Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A Journey of Creativity

“Design is thinking made visible” And Idea Spice, our design team has played an integral role in showcasing and enhancing the creativity that BFT has always been known for. Since 2013, our design agency has not failed to surprise us with tons of innovative and inspiring ideas. Idea Spice combines business strategy, design thinking, and most importantly, undying passion to create effective design solutions for us.

Idea Spice team is a houseful of multidisciplinary people, a firm that specializes in building Brand identity & Strategy, Corporate communication, Marketing communication, New media design, Environment & Experience Design. Based out of Dubai & Mumbai, they work with passionate clients across the globe.

Saurav Roy heading the Mumbai Office joined Idea Spice Dubai Team as the Creative Director in 2002. He is responsible for the creative work done in the studio and in building design systems and processes. He relocated to India in 2007 as a Director. Firdaus Variava our Vice-Chairman and Sajith Ansar, founder, and CEO of Idea Spice have a long-standing personal relationship which formed the basis for a successful professional alliance as well, starting with the complete re-branding of Bharat Floorings.
After they designed our brand collaterals, they started the process of transforming & reshaping us as a premium brand. They are responsible for our complete brand makeover, and that’s how from a company we became a BRAND.

BFT + is a collaboration between BFT and young designers. Idea Spice handled and incorporated the branding for BFT+, and tried to bring out the art that BFT is synonymous with. The basic aim was to create brand awareness.
Idea Spice also built a whole new identity for the BFT+ range that builds the current identity of the brand while also promoting the spirit of collaboration that this initiative brings. The initiative was designed across communication collaterals, exhibitions, and on ground events.
When we collaborated with them, they were in the process of getting their own office renovated. They were looking to design a space where creativity and innovation could flourish. The entrance, cafeteria and workspace walls at the Idea Spice office all have BFT tiles that give a fun and inspiring look to the entire office!

The designing of every activity we engage in is done by Idea Spice. We collaborated with Idea Spice in 2013, recently, we thought of doing something fun with the team. The BFT and Idea Spice Team came together at their studio for designing the Made In India Range. Each BFT employee teamed up with one designer at Idea Spice.
Each Team had to pick up a chit of a particular state, followed by some research on the state allotted to them. 
It was a 3-hour session, where everyone had to translate the inspirations to tile designs for the states allotted to them (eg: jewelry, script, clothing, culture etc).

This time, we traveled back to our roots and created a tile range inspired by our country’s diversity, heritage, cultures, and our art. Every state in India, every community in every direction of the country has its own idiosyncrasies, which is fascinating. Embodying this characteristic and keeping in mind the speciality of each state we have introduced the ‘MADE IN INDIA’ series. Whether it’s the Phulkari range from Punjab, or the majestic Jharokha from Rajasthan, the iconic Waves of Goa or the traditional Bindi from West Bengal, each state’s speciality has been entwined into the designs to stand for what India truly represents: UNITY IN DIVERSITY!

Idea Spice and BFT share a very affectionate relationship with each other. It’s an amazing experience working with the Idea Spice team; they never fail to delight us with their creativity and their hospitality. Hats off to the dedication of the team, no matter what it is they never stop providing their utmost services and we don’t think they have a word “NO” in their dictionary.

This sums up our journey with Idea Spice so far, and we can’t wait to create more magic along with their highly creative and innovative team!  

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