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Typography is a very interesting domain. One can create visually stunning content just by choosing the arrangement, font style and type, for alphabets and words. The written communication can be put forth in a much exciting way through typography, thus making it easier to remember or recall. Numerous advertising agencies and designers opt for this technique to create impressive campaigns and visually amiable content. They use it to convey the mood and establish the nature of their brands. Some major brands use typography to create their logos and monograms. Famous brands like Google, Coca-Cola, Canon, etc. have been using typography infused to their names as their logos, and that has been registered in the minds of the consumers as the brand identity globally. Since these brands and their logos have constantly been a part of our lives, we would find it difficult to imagine or accept them otherwise.

Knowing what to place where is equally important. Not every typographical experiment can be promised to be the best design made. Sometimes the best at typeface could fail to create something appealing, but at the same time a graphic designer who illustrates contemporary art could create magic using alphabets. Sameer Kulavoor is an exemplary artist and the founder of the Bombay Duck Designs.  He is amongst the ones to have worked in collaboration with the likes of Paul Smith. A series of T-shirts based on Sameer’s ‘The Ghoda Cycle Project’ were released globally and exhibited at Helsinki (World Design Capital in 2012) & Mumbai.

Bharat Floorings teamed up with Sameer Kulavoor for creating a unique pattern for the BFT+ range. Sameer’s inspiration came from the Art Deco style of British architecture in Mumbai. 

“How can we develop a range of tiles that are personal without going too literal? How about using letterforms? At Bombay Duck Designs, we were keen to answer these questions and come up with a range of unique tile designs that would be classic and contemporary at the same time. Taking inspiration from ‘Art-deco’ architecture and ‘typography’ of South Bombay, we began our design process. The focus was on the structure and geometry of the letterforms. Integrating the concentric forms and overlaps of 'art-deco style' into our design, each alphabet was meticulously designed and refined bit by bit in order for it to fit into each other.” – Sameer.

The ARMS literally stands for the alphabets (A, R, M and S) that work as type if used singularly and also produce a variety of unique seamless patterns when placed next to each other in different arrangements. The concentric design works perfectly as type as well as pattern.

So if you happen to step upon some beautifully arranged alphabets, make sure to click a selfeet, share it online, and tag us.


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