Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Past - Present - Perfect!

India is a country of a vast cultural heritage. From ancient cities like that of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa to imperial colonies of the British rule, India has been a host to distinct cultures and rituals. Great civilizations have flourished and perished on this rich land embedding traces of their varied culture deep into the traditions and lifestyle of the contemporary Indian society. While people celebrate Friendship Day and Valentine’s Day in tune with the western world, they also celebrate Raksha Bandhan which has numerous historic references.

People remember and people like to be remembered. In this pursuit many objects have been created that today we call artefacts. Artefacts or antiques are nothing but items with cultural or historic significance that gain value as years turn into decades and decades into centuries. The older the artefact the more valuable it is. There are people who passionately collect artefacts, known as antiquarians, and they do not mind spending a fortune on the right ones. When there is demand, there has to be supply. However, to house artefacts and cater them to the right audience, there has to be a certain appeal to the store itself. One such place is enveloped in a grand century old gothic building at a landmark location in Mumbai. Established in 1860, Phillips Antiques holds a collection of old folk and tribal art, silver, porcelain and pottery from various regions and eras, brass toys, vintage photography, coins, lamps, maps, colonial and ethnic furniture, and lots more.

Now, when you have so much under one roof, and every shelf and corner has its own rustic charm, you cannot help but notice the glory right under your feet. As you walk inside Phillips Antiques, you are welcomed by a carpet with a complex border created using stars and stripes. For those who are familiar with Bharat Floorings would recognise them in an instant. Bharat Floorings has been a go-to place for all kinds of floorings ranging from modern to heritage. When world renowned architect Brinda Somaya designed the store, she knew exactly what the place was going to be utilised for. The choice of star and stripes from the Geometrique Collection of Heritage™ tiles was easily justified once they were installed and polished. Like various other sites seeking a rich heritage look, the deep red and Jaisalmer yellow pattern gracefully complements the history of the artefacts. 

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