table used of this style is a great addition to the décor. In the image below the décor scheme used for this private apartment is “Minimalism” designed by Ravi Vazirani. A great tip to keep in mind while creating an elegant and sophisticated space – always opt for pastels or a neutral colour scheme! In the image below the designer has kept the remaining layout of the space clean and uncluttered, letting the floors shine!

Trick – You need one statement décor element to transform the space, it can be anything from a patterned floor to colour blocked furniture.

3) Floral Blooms

Patterns come and go but florals are forever! They make a natural fit for residential spaces. This pretty design can never go out of style and is a safe choice. Timeless and long-lasting – two words that we think describe these designs perfectly! These patterns can be used as highlights, borders for a statement look, or can be laid to create a carpet look. Minimalist, vintage spaces tend to have a sleek and clean aesthetic and are, therefore, evergreen. One can never get tired of these spectacular, colourful floral-patterned tiles from the Heritage collection.

4) Go Bold with Geometric Patterns
The days of plain, single-solid coloured floors are in the past. Evocative, abstract patterns and geometric forms are making their way into living rooms. Strong, bold lines and direct, focused themes with definite shapes are some key features that make the Geometrique collection a perfect choice for personal spaces. They add character and drama to your living room! You can incorporate geometric plays in small ways, with soft colours, or you can go all out with bold and bright colours.

5)Artistic Decor 

The perfect blend of colour & design forms an integral part in making this space look luxurious as well as cosy! While designing your living room comfort is essential but having artistic décor elements creates room for convention and adds to the interiors. Your living room space should reflect who you are; your style and personality. From artistic wall hangings, floorings, furniture each home décor should reflect ‘YOU’.

For someone with a playful personality, using bright colour combinations and mixing different patterns together work very well to create an artistic look.

6) Soothing Blush and Neutral Colours

Neutral and soothing colours are a perfect base for a living room colour scheme. Colours can uplift your mood instantly so why not give it importance when designing your living room? Light pastels are becoming a popular addition to the contemporary neutral colours of minimalism. Add pastel touches to your living room to achieve this pretty, welcoming, and elegant style! Bright and sunny, and still tastefully beautiful colours should be kept in mind when selecting a colour combination.

We hope these tips will be useful to anyone looking to revamp their living room area!

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