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The 90 Day Surface Shield Against Viruses!


What if you did not have to care too much in this new normal COVID world? What if you don’t have to sanitize daily and can stay tension free 24x7? What if we tell you that BFT will protect you for 90 days from all the germs, viruses & bacteria? Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it is true! The BFT Virus Shield is here to provide you with the 6 protection from all harmful microbes for up to 3 months!!

The BFT Virus Shield - Anti-Viral Coating inhibits the ability of micro-organisms to grow on the surface of the material, by creating a non-stick surface that repels microbes, thereby providing the ultimate protection for all your interior and exterior surfaces for up to 90 days. The nano-coating does not allow viruses and other microbes to survive when they come in contact with the treated surface, thereby preventing further transmission of the virus.

Result – 24/7 germ free surfaces that are durable and long lasting, providing protection for up to 90 days against viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes! 

 The virus can transmit to human beings when a person touches the infected surface. Frequent and deep cleaning and disinfection can prevent the spread of pathogens. However, it’s practically impossible to sanitize surfaces all the time, neither does it guarantee that the surface won’t get contaminated again. Hence, it's a much wiser solution in such a scenario if the surface can repel the pathogens, making it non-stick and/or ‘sanitize by itself’ by neutralizing the contaminated pathogens quickly.

This is where anti-microbial coatings prove effective! 

BFT Virus Shield Application

Very recently metro, cinema halls, restaurants have started operations in some capacity with gyms expected to open soon as well. Social gatherings too have commenced in smaller, more intimate settings. However, as our exposure to public spaces and other individuals increases, so do our chances of contracting the virus.

The constant worry that has been lingering at the back of our minds is that we should avoid touching any surface in the public space lest it be contaminated with the dreaded virus. While we all strive to take necessary precautions, it never hurts to go that extra mile to protect all those surfaces that are high touch points, especially in a restaurant, building lobby, airport, airplane, gyms, offices  and even, your own homes. That’s where the BFT Virus Shield comes in handy. BFT’s Virus Shield is a unique product that protects your surfaces for 90 days relieving you from your daily sanitization woes.

Below we list just a few from a vast list of spaces where the BFT Virus Shield can find application:

1.  1. Restaurants and Hotels:

A lot of restaurants and hotels too have opened up in most parts of the country, and enthusiastic foodies are flocking to their favourite eateries and enthusiastic travellers have started travelling again for a change from the monotony. However, going to a restaurant involves sharing tables, chairs, menu cards, amongst other items with strangers who could potentially be carriers of the virus. Hotels too carry the risk as we may get exposed to their lobbies, elevator, reception area, etc. How do you ensure your guests have a safe and worry-free dining experience? Protect all those surfaces that your guests are most likely to come in contact by coating them with the BFT Virus Shield. BFT’s Virus shield has been produced keeping in mind the sensitivity of each area / surface, especially on sofas, cushions, etc. of restaurants or hotels. It is NABL tested, colourless, odourless and 100% food safe, so you don’t have to worry about any health hazards when it comes to your guests.

The BFT Virus Shield offers a permanent solution to the issue of regular and thorough sanitization of all your surfaces. Once applied, the virus is unable to survive on the treated surface, thereby preventing further transmission, ensuring a safe work environment for your employees! After all your employees are sure to feel protected and tension-free in a sanitized work space that is 100% virus free, leading to higher productivity levels and better results for the company. 

2. Work Spaces: 

Having one’s own desk & chair at any work space does not guarantee safety from the virus. Employers can take the initiative to make sure that the office premises remain germ-free and that their employees feel safe to come to work. Private offices or co-working spaces have several common areas where employees find each other in close proximity. The pantry, washrooms and meeting areas are all shared spaces, however currently the highest risk zone is the washroom as companies temporarily discourage usage of the pantry and meeting rooms. Several employees share a common washroom, therefore, mandating that all sanitary ware – taps, faucets, flush buttons, toilet seats etc., are sanitized regularly.

3. Gyms

After months of being shut, the good news for gym owners and health freaks is that gyms are now open for use. But
the truth of the matter is that gyms are most prone to virus transmission as we tend to touch several workout equipment that has come in prior contact with someone else. While most gyms are particular about hygiene, and each equipment is sanitized before the next person gets on to it, there is always the possibility that a particular treadmill or elliptical gets missed and could become a hotspot for the virus. Application of the BFT Virus Shield ensures that all your equipment is protected 24x7, for up to 3 months, and your members can focus on their fitness without worrying that your gym could potentially be unsafe.   

4. 4. Airports Lounges and Airplanes: 

Domestic travel has commenced since quite some time now and more people are flying for work or to meet family that they’ve been separated from for nearly a year, while maintaining social distancing & taking other safety precautions. However, airports and airplanes are high risk zones since millions of passengers use common lounging facilities and washrooms that would need to be regularly sanitized to protect flyers from mass infection.

The BFT Virus Shield saves airlines and airports the hassle of sanitizing these multiple areas of high contact on a daily basis. The Multi-Surface Self-Sanitizing Virus Shield can be applied to commonly used seats and handles, sanitary ware, food trays, baggage scanners, trays, light & AC switches and any other high touch points, killing 99.99% germs and other microbes, thereby providing passengers with a safe and hygienic environment for a stress-free flying experience, while saving airports and airlines both time and money. 

5. Lobbies, Banisters & Other Open Areas: 

Whether commercial or residential, like malls, residences, etc., lobby elevators are entry points to all levels of the building and there is a high chance of infection when touching any surface within this space due to the sheer volume of people that enter on a frequent basis. The best way to ensure that the virus does not spread is through application of the BFT Virus Shield to elevator buttons, doors and all sides of the elevators that people are likely to lean against. Besides the elevator, those who choose to take the staircase are also at risk of contracting the virus in case they touch the banister. The BFT Virus Shield can find application in all open areas of buildings that are accessible to daily visitors and are prone to high human contact.

6. Residences & Farmhouses:

It’s not just public spaces that require protection from the virus, but even your own homes and farmhouses! As we begin to socialise and entertain, albeit in smaller gatherings, when someone new enters the house there’s always a risk that they could be a carrier of the virus. Protect your family from the risk of infection by applying the BFT Virus Shield to soft furnishings in the living room as well as tables and chairs in the dining area, where guests are likely to spend time.

BFT Virus Coating Application Service by BFT

If you have a large surface area to cover, our brave BFT Heroes are on a forefront always to get your spaces virus free for 3 months, taking all the precautionary measures like wearing a PPE Kit while visiting any space and carefully apply the coating to all your surfaces so you don’t have to worry about application!

BFT Virus Shield - Anti-Viral Coating comes to you at a time when we are looking for a permanent solution to our daily sanitization requirements. It is one of a kind revolutionary product with easy and quick application, especially with the help of our team of experts, providing long term protection from viruses and other harmful microbes that can jeopardize the well-being of you and your loved ones.

BFT Virus Shield is available at all BFT Stores. Please contact us so we connect you to the Sales Manager at the store nearest to you in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Goa, Hyderabad!

To book a service, you can mail us on or call us at 022-40574400/23/44


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