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Fool-proof Steps to Follow When Designing your Bedroom!

What are the first words that come to your mind when you think of the perfect bedroom? Comfortable, tranquil, creative, decorative and welcoming top the list for us!

If you are that person who pins different bedroom images to their Pinterest wall, tears out pictures from magazines of beautifully decorated bedrooms, and wonders about how you can achieve the perfect balance of creativity and utility to create the bedroom of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place.  

Every room has its own identity and meaning, and each one should be designed in such a way that brings out their true meaning. A room's purpose should be one of the strongest cues for the decor.

Here are few tips that we hope will help you get the most out of your bedroom revamp – 

Find Inspiration:

A bedroom design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable. It’s essential to find the key inspiration of what design and colour scheme you’re looking to adopt in your bedroom.

For instance, if you’re designing a children’s bedroom you can get inspired by fun and playful patterns and prints like you can see in the image below where the designer MuseLAB, used the lively Toso Dotto pattern from the BFT+ range placed randomly. Vice versa, if you’re designing a master bedroom you might like to create a more luxurious and elegant setting using patterns and textures that are floral or geometric. In some cases, just textures can do wonders! 

Design a layout:

After you’ve gathered all your inspiration and decided what kind of a space you’re looking to design, it’s essential to create a plan as to where your bathroom, closet, furniture will be located. This can be done through a 3D layout to understand how the space will look after the bedroom is renovated. A home makeover is like a road trip. Without a map or clear directions, you might never reach your destination.

Create a furniture plan:

The furniture you choose can make or break a bedroom! Before you get much further with the room decor it’s essential to have an idea as to what kind of furniture, you’re looking to invest in. Bedroom floor layouts usually have a bed wall – but what about dressers, nightstands, TV’s, chairs and a desk? Work with your architect or interior designer to make sure that the furniture plan leaves enough space to walk around and not create a clutter.

For a small space adding a sleek storage cupboard attached to the wall, along with a mirror is an apt choice to create a spacious look, and for adding some extra storage in your bedroom, like you can see in the image below.   

Utilize space effectively by shopping for multi-functional furniture that can provide storage options as well as cater to other functions.

Since you spend a considerable amount of time in your personal space, consider adding a comfy chair or two for reading and relaxing in a corner or in front of a window or balcony, with a coffee table perhaps to rest your cup of tea or coffee. Cosy corners provide the perfect spot to unwind before bedtime or in the morning before you head out for the day!

Decide the order of the work:

This is an important step to consider, while renovating your home. The ideal way to start the work is to first complete the prep work on the walls – e.g. ripping up wallpaper, sanding and patching walls, etc. The reason for that is that this can damage the floors, and other furniture in the room. After all the electric fittings, paint, furniture placement is complete, the tiling work can be done, just before the last coating of the paint.

This order will create a seamless look within your bedroom, without damaging any furniture or your walls.

Decide on paint or paper for the walls:

Once you’re clear on the basics, take another look around your room and give some consideration to what colours you want to use, or if you want to paint your walls or use pretty wallpaper. Colours play an important part in determining your mood, and you can play with different combinations to update your space! When it comes to choosing the right colour and wallpaper for the space, it’s important to incorporate your personality, lifestyle, and design sensibilities so that you don’t feel out of place or uncomfortable in your own bedroom. After all, your room is an extension of you! 

Whether you're a fan of warm or cool shades, pick colours that you naturally gravitate toward and give you a sense of calm. Neutrals shades with a pop of colour are in vogue this season!

Decide what to keep and what to revamp:

When revamping your bedroom, there will always be some precious items that you treasure deeply. The old and the new belong together, you just have to figure out how to combine them to create a unique and homely space that carries old memories and is conducive to creating new ones too.

A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires. Great art and fabulous antiques only get better with age. For example: an old wooden side table, that holds a lot of value, can be re-vamped by adding a conventional décor piece on it, or by re-polishing it.

For an easy way to remember this, make a list of things you have and what you need to buy. Pay attention to these little details to create your own unique bedroom and make sure that the things that matter find a place in your revamped space too! 

Add appropriate lighting:

Transform your dreary apartment into a well-lit abode by following these few simple lighting tips: add some soothing dim lights for a cosy night setting and, bright yellow or white lights to help you rise and shine every day. Also, incorporating a bold ceiling fixture will direct attention upward and open your space. Use lamps in particular to create localized glowing areas in the room, such as next to the bed on a nightstand or in a corner.


Coming to the fun part of designing your bedroom! Once all the technical aspects are taken into consideration, it’s now time to add some playful patterns, textures and prints to make the space stand out and infuse your personality into it.

For example, you can play around with your floorings by adding quirky patterns from the BFT+ range or a classic pattern from the Heritage collection or subtle décor element for example quirky side lamps, wall art, etc. It’s essential to unite the prints and textures together to create an elegant and uniform interior space.

If you’re going for bold floors or colourful prints, then keep the rest of the wall colours subtle.  

Having a variety of combinations and finishes in a space (woods, metals, & painted pieces) helps give a room a more “collected over time” feel and makes it more interesting. 

In order to make the overall look and feel of your bedroom come together, consider adding a few meaningful and decorative objects to your wall. It could be a wall frame or art that inspires you, or even a lovely collage of your friends and family; this brings in a personal touch to your space. These helps elevate your room design and remind you of the people and things that truly matter to you.

Look into the final touches:

A very famous quote by Charles Eames, ‘Details are not details, they make the design.’  Make sure the polishing, painting, bedding, furniture are all executed as per the brief you have given your architect and interior designer because you would not want to move into an unfinished room, or a room that’s devoid of basic amenities.

Another important aspect to consider while designing your room is to keep the design scheme flowing from room to room, this will make your home look larger. 

Never rush the design process, take your time and find your inspiration, because your room is your little haven and it’s got to be perfect. It’s worth taking a little extra time up front to make sure you have a more efficient and functional plan in the end.
We hope these tips will come handy when you plan to revamp your bedroom into a cosy and comfortable sanctuary where you can curl up at the end of a long day and put all your worries behind you.
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