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Walls that Stand Out!

There are few décor elements as fun and versatile as wallpapers. Many top designers will agree that wallpapers are the ultimate décor solution for a quick, affordable and visually transformational home makeover. When done right and with delightful patterns, wallpapers can be just the respite you need from plain, boring walls! The confusion, however is, how to find the right wallpaper to compliment your décor scheme.

The origins of wallpapers can be traced back to the 16th century where it had very limited use. But by the 20th century, it was widely applied in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas, and became increasingly popular in households of varying income levels. These early wallpapers had very simple designs, most of them being floral motifs and pictorial scenes that depicted everyday life or so. Block printing was a very popular method of printing wallpapers. The design was drawn on a wooden base and then the base was inked with paint and placed face down on the paper for printing. This, however proved to be an expensive method, while also being extremely laborious!

Over the years, wallpapers underwent major transformations in terms of methods, designs and applications. Block printing gave way to digital printing and screen printing. Floral motifs were now replaced by geometric or line motifs. However, floral motifs too have undergone a major transformation and today we can see them in a variety of patterns or designs.

Wallpapers make a space look lively and speak volumes for its creativity. Selecting the right wallpaper that defines your space is an exciting and rewarding adventure to embark upon when looking to give your space an instant upgrade. However, a wallpaper needs to be in sync with the space’s surrounding walls & colours to truly make an impact. A single wallpaper cannot be used for all the walls in a single space. Different corners require different wallpapers to suit the utility as well as design aspects of the space in question.

BFT is excited to announce the launch of our newest product line – Wallpapers by BFT! Wallpapers have a long history for adding personality to interiors, hence Bharat Floorings has introduced the perfect marriage - an eco-friendly wallpaper collection, featuring some of our best tile designs in various shades and styles to spruce up your walls. From floral prints to geometric patterns, this collection of eye-catching wallpapers is sure to inspire your next home makeover project! We offer a range of wallpaper designs in different colour and texture variations so that you can pick what works best for each unique section of your home or office space.

All the wallpapers are available in three different textures: Lined, Fabric and Smooth Non-Woven Textures, and five color options. Below we cover the different sections of a house and how to pick the right wallpaper design to elevate the aesthetics of the space.

Living Rooms:

The living room is a dedicated space in our home for family members to gather together and spend quality time. It is a private space for the family, which literally brings the family together. We binge watch television, read a book, discuss stories and important daily matters, and make important family decisions, all whilst lounging here in the living room. This is one space in a home, which exudes calmness, gives us peace and a sense of belonging: belonging to the space, to the people. Living rooms makes us feel at home. 

To capture this sense of belongingness, BFT created the French Beauty & Café Habana wallpaper ranges. These patterns provide a sense of calmness and beautify the space lending it an artistic appeal.

The French Beauty pattern is inspired by classic French motifs which enhances the beauty of the space while the classic Café Habana pattern exudes style. These wallpaper designs can fit in well giving the living room a rich, opulent look. Both the wallpapers serve as an inviting backdrop for all those candid family moments spent in the living room.   

Families are woven together for a lifetime. They say, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you.” For these endless moments with the family which are cherished forever and are woven inside us, BFT created Endless Knot Wallpaper. As the name suggests, our familial ties are an endless knot which come together in the living room. This wallpaper can give your living room a serene look. Endless Knot is one of the many symbols of Himalayan monasteries. It is a symbol representing the interweaving of the spiritual path, the flowing of time & movement within which it is eternal.

Master Bedroom:

The most intimate space for most of us is our bedroom. Cozy afternoon naps, a quick cards game, gossiping with family & friends, bedrooms are those spaces which provide us with the most comfortable sittings. After a tiring day at work, to unwind and enjoy some much deserved me-time, bedrooms give us the most beautiful silences. After the living room, this is probably where we spend the maximum time. It is said that your bedroom is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Bedroom walls often adorn frames showcasing travel, art, special family moments, and whatever else you hold close to your heart. 

The Doppio wallpaper highlights these special memories by bringing your attention back to the wall to notice and cherish these special moments over and over again. BFT’s Doppio is a hexagonal shaped pattern. The versatility of this pattern allows you to create a variety of designs with just a single pattern by choosing different colour variations for the stripes.

Waves, a pattern inspired by the waves from Goa’s iconic beaches finds great application behind the bed, a.k.a. your sleep zone. Beaches are synonymous with peace and tranquility! The soothing nature of this wallpaper is designed to produce a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, which can help you wind down for a good night’s sleep.

Study Room:

A common notion around study rooms is that it is a very serious space and has a no-nonsense rule. This is true, but only to a certain extent. Such spaces can be fun too in a sense that it should spread positivity and represent a happy work environment.

Keeping these notions in mind, BFT’s Trinity pattern gives a sober yet distinctive and inspired look. This pattern adapts to modern spaces with ease.  Turn up the quirk factor with this fascinating pattern that contributes towards creating a space that inspires and promotes creativity! 

Children’s Room:  

A children’s room is a space that is open to experimentation when it comes to vibrant colours and designs. This room is the perfect place to explore imaginative ideas, to move away from the norms, and design a space that’s as unique as your kids are! That’s where the Murdasshu Type A pattern from the BFT+ Range, a fun play with lines that immediately electrifies the room, comes into the picture. This design of Japanese Lines is primarily inspired by the ideas in the book “In Praise of Shadows”. It is a Japanese essay on aesthetics written in 1930s by Junichiro Tanizaki. Murdasshu was used in Sian pascale’s pottery practice and inspired this design. These lines of dashes are simple but also energetic.

Another of BFT’s wallpapers that complement the children’s room is the Kite (Type A) wallpaper. Belgium’s alleyways and public spaces are the inspiration behind this wallpaper. BFT designed this pattern by marrying the aesthetics of Europe with modern Indian sensibilities. This design is apt for children’s bedrooms that are aching for some sort of quirk or colour.

BFT’s new Wallpaper Range has been curated by incorporating BFT's best tile patterns for an affordable and stylish interior transformation! All the wallpapers are eco-friendly, durable and are sure to up your décor game! Each wallpaper design has been selected keeping in mind the different kinds of spaces where this product can find its application.

The wallpaper range by Bharat Floorings is developed to add personality to your interiors. The versatile design elements can be used for an accent wall or a fully-papered room for a bold look. Pick one that suits your personality and watch your space transform right before your eyes!

For more information on wallpapers, follow us on Instagram (@bharatfloorings) and DM us for price related enquiries, or visit our website


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