Thursday, 25 February 2016

Luxury amidst Art

An artist needs not only a good canvas but brushes and paints of equal caliber to create a masterpiece that leaves the world awestruck for centuries to come. So what happens when two luxury service giants team up to create something artistic? Yes, they need supplies of the highest amplitude with desired style. Then what results is something that just cannot be compared to other fine works of art, but sets its own benchmark in history. Villa Azul is one such example of a super exclusive luxury home that’s nothing less than a work of art. Located in a quiet, secluded part of Anjuna in Goa, this villa is a perfect getaway home by Isprava Developer. For those who aren’t aware, Isprava is a notable name when it comes to exquisite luxury homes nestled in natural serenity. 

To build something as ambitious and artistic as Villa Azul, teaming up with Studio MoMo was a cardinal choice. Studio MoMo, the brainchild of Gurmeet Akali and Benjamin Robb, is environmentally sensitive in its approach resulting in eco-friendly architecture and finishes. 

To meet the desired parameters, Studio MoMo chose the esteemed Heritage™ collection from Bharat Floorings and Tiles. Various patterns and designs were chosen and shortlisted to floor the 9,700 sqft. villa, each one that complements the beauty of the interiors in its own way. 

Every tile at Villa Azul is carefully designed with beautiful patterns and placed in combinations to create a lasting impression. Different rooms have a different layout of tiles to provide variety under one roof. However, the colour combinations used across the rooms are closely similar to each other in the entire villa. This has resulted in variations and yet a sense of continuity at the same time. Villa Azul has been added to one of the most prestigious projects in our list. The old world charm and the contemporary amenities make it one of the best holiday homes in Goa.

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