Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Designer Speak: Tejal Mathur

Tejal Mathur is a household name when it comes to chic and elegant interior designing. She started her design studio in 1998 and has garnered recognition and won multiple esteemed accolades. Her design studio is known as Tejal Mathur Designs, earlier Team Design. Credited with projects like the British Brewing Company, Pali Village Café and many other restaurants, cafes and even private residences, Tejal Mathur dominates the cards for those who have a fine taste for aesthetics. In this round of the testimonial Q and A, we bring you a conversation with the expert, Tejal Mathur.

BFT: What office spaces have you done using Bharat floorings?
TM: Trilegal (Law Office), One India Bulls Centre, Tower One, Mumbai and many more.

BFT: What kind of feedback have you received regarding the flooring from your friends and family?
TM: BFT is a go to place for enduring stunning floors and easy to use.

BFT: What trends do you see in office spaces?
TM: We see standing work stations with touch screen tables that double up as writing boards. Informal but state of the art a personal library wall where books and ideas are exchanged, a video wall with plays apps for recreation.

BFT: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bharat Floorings, and how is your relationship with the brand?
TM: We choose BFT to achieve timelessness and handmade processes. We have mostly used them in all our projects. We know them before we started working with them and I think each and every person has stepped once on Bharat Floors.
BFT: Your personal favourite collection of tiles from BFT.
TM: Shibori Range by Studio Wodehouse as it is versatile. Japanese Line by Sian Pascale.
BFT: One word to describe Bharat Floorings would be…..
TM: Culturally Relevant.

The above conversation is from an interview during a past event on Creative Work Spaces. More interviews coming soon.

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