Thursday, 26 January 2017

Standing the Test of Time

Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher who is credited with the famous quote, “Change is the only constant.” Centuries later Charles Darwin quoted that, "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change". Bharat Floorings has been one such survivor.

Based on one of its fundamental principles of quality equal the world’s best, a batch of tiles was created for the very first project for Sir Cowasji Jehangir that still can be seen at the Ready Money building. Slowly and steadily Bharat Floorings grew, not as any other flooring brand that you find during a walk through the market but, as a bewitching experience on a commendable journey through time. Bharat Floorings made fine quality tiles that soon replaced the British imports and the company earned a name for itself. The Heritage™ Collection was designed and widely appreciated but, however, discontinued only to be reintroduced decades later through a popular art exhibition. Bharat Floorings also introduced a new grade of heavy duty tiles that were suitable for hardcore commercial purposes know as the Stilan® tiles. They were installed at factories and workshops belonging to major companies across the country. As the time changed and western influences grew prominent in then called Bombay, Bharat Floorings flourished as one of the most popular flooring brands with tiles in buildings on every other street and corner. Soon the Victorian era completely passed and Bharat Floorings came up with Premium Terrazzo Tiles, made of the whitest stone chips money could buy, as well as chips of the best Italian and Indian marble, providing cool, clean and beautiful Terrazzo or mosaic floors that are cherished even today throughout India.

Not only the brand has evolved over the decades but has also been futuristic with its approach. Bharat Floorings believes that quality and integrity are always greatly complemented by imagination and innovation. The constant search for beauty, grace, meaning and an idea led Bharat Floorings to collaborate with young and visionary designers to create art. Thus, the BFT+ Range was born. Renowned designers and design houses with the likes of Le Mill, Alice von Baum, The Busride, Sian Pascale, Sameer Kulavoor, Studio Wodehouse, and most recently Tania and Sandeep Khosla, all have designed individual collections under the BFT+ Range.

Bharat Floorings has doubtlessly stood the test of time to prove its worth and has emerged as the leader in quality floorings. The survival of the fittest, indeed.

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