Saturday, 14 May 2016

Welcome Abode!

The Heritage™ Walk held in association with photographer Kuber Shah was quite a success and the response we gathered was simply amazing. The walk placed Bharat Floorings in the hearts and minds of our followers and proved to be an efficient tool to connect with them. During the walk we paid a visit to a few select places of architectural significance in south Mumbai where we have installed our prestigious Heritage™ tiles. One of those was Abode – a beautiful boutique hotel located near the Gateway of India! The Instagrammers found a little piece of paradise inside Abode, with the beautiful décor at the place creating the perfect frame for them to capture unique stories through their lens. 


Visiting Abode was special also because just like Bharat Floorings, Abode too has a remarkable history of over a century. Established by David Sassoon as his private residence back then, Abode was later acquired by a local family who ran it as a small guesthouse and years later was finally restored and transformed into the boutique hotel that it is today. Abode was gracefully designed by Sian Pascale – an accomplished artist with not only a Master’s degree in Architecture but also a ceramic designer, yoga instructor, published writer for international design magazines and with love of vernacular craft. Sian sourced 20th Century colonial and art deco pieces from Mumbai’s second hand markets, custom-built furniture including tables made from chaat stands; light fittings and lamps from hand-thrown ceramic lampshades; fabric from vintage saris, local markets or handwoven by WomenWeave; library shelving inspired from local roadside bookstores, thereby sharing the same commitment to ‘Make In India’ that Bharat Floorings too has avidly supported since its inception.

Considering the efforts and the artistic approach that had been employed while designing the hotel, the floor too had to be one that not just promised quality but also lived up to the reputation that Abode had built over the years and would continue to hold in times to come. Sian Pascale knew exactly where to turn to for flooring that would perfectly fit the look & feel of this remarkable place – Bharat Floorings & Tiles. A variety of designs and patterns with different shades and tones were browsed through before shortlisting the final ones. Taking such decisions is tough but equally necessary.  The flooring that was finally installed at Abode is from the Heritage™ collection that truly complements and adds to the aura of the place. Every room in the hotel is uniquely designed and so is the choice of flooring. The reception area / lobby has simple black and white tiles that welcome the guests, while the passage is installed with a black and white zigzag pattern. Every room has a different coloured floor accentuated with the Classic Beauty and Persian Carpet patterns from the Heirloom collection of the BFT Heritage™ tiles. 

Serving truly as a metaphor for beauty and style combined with impeccable quality, Bharat Floorings is proud to be associated with a place as exquisite as Abode; and if you ever visit Mumbai, you know where to find the perfect “abode” for your stay in the city.

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