Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Heritage™ Walk

Visuals have a larger impact on how well we remember things. We remember some of our childhood stories better maybe because we read them or saw them on television. It is also about how well an artist tells a story that makes a lasting impression. The world is full of stories if you’re careful enough to notice. Some find a story beyond the imaginable while others in the simplest of things. What makes a good story is the art of presenting it to the audience. In this world driven by technology, it is as difficult to awe people as simple it is to reach out to them. Many modern story tellers have discovered an apt tool that has helped their stories reach thousands of people. A tool that we know as Instagram, and the story tellers – Instagrammers!

It was the second day and the first Saturday morning of April when Bharat Floorings welcomed a select few Instagrammers for a walk that would go on to become an amazing experience for everyone involved. BFT had been planning The Heritage™ Walk, referred to as #TheBFTWalk on Instagram for quite some time but wanted to bring together the right group of people that shared our passion for all things heritage. The walk intended to explore some remarkable structures in the southern part of Mumbai where Bharat Floorings has laid the elegant Heritage™ tiles and contributed to the transcendent beauty of each space. Kuber Shah, being a phenomenal photographer and Instagram artist, was instrumental in shortlisting the Instagrammers and curating the walk. The walk, consisting of popular Instagrammers and journalists from publications like Elle Décor and The Afternoon DC, was led by the Vice Chairman of BFT, Mr. Firdaus Variava. The big day started with a small introduction to the brand at the Bharat Floorings and Tiles’ head office at Fort and later covered places like Colaba Social, Abode Bombay and Royal Bombay Yacht Club. At BFT, we believe that every floor tells a story and this talented group of Instagrammers clicked a number of shots of the mesmerising patterns and designs of the Heritage™ tiles, while capturing the essence of these beautiful places. The digital photographs formed narratives, each one through the lens and perception of the respective artist. The aesthetic appeal of each of these places lies in the little details that take your breath away, and the keen eyes of our zealous group captured each one of them creatively. The tour was not only enlightening but equally heart-warming and inspiring.

Since #TheBFTWalk commenced early in the morning, hunger pangs started to kick in for everyone at about 1:30 PM and the walk concluded with a hugely satisfying lunch at The Nutcracker Café, which again has been tiled with beautiful patterns from BFT. 

What a memorable experience! Safe to say we all brought back a memoir of exciting tales and indeed can agree that “Every floor tells a story”.

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