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The Perfect Combination!

Riyaaz Amlani, the man behind Impresario, has changed the face of socialising with his ambitious and solid projects in metropolitan cities across the nation. He has come a long way from stumbling upon small pebbles to scaling high mountains in the restaurant and hospitality industry. His ventures include the likes of Social, Salt Water Café, Smoke House Deli and Mocha to name a few.

Talking about Social in particular often peaks our interest. This brainchild of Amlani is something that even we are proud of. Well, of course it is one of the most coming of age hangouts where artists meet designers, innovators meet entrepreneurs, photographers and writers meet web developers and where creative individuals share their ideas with like-minded people. However, there is more to it. Social at Colaba has a very unorthodox yet rustic charisma to it that makes you fall in love with the place the moment you step in. From the ligneous furniture to the typical ‘chai’ glasses for serving water, everything at Social is perfect in a unique way. So is the flooring. Considering that the restaurant captures the rich food heritage of the city and is located in an area that in itself is brimming with architecture and history, BFT’s Heritage™ collection was an obvious choice for The Busride while designing the interiors.
However, deciding on a fancy Heritage™ pattern was still not going to be enough. Call it a myth or stereotyping, but creative people are often best described as unorganised or unplanned, thus, preventing any kind of limitation to their dynamic approach towards anything and everything. Well, that could very well be a personified definition of what Social is. And inevitably, the flooring tells the same story – random and unorganised, and yet a stunning reflection of its surroundings.

A combination of various tiles from the Heritage™ collection were installed to bring out the desired look; a look that later became an integral part of the restaurant. The cherry medley of tiles at Social includes patterns from the Bloom, Cubist, Geometrique, Graphic and Heirloom collections. 
If you’re in Delhi, or plan to visit soon, you’ll find the exact same pattern at the newly opened Nehru Place Social as well. As is characteristic of each Social, the history of the location again plays an important role in the design of the new outlet. The inspiration is a conjugation of the computer market (that Nehru Place is famous for), and the metro station within which Social is located.

Each tile stands out to flaunt its beauty and at the same time blends in with the other ones to adduce the overall charm. These very tiles are expected to feature in future Social projects as well! Keep a lookout to see where our tiles will pop up next!


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