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Festive Decor Guide!

Diwali: the festival of lights, where family and friends come together to pray, feast, celebrate and revel in each other’s company. It is marked as the New Year in the Hindu calendar. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and hope over despair.

It’s also that time of the year again when you are staring at your walls and curtains, sitting on your sofa eyeing that cushion, and thinking, it’s time for a change…for something new! With little décor inspiration, you can turn your decor pieces into year-round sparklers with a festive edge.

From faux flower arrangements to eclectic candle displays, whimsical fairy lights to dreamy lanterns, here are some ways you can conjure up a Diwali-inspired wonderland fit for any day of the year.

Playful Flooring:

Getting arty is the desirable way to do up your home this festive season! Playing with different colour combinations, textures, designs and materials can help in creating an attractive space.

There is no better option than adding some beautiful handcrafted tiles to your floors! The floral pattern has recently been a preferred choice amongst all interior designers, that can be used all year round, so if you’re looking to revamp your space this season, adding some elegant motifs would help in enhancing the beauty of your home.

Traditional, modern, eclectic, contemporary: words that best describe the elegant and beautiful floral pattern by Bharat Floorings known as the Bloom collection! They look gorgeous once laid like you can see in the image below.

Flower Power:

The festive vibe is incomplete without fresh flowers that add colour and fragrance, that amplify the beauty of a space instantly. Something as simple as placing some pretty flowers in a fancy vase or placing a potpourri of petals on the centre table, or hanging garlands along your frames are easy, minimalistic, and fanciful ways to create a festive look instantly.

Mood Lighting:

What’s Diwali without all the bright lamps that together light up our homes and souls? While these lights come in many shapes and forms, this Diwali create your own whimsical fairyland by adding soft lights on the walls by creatively designing it with some wall art or over a gauzy canopy. Another great way to light up your home this festive season is by adding tea lights.

Glitz it up this Diwali by adding some tea lights in your home. They make a great addition to your festive décor! This geometric shaped tealight holder is made of metal and is crafted with a holey black iron finish that will make your space look festive and all decked up. The beautiful holder can look gorgeous used in your indoor space or outdoor (porch or patio area).

If you’re looking to add something long-lasting that looks ethnic as well as has a contemporary look, this beautiful geometric lamp is a versatile addition to your home! It gives a clean look that will stand by you for the next few years! Investing in a side or standing lamp or even LED’s on walls is a great idea. The design can depend on the interiors of the space. This season, the focus is on simplistic, yet sculptural lighting solutions. The traditional chandelier makes a return, with multiple pendants arranged in clusters.

Soft Furnishing:

The idea behind picking home decor for Diwali is essentially simple. The purpose is to create a cohesive, wholesome and beautiful look that particularly brings out the spirit of the festival.

Your living room is going to be the central area of focus for both you and your guests on this festive occasion. Pick soft furnishings that work with the Diwali theme, but at the same time, are personalised and versatile too, so that you can reuse them. Patterns and designs can be more ethnic or minimalistic renditions of the same. Try out different looks and choose what works best for you, and your living room!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold prints in an array of colours so they can create a statement instantly. Our vote goes to floral prints with tiny motifs that are in vogue all year round. Diwali is all about embracing vivid and bright colours, so don’t shy away from vibrant shades like teal green, maroon, bronze and red that add a fun festive vibe. Choose materials like jacquard and damask for the drapes, these are rich in appearance and texture and will have your home looking like new in no time. Traditional printed cushions with a hint of shimmer can create the desired jovial look.

Everyone has its own sense of style and taste that needs to be a signature spread across your space. Small details like the colour combinations, furniture, designs and patterns must all be in sync to make any space look lavish and rich instead of mismatched and haphazard. Your space should have a theme that your interiors should follow!

Diwali, indeed, is that time of the year that not just calls for grand parties and fancy outfits, but also an updated house that starts the ball rolling on a new, improved life in the coming year! At the end of the day, your house is a reflection of YOU, and an enhanced space is a better representation of yourself to anyone that visits your abode. What better time to bring in new additions than the onset of the festival we’ve all been waiting for since the start of the year!

Hope this article assists you in achieving the right kind of festive décor for your space! If your redoing your home and need any assistance contact us or visit our showroom as our in-house designers are always happy to help.
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Bharat Floorings wishes you a very happy festive season!


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