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Reflecting Nature through Design

Nature! Where do we start with this perennial source of inspiration – be it artists, architects or designers, everyone has looked to nature for creative inspiration at some point or another. A close look at nature can unlock the imagination and inspire the deepest form of creativity! Nature paints the most beautiful pictures that can easily take your breath away. Wouldn’t you agree that nature’s wonderful creations deserve a collection of their own?! You bet they do!  
That’s where Parallax Design Studio comes into the picture! The studio was established in 2005 in Mumbai. This studio approaches creative problem solving with the observation and understanding of the unique values and requirements of each client. The central concern of the practice is excellence in design through active collaborations with graphic and product designers, engineers, artists and local artisans. The firm deals with a wide range of projects and is not restricted to a particular genre. We collaborated with the tremendous artist and designer, Rohit Mankar from Parallax Design Studio, to create a beautiful nature-based series - the Aranya collection.

Design Inspiration
The idea for the Aranya collection was born when Rohit was working on a project in Alibaug where he saw black tiles which had fish moulds in them. That’s what got him to think about playing around with the various aspects of nature to come up with a beautiful nature-inspired series.

This series is inspired by traditional stone inlay floors found in Indian architecture. We took the same inspiration for our motifs as the traditional designs - nature, flora and fauna – but reinterpreted them in a modern way. Our Vice-Chairman Firdaus Variava and Rohit Mankar met and discussed this idea and took it a step further to create the Aranya collection.  

The Aranya collection draws its inspiration from the patterns of nature in motion - the sculptural forms of a bird mid-flight, the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wings, delicate overlapping petals in a Gerbera flower swaying in the breeze, and the beautiful proportions of a dragonfly. Each theme creates a sense of nature captured in motion, and when combined, the different themes come together to create a mystical woodland setting. This collection adds that perfect touch of whimsy and liveliness to your floors. You can play around with the different motifs or use plain tiles to create a wonderful pattern, be it on your floors or walls. These various patterns are available in different colours and combinations which when mixed together create absolute magic!!!  

We are thankful to Rohit Mankar for this lovely collaboration and creation. It was great working together to bring the elements of nature to life through creative design! We hope you enjoy this collection that encompasses nature’s most awe-inspiring masterpieces in a way you’ve never seen before!


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