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Wallpapers that “Vibe” with your Vibe

V I B E  - a popular slang term in today's world, short for vibration.  We are all made up of energy and things around us are made  of energy, plants, the sun, earth, us as people. We are continuously all in motion with the flow of energy that is life. You will often hear people say they are “sending good vibes” meaning that you are sending high frequency energy.

The same goes for a space in your home.  If it has good vibes or good energy it increases your personal vibrations to feel good!  Think about when you walk into space, how does it change your energy?  The interior designer has the ability to change the vibe of a space drastically by colors and shapes used.  You can always opt for the DIY option and let your inner creativity can influence the vibe of the space.  If you have an entertainment room do you want it to feel light and airy or filled with warm colours that impart a comforting aura? Does your bedroom emanate zen vibes? With our BFT Wallpapers Collection 2021, we can assure that we have designed wallpapers to suit any and all vibes!

The BFT Wallpaper Collection 2021 features 4 eye-catching designs - Ottomi, Allure, Tribal & Weave with 18 colour options, each colour representing each individual’s specific mood and vibe. So you can rest assured there’s a wallpaper for everyone in our newly launched range!

Soft and pastoral, this lovely wallpaper collection is the perfect mix of transitional style in a watercolour floral pattern. Featuring light-reflecting vibrancy, the ethereal pattern works great in bedrooms, living rooms, hallway or dining rooms. The timeless art and the durability of these wallpapers makes them the works of art.

We’re here to help you identify the right wallpaper to suit your vibe, what you’re feeling today, or what kind of setting would make you feel right at home.

So, what’s your vibe?

Feeling one with Nature

We love being around nature, it makes us feel calm, serene and gives us utter bliss. Nature’s feel is like a retreat from chaos. The range is designed to radiate calm, tranquil mood. The colour palette is earthy yet has a subtle minimal  pop of greens and blues, that it will mellow you out.

Ottomi Wallpaper is the perfect pick to apply in your cozy reading corner, near your window or patio to help you sip that cuppa coffee in comfort and enjoy the view of nature. The second best application is in the bedroom, your most private space, where you spend a lot of “me time” and where you feel yourself too.. In addition, to further impart that coziness to the space, consider the addition of elements such as succulents on your work desk or other forms of biophilia, as well as décor made of earthy materials like jute, cane, and bamboo to create a charming little space that feels like your own perfect little haven.

Ottomi Breeze

Ottomi Serene

Ottomi Bliss

Feeling Vibrant

Colours are good for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Allure wallpaper range colour palette has all the shades that are known and proven to make you feel most relaxed and stress-free. With the subtle flush of beautiful shades of blue, green, yellow and blush and inspired by the Ottomi artform designs, this wallpaper is all set to give your space that extra pop of colour with an elegant touch. This minimal vibrant style is inspired by the watercolour technique that makes it more creative.

The bedroom is the best place to apply Allure, as well as our other designs, as it is the perfect statement to your room with a minimal boho makeup. The second  place to apply the Allure wallpaper is at a commercial or co-working space to create a minimal and inviting atmosphere.

Allure Blush

Allure Green

Feeling Zen

Feeling zen is much more than relating it with ‘good vibes’, It's a therapy, that calmness and peace that heals your body, mind and soul. It's a meditation zone. Until now we used to travel to places to go on a zen mode but not now. Your own home can make you unwind.
Weave is a clear example of traditional art in modern style. The intricate details of geometric pattern movements is inspired by the Indian traditional art of weaving. The pattern and the colour really brings out the aesthetics of any space and as a style statement to match with your boho interiors.

Your vanity room or dressing corner is another great space to apply the Allure wallpaper, it will make you feel fresh and uplift your mood while you are having your peace before getting ready to step out into the chaos. In the study/library/workstation to help you concentrate. Lastly, in the living room to give you that cozy, relaxed feel whenever your headspace feels cluttered or you feel low.

Weave Dark

Weave Mint

Weave Light

Feeling connected to your Roots

BFT’s design inspiration and sensibility comes from traditional art forms from the world and our expertise lies in adapting these various forms for your homes. It's the vision of a designer or the creator to recreate it in contemporary style. Such is the range of Tribal Wallpapers by BFT. Inspired by the art technique of Nagaland, Chang Weave is a hallmark of the consummate skill, expertise, talent and creativity of the tribal craftsmen. The stunning geometric forms and simplicity of the weave made us create the beautiful statement wallpaper.

Any type of traditional, vintage, folk or tribal art rewinds the presents and takes us to that era. It always makes us feel connected to the roots. It's just like representing centuries old art and craft. It's not just a vibe or a connection, these designs can act as a statement decor to your entire space.

Tribal wallpaper is very versatile and will blend gorgeously in your reading room or dining area. It will also give your bedroom or dressing area a distinct appeal. Can also be used in the study area or coffee corner, and makes for great statement decor application for the living room.

Tribal Mix

Tribal Mist

Tribal Ash

Wallpapers are a fuss free option to upgrade your walls and spaces instantly. They are easily removable, very versatile, low maintenance and most importantly they capture your style and vibe. They don't have to be overwhelming at all. Our wallpaper collection 2021 is designed keeping the minimalism and contemporary style in mind. Which one is your favourite range from our Wallpaper Collection 2021? What are your thoughts on it?

The collection is available at all our stores across the country so, if you like what you see all you have to do is find your way to us. You can visit our stores in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, Goa, Ahmedabad, in-stores at Hyderabad and Dubai or contact our sales representatives in Chennai, Kolkata, Indore, Chandigarh and Coimbatore for a look at our collections.

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