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How to Make Small Look Big!

A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams. It should never be about how big the house is, it’s is always about how happy and content you are within it. Let not the size of your space define the interiors and look of it.

While decorating your home, you might face a lot of challenges, it may be overwhelming, but it’s also ‘thrilling’ as it’s your space, your comfort zone, where you can be yourself. Your goal should be to showcase your design aesthetic in a tasteful way, whether you face difficulties from an interior that lacks natural light to a layout that’s much smaller than you’d like. But instead of viewing them as uncertain blocks, use them as motivation to design the home of your dreams! 

When it comes to crafting floor plans, choosing paint colours, and creating a home that’s as functional as it is beautiful, it requires a bit of know-how, here are a few tips and tricks as to how you can beautify your small apartment and make it look more spacious than it actually is! 


Selecting the right type of pattern, design and colours for your flooring can create an illusion and can help shift the focus of a room’s size towards its appeal and function. Add neutral or pastel colours for the flooring to complement your furniture as this can expand the alleged size of any room and can open the space instantly. Light and neutral colours give a room an open and airy feel, making it appear larger and spacious, whilst also drawing in natural sunlight from outside. 

A flooring installation trick - installing flooring running parallel to the longest wall in the room instantly makes a room appear more spacious. 

BFT recommendation: while selecting tiles for a small area, don’t use intricate designs and multiple colour combinations, as it will create clutter! Instead go for a more subtle and elegant colour scheme such as pastels, and a pattern that is a combination of plain with pattern motifs. Another great way of using patterns in your space is in combination with plain tiles, and by running a patterned border either as a statement to that floor or use the pattern tiles in the edges to complete the floor. You may not be able to increase the size of a small room, but you can easily fool the eye with a few flooring tricks that make a room look bigger.


The placement and what kind of furniture you install in your apartment will identify the usability and the spaciousness of your space. One of the most important aspects while buying or making furniture for your home, is to ask yourself a question, will you really use the same? Do you really need it? If yes, how could you make it functional and increase the usability to save space? Remember, less is more and especially while designing a small bedroom there is already a lot going on, so keeping the décor and furniture minimalistic should be of utmost priority.

Invest in dual-purpose furniture, because in a small space every inch counts, some examples: use your walls for storage by adding cabinets, or a sofa cum bed, under-bed storage space, a 4-seater folding dining table with folding chairs; these are just some ways 
in which you can create a functional space that looks and feels spacious.

If you have a dead zone, utilise it by adding a mirror or a beautiful, artistic piece that could help in adding a unique charm within the space or another great option is to add some planters to make it look refreshing! Think of what you love the most, and incorporate that within the space, as you don’t want any tiny area to become ‘dead space’. 


Just because you don’t have an enormous home doesn’t mean you can’t parade your style. A small room can really open with the right lighting. Keep window treatments to a minimum in a small space to make the most of the natural light, but you can also make a statement, with quirky lamps and lighting that can highlight the overall decor aspect of the space. Rather than settling for traditional floor lamps that take up floor space, try table lamps or geometric-shaped long lamps that occupy less space. Adding an accent to the ceiling by incorporating lighting around the perimeter can provide light as well a unique detail not common to most living rooms; a great way to incorporate stylish lighting into a space! Other such examples are string lights, wall sconces, or pendant lighting.


Apart from fancy furniture placement and lighting, there is no better friend to a small space than a well-placed mirror. A well-placed mirror can solve any design dilemma, breaking up any visual clutter. Here are some tricks that can be easily incorporated in a smaller space – use a large floor length mirror behind a piece of furniture in tight spaces to make it look prominent, it also creates an illusion in the bedroom making the space look bigger and better. Like you can see in the image below this space has a full-length mirror placed, this not only allows a wider angle but also gives the space a whole new appeal.

Another great way to use a mirror is to place it on the front of an openable cupboard – this will create a multi-functional as it creates a statement look while at the same time opens into a cupboard for storing useful items!

Indeed, these are some essential tips to keep in mind while designing a small apartment. Remember, it’s important to keep the space functional but never fail to add charm with some interesting décor elements. The only aim should be to strike the balance between the two. Your apartment may be short on space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be short on style!

Don’t shy away from refurbishing and spending a little on your home, that’s the space where you go to after a long day of work, so bring out your style and keep it trendy, whether it’s big or small, the size shouldn’t be a concern.

Hope this article assists you in achieving the right kind of look for your space! If you’re redoing your home and need any assistance, contact us or visit our showroom as our in-house designers are always happy to help.

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