Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A New Year, A Brand New story!

Every year we strive to outdo ourselves from the previous year by leveraging our creativity and innovative thinking to come up with brand new collections that are unique and appeal to the ever-changing and evolving design sensibilities of our amazing clients. This year shall be no exception! 2018 promises a fresh outlook with many interesting designs and patterns; however, the quality remains the same – outstanding! Here we give you an insight of what we have in store for you with our all new designer collaboration ranges drawing inspiration from the vibrant elements of nature, and even sweet confections – a whole range of mesmerizing designs and patterns that will make you go “WOW”!

The first thing is our new designer collaboration range that stirs things up and gets us excited for 2018 is the spectacular Extra Large Please collection - a collection designed in collaboration with the gorgeous Shefali Choudhrie Diwanji of StudioSCD! We are pleased to announce our new designer collaboration range “The Extra Large Please" Collection. The Macaroon and Tropical Hive tiles are beautiful and handmade which can be used in large spaces and as table tops to create good aesthetics.  They are available in a host of different colours to suit your requirements!
Macarons - “In an increasingly square world, I’m drawn to curvilinear shapes and forms which fit into any space with ease. The sensual curves of the macaron are my inspiration behind these tiles. The Macarons can be randomly placed or laid out in a repetitive pattern for a playful look. Their extra large size, in fact, helps to make smaller spaces look larger.” Shefali Choudhrie Diwanji
BFT agrees with Shefali and we collaborated with her to create these gorgeous designs. The idea and inspiration behind these large and bold tiles are to make a small space look larger which is a very important trick everyone needs to know. 

Tropical Hives- The hive or the hexagon is the quintessential shape that is prevalent in nature. Inspired by the industrious bee, the hives series celebrates the hexagon in deep and subtle tropical hues. This pattern is a new 2018 trend at the BFT store.
The tropical hives or hexagonal tiles are truly taking the world of interiors to a next level by creating an eye-catching effect. They look fantastic in an open area or a balcony even in a living room. They are the trending this 2018 and also a new range in our BFT store. It can be customized with plain tiles around the tropical hives or the hexagon pattern. The tiles are available in various colours combinations according to your choice. The design of these can be as simple as all white or could contain a complex pattern of different colours and designs. 


Aranya is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘green and bountiful forest’ making it an apt name for our next designer collaboration range inspired by God’s most beautiful creation - Nature.

The Aranya collection, a result of an exhilarating collaboration with Rohit Mankar from Parallax Design Studio, draws its inspiration from the patterns of nature in motion - the sculptural forms of a bird mid-flight, the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wings, delicate overlapping petals in a gerbera flower swaying in the breeze, and the beautiful proportions of a dragonfly. Each theme creates a sense of nature captured in motion, and when combined, the different themes come together to create a magical woodland setting. The Forest series will add that perfect touch of whimsy and nature to your surfaces. You can play around with the different motifs or use plain tiles to create a wonderful pattern, be it on your floors or walls. These various patterns are available in different colours and combinations which when mixed together create absolute magic!!!

These are just some of the beautiful designs that BFT has in store for you in 2018!! Now that you know what inspires our new collections, come check them out for yourself and discover which one appeals to your aesthetics.

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