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Wallpapers that “Vibe” with your Vibe

V I B E   - a popular slang term in today's world, short for vibration.  We are all made up of energy and things around us are made  of energy, plants, the sun, earth, us as people. We are continuously all in motion with the flow of energy that is life. You will often hear people say they are “sending good vibes” meaning that you are sending high frequency energy. The same goes for a space in your home.  If it has good vibes or good energy it increases your personal vibrations to feel good!  Think about when you walk into space, how does it change your energy?  The interior designer has the ability to change the vibe of a space drastically by colors and shapes used.   You can always opt for the DIY option and let your inner creativity can influence the vibe of the space.  If you have an entertainment room do you want it to feel light and airy or filled with warm colours that impart a comforting aura? Does your bedroom emanate zen vibes? With our BFT Wallpapers Collection 2021, we
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Creating Envy-Inducing Outdoor Spaces!

  If you share our love for the outdoors, you’re going to want to stick around to read this one!  There’s nothing more rejuvenating or invigorating than spending time in the outdoors. While some of us have to escape city life or book a staycation in the hills or by the beach, others have the luxury of stepping onto their patio/terrace or garden within their own homes to enjoy the same downtime that we seek elsewhere!  Whether you use your outdoor spaces as much as you should, no one can deny that there is a definite advantage to having an outdoor extension to your indoor spaces, one that you can do up in a way that allows you to enjoy nature and ‘me-time’ anytime you wish! While most homeowners will spend more time inside of their home than outside admiring the exterior, nothing can replace the joy of having an outdoor space, no matter how big or small to spend time with your family and friends.       Whether you're lucky enough to have a spacious terrace or enjoy the charm of a  c

The 90 Day Surface Shield Against Viruses!

  What if you did not have to care too much in this new normal COVID world? What if you don’t have to sanitize daily and can stay tension free 24x7? What if we tell you that BFT will protect you for 90 days from all the germs, viruses & bacteria? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true! The BFT Virus Shield is here to provide you with the 6 protection from all harmful microbes for up to 3 months!! The BFT Virus Shield - Anti-Viral Coating inhibits the ability of micro-organisms to grow on the surface of the material, by creating a non-stick surface that repels microbes, thereby providing the ultimate protection for all your interior and exterior surfaces for up to 90 days. The nano-coating does not allow viruses and other microbes to survive when they come in contact with the treated surface, thereby preventing further transmission of the virus. Result – 24/7 germ free surfaces that are durable and long lasting, providing protection for up to 90 days against viruses, ba

A Sliver of Green in a Concrete Jungle

Big-city folks! There’s a kind of pride in belonging to this clan of individuals that presumably seem to have it all - better infrastructure, job opportunities, quality of life, ease-of-doing-business, good quality housing and education. These are amongst many reasons why many move away from their family and childhood homes for a chance at an upgraded lifestyle! There’s a consistent mindset that “making it big” in some way or another means moving to the big city. The link between success, opportunity and the city are tightly bound, and therefore, we are always eager to pack our suitcases and make the big move to explore better opportunities! For all you city dwellers out there, while you would never give up the comforts of the big city life, we have all come to realize, especially in the current situation how withdrawn we are from nature. Moving from smaller towns to the metros automatically means distancing yourself from natural surroundings, losing access to fresh, clean air as w

A Beginner's Guide to Tile Selection

Re-designing a house is a delightful experience that not only brings joy but also the promise of something new and exciting! However, it requires a lot of patience and hours of planning. Right from ideation to execution, it is a lengthy process involving putting our imagination on a piece of paper and then into actual design. While there are experts to assist you, it’s never easy to make decisions when it comes to designing your home, especially when it comes to making the right choice for the one part of your house that you set your feet on every single day, and that endures with utmost resilience every single activity that you perform day in, day out; your Floors! No doubt that your floors are an integral aspect of your home and careful and weighted decisions need to be made when choosing the right kind. The type of flooring you select lays the ground work for the rest of your home. Here are some key guidelines to help you make the right decision: Nature of your Space A