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'Floor'ed by the tropical paradise- Goa!

A tropical paradise, Goa has long been an escape for travellers who are looking to leave the dull monotony of life behind and relax for weeks or for months at end in stunning surroundings. Pint-sized Goa is more than just beaches and trance parties. Goa's identity is defined by its beautiful natural environment together with the prevalent Indo-Portuguese and vernacular styles of architecture. A kaleidoscopic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, seafood and spirituality, there's nowhere in India quite like this vibrant state.

It was ranked the - best-placed state by the "Eleventh Finance Commission" for its infrastructure and ranked on top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population based on the 12 set indicators.

Goa’s rich architectural wealth is evident in its most iconic architectural form i.e. the Portuguese-style bungalow mansion, with its wrought-iron balconies, shady front balcãos (pillared porches), oyster-shell windows and central saquãos (inner courtyards).  Today, Goa is not just recognized as a tourist destination but is also well-known for its world Heritage architectural masterpieces.

Did we say just ‘Heritage’? Yes, we did! Bharat Floorings and Tiles have always been known to be associated with beautiful Heritage™ tiles which adorn architectural marvels across the country. Therefore, it’s no surprise that our tiles have found a place in Goa’s exotic dwellings. We have done so many luxury villas with Isprava developers and projects – from modern to vintage- keeping in mind the architectural style of Goa. Our new store in Goa is designed to provide a design experience to our customers and shoppers with a wide range of tiles and qualified sales representatives who are always available to lend you top-notch service.

Keeping in mind Goa’s culture and its iconic beaches, we have created The WAVES Tile that belongs to our splendid Made In India collection! We have brought out the identity of Goa through our tiles, what could possibly be more exciting than that?

Going back to some of the sites where our tiles can be found - we have done some mesmerizing sites across the state blending the Goan theme and architecture. These beautiful sites bring out the beauty and essence of Goa. From the BFT+ Range to the Heritage™ Collection patterns - our tiles have been installed to create a wonderful look and provide an extension of the soothing and calming Goa vibe.  From restaurants to Villas and churches, we have done it all! A few iconic sites are Villa Azul; a few Private residences; a Private villa- Branco in New Goa; Restaurants – Showbar, Café Soro and many more.

Villa Azul a super-exclusive luxury home that’s nothing less than a work of art designed by Studio MoMo. They chose patterns from the esteemed Heritage™ collection, each tile complementing the beauty of the interiors in its own way. Retro compass inspired by nature’s elements, an unusual trendy pattern appreciated by all, gives the space a contemporary look. Every tile used In Villa Azul is customized in different combinations and colours as per the style and layout of this beautiful home. From different bedrooms to the veranda area, our cement tiles add elegance and charm to the exotic villa. Villa Azul has been added to one of the most prestigious projects on our list. The old seasoned charm and the contemporary amenities make it one of the best holiday homes in Goa.

Another iconic Private Villa designed by Alice von Baum uses the customized Daisy pattern, Retro compass pattern, which have all been designed by her and our Terrazzo Grandezza tiles in grey and white colour. These designs used in different shapes and colours were specially designed for this spectacular villa in Goa. 

A custom design Herringbone Pattern from our Heritage Tiles Range used in four different shades of Grey, White, Green and Blue Lagoon at a private Villa Verde in Goa. The Heritage tiles are one of the most famous and oldest collections of Bharat Floorings. The various patterns and colour scheme used at this beautiful Villa in Goa compliments the entire look and feel of the place.  The colours used while designing the space are well thought of which highlights the space, giving it an elegant look. Developers: Isprava. Interiors: Studio Momo.

 Some of the classic works of designer Alice von Baum are showcased in this Private apartment incorporating the Bhangda pattern - the Fish design with Unitinta tiles in shades of white and grey used in the Bathroom. This customized pattern from the BFT+ designer collaboration range creates a unique and distinct look which adds character to the space. Another pattern installed in the bedroom is the Unitinta™ tiles in different colours and styles which make for a stunning floor. However, the colour combinations used in the rooms are closely similar to each other in the entire villa. The combinations used to design the space unite the look of the interiors and bring it together.

 A famous Bar in Goa ‘Showbar’ is a modest attempt to pay tribute to the vast yet rarely acknowledged Art-Deco movement of design and architecture in Goa. Showbar is a pub & diner conceptualized within the distressed walls of a 1940’s cinema hall that once existed in Candolim, Goa. The design of the pub introduces modern elements that are inspired by the Art Deco movement – a dramatic lighting installation, contemporary furniture, cubist floor tiles and stylized geometric patterns and forms. The designers, Raya Shankhwalker Architects used the Cast in situ Terrazzo flooring in Terracotta red, Silver grey, Mint green in the Main Hall. Our Cast in situ cement flooring in the 3D cubist pattern is also used in the bathroom. These tiles bring out the theme of the restaurant.

The Soro Restaurant designed by Raya Shankhwalker Architects. “Soro” meaning alcoholic beverage in Konkani, is a tavern conceptualised within the ruins of an old corner store. The interior walls of this restaurant have been brought to life with vintage graffiti. Some bold elements of graphic design were introduced into the flooring by using our mixed customized patterns - a very popular and trendy BFT pattern installed in various places.

BFT loves to experiment with different patterns and styles which never fail to disappoint! We are glad to be a part of such lovely spaces seeking the quintessential heritage look. Each pattern at these various sites has a different story to tell which is just wonderful.  We can’t get over them, can you?

Goa Office Address-

Bharat Floorings & Tiles (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd.
Shop No. GF 1/2, Block 8, Techno Park,
Chogam Road, Porvorim,
Bardez, Goa - 403521
Mobile: +91 9822423211
Office Landline: +91 83224 12789 

Contact Person: Jawahar Naik 


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